How to Write a Resume Sample BPO That Will Land you a Job

How to Write a Resume Sample BPO That Will Land you a Job

Working in business process outsourcing, or BPO for short is all about handling a fast-paced environment and maintaining excellent customer service throughout the workday. Working as a call center representative can be quite challenging for some. This line of work requires resiliency and people skills from call center representatives. However, we know that you've got what it takes to be a successful call center agent.

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A BPO resume example

Mark T. Rogers
Call Center Agent
Jackson, MS

Professional Summary

Dedicated Call Center manager with 5 years of experience working in high-pressure sales and account management environments. Accomplished presenter, communicator and problem-solver who is used to working with a variety of audiences to achieve the best results.

Work Experience

Call Center Agent
Gordon’s Financial Co.
03/2016 - Present

  • Provided customers with effective ways to resolve complaints and service issues by effectively communicating their concerns.
  • Provided detailed information of more than 15 products and service options so customers could make informed purchase decisions.
  • Handled more than 15% of quota daily which resulted in exceeding company's standards of productivity by 25%.
  • Assessed problems and developed possible solutions after collecting customer information.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Dickinson University / England / 2009


  • Customer retention
  • Call center experience
  • Analytical abilities
  • Providing customer support


  • English Native
  • Hindi Native
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If you have some experience working in call centers or want to become a call center agent, you might be wondering how to properly show your expertise and skills to a hiring manager?

The answer is quite simple; a successful resume sample bpo application is going to ensure that you get a call center job in no time!

Read through our article to learn how to write up an effective call center representative resume.

There are a lot of people trying to work as a call center representative. Indeed, call center agents are in high demand, especially for tech and software companies.

The role of the call center rep is going to be needed in most companies. Call center agents are the company representatives that customers can contact for questions about the company's products and services.

For now, the median hourly wage for customer service representatives is more than $17 which equates to around $35,830 per year (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

There is going to be a lot of competition during your job search. A lot of other call center agents will apply to the same call center jobs that you've sent your resume to.

If you want to get called back for a call center job, you'll need a great call center resume!

example resume bpo

How to make a Call Center Agent Resume

Whether you're an experienced call center manager or a temp call center agent, your resume needs to be strong enough to impress the hiring managers.

To be considered for a career in an outbound call center, there are a few things we'll need to consider before starting writing about your professional experiences and skills.

Any successful, professional resume will have a great-looking application layout and structure. These two factors are the building blocks for any strong application.

The resume structure and layout determine how the content and text appear on the sample resume. Making sure that you get these two aspects written properly is essential for your center resume sample.

The layout of the BPO Resume

An effective call center agent's resume needs to look pleasing to the eye.

It is true that hiring managers pay close attention to how professional the application looks, so making sure that the content is placed, organized, and designed correctly is crucial to ensuring your job search.

To make your resume look good and impress the hiring manager, you have to implement a proper resume template into your application. This means that all of the information and text on the application page will be separated into sections.

Sectioning out the application will bring you one step closer to getting the perfect resume template or layout. A template with sections makes for a more logical and easier reading experience.

Here are all the sections we recommend including in your customer service resume for maximum results:

  • The Contact Information
  • The Professional Summary or Resume Objective
  • The Job Description (Work Experience Section)
  • The Education Section
  • The Skills Section
  • Awards, Honors, and Certificates information is available in additional sections

The structure of the BPO Resume

We've discussed the importance of designing your call center resume sample effectively to attract hiring managers with the visuals of the application, but what do you do when it comes to the text and content of the application?

In order to have a truly successful call center agent resume, you're going to need to give the text some proper structure. Several methods are available for accomplishing this.

Here's how to properly structure resume text:

The center resume format: You'll need to give the text in the resume a proper flow that's going to be logical to the reader. A great way to structure an application is by giving it the right resume format. The most common format is the chronological ordering format.
The chronological ordering format simply means that you'll be writing your information from oldest to newest. The newest information will appear at the top of each section.

Bullet points: Make sure to use bullet points for all of the information you'll be listing down. For example, your job description in the work experience section will require a few bullet points to list your call center duties. Font style & size: Since we recommend keeping the call center agent resume to a single page length, the text size must be implemented accordingly. The most common font styles are Times New Roman or Arial, with sizes 10 - 12.
Ensuring that your application has good structure is essential to having logical, informative pieces of text. The hiring manager needs to understand the information presented so that they can be impressed with your abilities.

Check out our resume builder here for a more detailed center resume template and resume format, as well as more center resume examples.

Start with the Contact Information section of the BPO Resume

Before you start writing the center agent job description or your skills as a center worker, it is crucial to properly introduce yourself to the reader. The hiring manager has to know who the resume is written about.

The best way to ensure that the reader knows that the application is about you and how to get in touch with you is by putting the contact information section at the very top of the resume.

The contact information section is vital to the success of your application. The main reason why you're writing the resume in the first place is to get noticed, so how can you do that if the reader doesn't know who the applications are about?

Start this section with your name. Use a font size of 14 - 16 points for your name at the top of your resume. To make your name stand out, make it a couple of sizes larger.

Include your job title, address, email address, and related professional website on the resume after writing your name as the title.

Example of a header / Example of a bad header for BPO

Mark T. Rogers

Call Center Agent

Jackson, MS


It is essential to have your name appear as clearly and directly as possible. Your name cannot get lost in the text.


Mark T. Rogers

Call Center Agent

2126 Rivendell Drive

Jackson, MS


Keep the personal information brief and to a minimum, don’t overload with unnecessary personal information such as marital status or your full home address. You have a lot of information to put on one page and you don’t want to clutter the resume.

Is a photo required in the BPO Resume?

Frequently, job seekers wonder if they should include a professional photo on their resume.

We recommend that you do not include pictures in your application. Even though a few companies and positions are more lenient with resumes with professional photos, most do not accept resumes with photos for fear of being accused of discriminating against applicants based on looks rather than skills and abilities.

In the United States, most employers and companies don't have a specific requirement for professional photos.

example resume bpo

Professional summary for BPO

Due to the nature of the position of the call center agent, companies that are looking for new hires tend to get a high number of resumes every day. Readers tend to skim through most of the applications.

In order for the recruiters to be successful in picking the right candidate, they tend to pick out resumes with the most relevant information.

A great way to grab the reader's attention is by writing in a brief introductory section of your application right after the contact information. There are two ways you can go about writing this section:

  • The resume summary is better suited to a more experienced customer service representative resume. You should briefly describe your top achievements, work experiences, and skills if you have several years of customer service experience. To convince the reader of your value, you must show how you can help the company.
  • The call center resume objective is going to be the better option for entry level call center reps. Just like a professional summary but with emphasis on your ambition and goals as opposed to your experience. When you don't have a lot of professional experience, it's always best to discuss your best skills, abilities, education, and career goals instead of your experience. The reader needs to know why you're applying for this position.
It is very important to keep your introductory section on your BPO resume short. The summary or objective should only be 3 - 4 sentences long.

Summary Examples

Dedicated Call Center manager with 5 years of experience working in high-pressure sales and account management environments. Confident and experienced speaker, communicator, and problem solver who is used to dealing with diverse audiences and producing the best results.

Objective Examples


Call Center agent with proven track record to drive customer satisfaction through positive attitude. Thoughtful and clear communicator with demonstrated organizational and communication skills. Seeking to fill challenging customer service positions in the tech industry.

example resume bpo

Work Experience in the BPO Resume

Now that you've successfully introduced yourself as a professional customer service representative with the summary / objective section, it's time to shift our focus to a bigger part of the application.

The experience section will be the largest part of your BPO application. This is the part of the page where you'll be writing the job description for each relevant employment you've had in the past.

It is essential to get the work experience right because this section will contain the most information about your skills in providing excellent customer service.

For more examples of a perfect cover letter template and center resumes with a great experience section, follow this link!

Describe your professional experiences on your BPO Resume

Because there are a lot of moving parts and details containing vital information about your professional career, it is vital that you write the experience section appropriately.

There are some important points to keep in mind when you are writing a good-looking experience section that delivers information about your professional work history successfully.

Here are a couple of key points to keep in mind when writing this section:

  • The Job Description: You should start with the position you held most recently; place it in the first section. The title should always come first in a job description. Also, remember to describe the employer's name and how long you worked for them.
  • Bullet Points: Using bullet points when discussing your work history is highly recommended. In this way, you'll be able to focus on the accomplishments and responsibilities you've held clearly and concisely.
  • Wording: A word of advice; make sure to create a balance between regular and industry-specific words. Your responsibilities will become clear to the reader this way.
  • Metrics: Adding metrics to your accomplishments in the job description is another way to enhance it.

BPO Job Description Example

Work Experience Call Center Agent

Gordon’s Financial Co.

03/2016 - Present

  • Resolved customer complaints effectively by suggesting the best ways to resolve service and billing issues.
  • Provided detailed information of more than 5 products and service options so customers could make informed purchase decisions.
  • Handled more than 15% of quota daily which resulted in exceeding the company's standards of productivity by 25%.
  • Assisted in gathering customer information, assessing issues, and determining potential solutions.

Education in the BPO Resume

Nearly all industries employ customer service representatives today. The majority of them are full-time employees. What's interesting is that most hiring companies don't require a higher education from their call center resume samples.

While it isn't required for candidates to have a higher education, we still recommend including an education section into your application to show the reader that you possess a solid background for handling customer interactions.

Even if you have a high school diploma or equivalent, this will show the reader that you have gotten the basic academic schooling for handling the outbound call center script.

Should you start with education or work experience for a BPO Resume?

It is often debated by resume writers and experts alike whether it's better to start with the education or experience section when it comes to the call center resume template.

We recommend starting with the section that has more vital information inside of it.

If your experience section has a call center job description that's going to impress the hiring staff, then you should include your work experience section first.

On the other hand, if you possess vital academic schooling that's going to propel you into a call center manager role (i.e., a College degree in a related field, school yearbook team, etc.), then you should include your education first.

How to properly list your education in a BPO Resume?

When it comes to the education section, it's essential not to overcomplicate things. This section of the application needs to be simple and to the point.

This is a list of information to include in the education section:

  • School Name and Location
  • Year of graduation
  • Degree (If applicable)
  • Relevant Coursework (Optional)
  • Relevant ExtraCurricular Clubs and Activities (Optional)

Example of the education section of a BPO Resume


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Dickinson University / England / 2009

Skills to put in the BPO Resume

Being a call center sales representative can be tough sometimes, especially if you're dealing with a lot of customers every day. As a successful candidate for this role, you'll need a couple of relevant skills to help with the job.

But how can you show your skills to the reader?

A great way to showcase your communication skills, soft skills, and technical abilities to a potential employer is by including a call center resume skills section in your application.

This way, you'll be able to show the reader your abilities and highlight the ones you feel are the most relevant to the job description.

Remember, your call center resume skills in the skills section need to stay relevant to the job posting you're applying for.

example resume bpo

What are the main skills sought for in a BPO Resume?

Here's a list of all the top skills to include in a BPO resume:

  • Positive attitude
  • Customer retention
  • Call center experience
  • Analytical abilities
  • Providing customer support
  • Friendly telephone manner
  • Minute taking
  • Customer communications
  • Calendaring
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Phonetic alphabet knowledge
  • Inbound phone call management
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Report preparation
  • Account Management
  • Data collection
  • Reading comprehension
  • Account updating
  • Quality Control
  • Microsoft Office

Additional Headings for your BPO Resume

In order to increase the potency and effectiveness of your application, we recommend adding additional sections that can offer more information about your skills and abilities.

These sections can be about anything (I.e., language knowledge, interests, etc.) as long as they stay relevant to the job posting.

Interests in a BPO Resume

The interest section is an excellent way to humanize the application and add more personal information to your call center agent resume.

As a call center agent, it's essential for you to have good interpersonal skills and communicate effectively with customers. Therefore, having an interest section can show the reader that you're able to establish rapport successfully with people on the other end of the line.

Languages in a BPO Resume

Another great ability to have in the call center agent industry is to be multilingual. Sometimes, there will be people of different nationalities calling the call center.

Knowing several different languages will set you apart from the other candidates and will help your application get noticed.

Summary: Key Points for Writing a Perfect BPO Resume

An effective BPO resume should include the following points:

  • If you’re applying for a specific job, you should tailor your resume accordingly.
  • It's important to showcase your qualifications, job-relevant skills, and career goals in an efficient and succinct way in your professional summary or resume objective.
  • By highlighting your previous work achievements and accomplishments, you can show your value. It is highly recommended to include metrics as well.
  • Your work experiences should be written in reverse chronological order, with your most recent first.
  • Employ a job-appropriate approach to presenting your skills and experiences.

Write a Cover Letter That Goes With Your BPO Resume

Having a call center cover letter on top of your BPO resume is going to increase the effectiveness of your application by a considerable margin.

Cover letter create your own resume and CV by checking out our resume builder by clicking here!

Frequently Asked Questions for a BPO Resume

How do you write a BPO resume?

You should fill the resume template and sections we've discussed with relevant text and information.

The information you'll be writing about has to be related to the call center jobs you'll be applying for.

How can I add BPO experience to my resume?

You can discuss your work experiences in the work experience section through job descriptions for each relevant work experience during previous employment.

Check out our resume builder for further assistance.

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