Project Coordinator Resume: Definitive Guide

Coordination skills are your strong suit? Thinking of becoming a project coordinator, yeah? Well, if you are here you already know you need a good project coordinator resume because the corporate world has become very competitive.||Coordination skills are your strong suit? Thinking of becoming a project coordinator, yeah? Well, if you are here you already know you need a good project coordinator resume because the corporate world has become very competitive.

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Job search has become a hassle these days, there are many opportunities but because of the fierce competition, getting the job is difficult. You need to offer something more than required qualifications and you also need a really good presentation of your profile.

There are certain guidelines that you can take into consideration and write a really good resume that gets you the job you want. In this article we will discuss all about writing a job winning project coordinator resumes.

💡 An interesting fact that reflects how tough the competition is for job search:

👉 In 2022, US had labor force participation rate of around 60% which is significantly lower than some of the countries with higher labor force participation rates. This showcases the scenario of employment in US.


What this means for you is that you need to put in some extra efforts in your project coordinator resumes! Let's get into it then!👇

What does a project coordinator do?

Project Coordinator Resume

Project coordinators play the vital role of assisting the project management from the beginning of the project to the end.

Project coordinator skills are many depending on the industry and project.

Project coordinators could be in IT, architecture, business and so on. Which means depending on the industry and role you could need project management software skills or business administration skills and some other skills.

In your project coordinator resume, your skills section could vary depending on the industry and role you are applying to. Project managers might be looking for particular skills to assist them in the project.

A good coordinator doesn't only assist the project manager but also improves the project execution. And your capability to do that needs to be reflected well in your project coordinator resume.

You might come across many project coordinator resume examples and a project coordinator resume example can show you what your resume should have, this article however, will tell you what your resume can have to be exceptional!

Project coordination really impacts the successful completion of the project. Project coordinator jobs can be found in many industries and you can choose the particular role depending on your skills and passion.

Hiring managers usually look for project coordinator resumes that have something more to offer, in addition to meeting all the requirements and qualifications mentioned in the job description.

To impress the hiring manager, you need to showcase your experienced project coordinator profile and project coordinator skills in an effective manner. Let's see how to do that.👇

How to write a project coordinator resume?

To write a project coordinator resume that gets you hired, you need to make sure your profile presentation is impressive, especially for hiring managers.

As a project coordinator you might be responsible for project teams, project budget management, project timelines, project deliverables, detailed project plans, effective project management, administrative tasks and other project tasks.

You will also handle the project stakeholders, project status, project lifecycle, project logistics and you might work on accurate progress reports, construction projects, Microsoft project, data analysis, business management.

The information in your resume should cover these usual responsibilities of your role along with the skills that you have to handle those responsibilities and perform well.


First and foremost you need a suitable format for your resume. There are various formats you can choose from- functional, reverse-chronological and combination. If you are a fresher you would go for functional format. If you are changing career you can go with combination format as it focuses on transferable skills and experience at once.

If you are a usual professional with significant experience, you should go with reverse-chronological format for your project coordinator resume.

Once you have decided the format for your project coordinator resume you can get down to describing your profile.


On the top of your project coordinator resume, you will have contact information section. You need to write your name first, in slightly bigger fonts. Next note your contact number with area code in formal way.

Your email address should be formal and professional for resume. With your email address you can also mention your LinkedIn profile link.

At last, if you want you can mention your home address briefly however it is not mandatory.

Profile summary

After the contact information, you need to write your profile summary section. The resume summary will be brief and concise. You need to keep it crisp and short.

A certified professional resume writer would tell you to use bullet points to write your resume summary. Bullet points help you increase the readability of your resume summary.

In your resume summary, you need to mention your total years of experience along with a little background. You need to mention the highlights of your profile such as most important accomplishments and key skills that are most relevant.

You don't need to mention all the notable highlights of your career in summary, only the most important ones. Leave the rest for the experience section.

Project Coordinator Resume

Professional experience

Your professional experience will be mentioned in reverse chronological order. Meaning you need to mention your latest project coordinator job first and then walk back towards your first project coordinator job.

When you are writing your experience details, mention your job title or the project coordinator positions first i.e. Senior project coordinator or project coordinator or construction project coordinator. Follow it up with the name of your employer and the period of time you worked there for.

While you note your experience details, use bullet points. Mention the usual responsibilities along with the important key skills and accomplishments. Emphasize on your exceptional performances and how you achieved results for the project you were working on.

You can talk about how you helped with the project scope, members of the project team and other project coordinator duties.


After completing the experience section you need to write details of your education in the education section.

While writing your education details you need to mention the name of education institute name along with the name of your degree.

You can also mention some of the relevant coursework and subjects. If you majored in a particular subject, you need to note that as well.


The skills section is important and you need to make sure you mention all the relevant skills. You need to include your soft skills, hard skills and also technical skills.

Some of the skills you need to include could be:

  • communication skills
  • managing project resources
  • project documentation
  • interpersonal skills
  • project management software

as a project coordinator you need excellent organizational skills as well as time management skills. Your job could require conflict resolution skills too. You need to ensure successful implementation of the project plans to get the project coordinator roles you want.

Your skills are important whether it is hard skills such as data analysis or soft skills such as interpersonal skills, both the hard and soft skills will help you perform well and complete the projects well while helping project management people.

The project coordinator role that you want so badly will demand a lot from you in terms of skills and knowledge and you need to prove that you have it all in your resume.

As an aspiring project coordinator, your project coordinator resume should offer something more than the average the project coordinator role applicants.

You need to prove that you are good enough to support project managers and assist senior project coordinators. You might have to handle cross functional teams handle project resources, in any case you need to make sure you are not lacking any skills or knowledge.


If you have any other relevant information that should be included in your project coordinator resume, you can add extra sections on your resume.

Some of such sections could be for language proficiency, hobbies and interests, awards and certifications or anything else that is relevant to the role.

These additional details could be the aspects that sets your resume apart and impresses the hiring manager.

You could also mention any volunteering or freelance work experience. You could mention the multiple projects you have done.

Most project coordinator candidates would meet the requirements for qualification but very few will have anything extra to add to their resume which will set them apart.

Project Coordinator Resume

Tips to make your resume stand out

Your resume should be extra ordinary, not just good enough by meeting the general resume criteria. And for that, here are some of the tips!


Your project coordinator resume should be professional resume with the language and tone that is formal.

For that, you need to follow some of the simple rules of language when writing your project coordinator resume. You might have noticed them in many project coordinator resume examples as well.

  • Use action words as much as possible
  • Avoid using pronouns in sentences
  • Always use third person and past tense in your resume

Make sure you follow these rules throughout your resume and your resume will surely meet the standards of a job winning professional resume. These rules will give your project coordinator resume a formal tone with the professional language.

Cover letter

A cover letter is not always mandatory however it is an effective addition to your job application.

Cover letter allows you to include more keywords and you can describe your experience, skills and other information in a bit more depth.

In the cover letter you can also describe how you were inspired for this profession and how your journey has been. Reflect your passion and dedication to make a strong pitch for your application.

The cover letter allows you to address the hiring managers directly. You can convince them of your capabilities and skills along with your competency for the job in the cover letter.

The cover letter looks a lot like a letter with the contact information, address to the hiring manager and gratitude & your name at the end.


We live in the era of technology and digital advancements meaning wherever you go, you will find technology. Hiring managers are no exception either. They use Applicant Tracking System to scan the thousands of resumes they receive.

This Applicant Tracking System or ATS is a software that scans the resumes and filters them according to set parameters. These parameters are none other than the relevant keywords for the role.

So if your resume does not have the relevant keywords, your resume will end up in rejection pile. To avoid this you need to make sure you include all the relevant keywords throughout your project coordinator resume.

Ensure the keywords are used sensibly and doesn't compromise the readability of your project coordinator resume.


As mentioned before project coordinator jobs can be found in various industries and every role, depending on the industry, might need different set of skills and experience.

This means, if you are applying to different kinds of roles, you need to customize your project coordinator resume for every job application so that you can beat the ATS and impress the hiring managers.

A generic resume will most definitely cause you the jobs you are applying to because they will not reflect the range of your skills and experience in impactful way.

For various roles, depending on the job description, industry and role, you need to make small changes in your resume to make sure your application is taken into consideration and you are given a chance at the opportunity.

This customization might seem tiring however it is an effective strategy to land the jobs you want hence important for you. You can create few role specific resumes and save them with proper labels for job applications to make it easier.


In conclusion, the project coordinator resume should be informative and well presented to ensure the hiring manager is impressed with your profile.

You should also check out our resume examples and templates along with using this article as your guide and checklist.

Last but not least, you need to make sure you save the resume document with professional label. The format of the document should be compatible with various devices and systems. Word document or pdf are the preferred formats.

Now you know all about writing project coordinator resume! Remember to proofread you resume twice! Good luck with job hunting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a project management degree?

The qualifications necessary for the role would vary for every role hence you need to confirm with the hiring manager and key an eye on the job description to find which qualifications are mandatory for particular role.

Should I include online courses I have taken?

Absolutely. If the courses are relevant, you should include them under education section or in a separate section.

Is cover letter mandatory?

The cover letter is not always mandatory however you are advised to enclose it anyway as it could be a good addition to your job application which impresses the hiring manager.

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