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As a politician, you'll need to possess a vast amount of social and technical skills as well as considerable knowledge of management, economics and politics.Indeed, being a politician can be quite demanding and challenging. However, even if you’ve worked in the political field for several years, you might still have a hard time putting your expertise on paper.

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No matter how good you are at communicating with a large group of people and working with big political teams, you might still find it hard to write an effective politician's resume .

Fortunately, we're here to help out with that! Our article is going to guide in writing the most successful politician resume, with the help of our resume sample and resume example.

politician resume

What to Include in the Political Adviser Resume - Example:

The world of politics is a big place. There are many fields and industries in this line of work. So you don't have to be a Barack Obama or a Hillary Clinton to find success!

However, in order to be successful in your job search, you'll have to start somewhere. The first and most important step in your search for the dream job is writing an effective political resume.

Keep in mind that there are many other job seekers in the market trying to get hired for the same job that you applied for.

To get ahead of the competition, your political resume must be written well. The quality of a political application depends on several factors.

On top of structuring and giving your resume a proper layout, you'll have to consider how you're going to section out your political resume.

Dividing the content of your application into sections is going to make the text and information you've included appear much more visible and logical.

Here's the list of all the essential elements for a successful political resume that we'll be going through in this article:

  • The Format
  • The Template
  • The Sections

How to Format a Politician’s Resume

The political field is full of fierce competitors. Everybody is trying to outshine each other with their credentials and expertise. This holds true for political job seekers as well.

In order to get ahead of the competition during your job search, an important first step is to decide on an effective resume format./p>

It is well known that hiring managers for political roles will only spend 6 seconds on each application they receive.

Because there is such a small window of opportunity to boost your resume, it's very important to get your resume up to a standard that is concise, impactful and easy to understand.

Appropriate formatting will ensure that your political resume is written in a way where it will have the biggest impact on the reader.

When it comes to a proper resume, here's a short-list of some of the key requirements to successfully format a political resume:

  • Bring your resume up-to-date: The political world is always in a state of evolution. You'll have to show that you can keep up with new trends and abilities. Update your resume on a regular basis as your gain experience to ensure it's always current.
  • Chronological : A successful format is writing about your previous work experiences and history in a chronological order layout . This shows your current and recent experiences at the forefront of your application.
  • Key-Words : Many companies are using applicant tracking systems (ATS) that pre-scan resumes before they even get to a human. . This reduces the workload of the hiring manager by making sure only the best candidates get their applications reviewed.

ATS works by searching resumes for keywords that are relevant to the position.

You need to use enough appropriate keywords that it makes through, but it still needs to read well for when it gets read by a human.

politician resume

Choose a Right Template for Your Politician Resumes

In addition to successfully formatting your resume, you'll have to consider how to make the application look good. Your resume needs to appear visually pleasing by giving it a proper, well-laid-out structure.

A resume template , will set your political resume apart, make it stand out from the crowd and could ultimately get you an interview for a job.

A decent resume template will have a smart layout, will be visually pleasing and have enough information for the hiring manager to want to give you an interview.

With a resume template you can already visualize how the resume will look before even starting so you know it will look good when you've finished.

Your political resume should include the below sections. We'll go through every step with you in this article:

  • Contact Info
  • Professional Summary
  • Education Section
  • Work Experience Section
  • Skill Section

For more resume template ideas, click here.

Start Your Politicians Resume with the Contact Information

After deciding on the right format and template for your political resume, it is time to start writing the cover letter sections. The first section we'll be going through is, of course, the contact information.

Even if you are the first lady, or president, you still need to provide your contact info. Write your name at the top which will be the resume title. If you increase the font size for your name to make it really stand out then write your contact info underneath.

After your contact info, there are still some factors you should consider in order to make your resume stand out.

Use a professional email address that suits the tone of the political resume. Don't use a jokey or nonsensical sentence.

We also recommend adding your LinkedIn page to make you stand out further.

politician resume

How to Write a Professional Summary for Your Political Resume

Your application has to catch the reader's attention. After all, as mentioned above, a resume only has moments to impress your hiring manager.

A proven way to make your resume effective is by having an impactful professional summary underneath your contact information.

Some resumes might use an objective instead of a summary, but ; the professional summary can often demonstrate your skills and values better, in a more persuasive way.

The professional summary has many functions.

It gives you the power to present yourself as an active worker in the political environment.

Describe your top skills and achievements but you have to do it very quickly in just a couple of sentences.

Make sure to touch on your past work experience with a political adviser or time spent in a political office or political environment.

All your information must be compact, concise and be only a few sentences long. All of this information must be compact and only several sentences long. You have only a brief moment to impress the hiring manager before he moves onto the next resume.

Political Adviser Resume Summary Example


Driven Political Adviser with 3 years of experience in campaign management and political analysis. Skilled at analyzing political climates, handling media relations, preparing action and coordinating funding and scheduling. Specialize in conducting polling and research to determine political status, economics and maximising resources available.

Always Include an Education Section in Your Political Resume

When it comes to the world of politics, people such as the political adviser deeply appreciate and have a strong interest in the background of their colleagues. This means that your resume must present a strong image of your educational background.

To make your resume stronger and more effective, we recommend including an education section.

It is important to include your education in your resume; this is especially true for an entry-level political resume.

Writing what degree you hold and what school you got it from gives more information about your knowledge, expertise, and political experiences.

If you have more than two years of experience, state the name of your university, the location, years attended, and degree.

If you are just now entering into the political sector and don't have enough work experience under your belt, you can include your GPA and relevant coursework.

We recommend using bullet points for any additional information, such as extracurricular activities, relevant coursework, and GPA.

politician resume

How to Write Work Experience for Your Politician Resume

After you've completed your professional summary, move on to the work experience section.

The work experience section is an crucial part of any political application. This is relevant for both a professional or entry-level political resume.

In this section, you'll describe your previous achievements and work experiences.

We suggest describing your previous jobs with any relevant experience with precise and clear wording. Use bullet points to highlight this important information.

Each bullet point should show important information about what you achieved in your previous jobs, along with information about what skills you can bring to the table.

As mentioned earlier, if you write about your previous work experience in chronological order. You can also make sure you show your job title and employment dates above your job description.

Make each bullet count by including impactful keywords and industry buzz words.

Avoid writing vague descriptions. Provide measurable results that can prove and highlight your success and accomplishments in your previous positions. This will show you are a stand out candidate that can bring success to your hiring manager.

Hard and Soft Skills for Politician Resume

The world of politics demands you to be familiar with a vast amount of skills and information. To be a successful candidate, your A professional resume must showcase your expertise as well as depth of knowledge about political science.

After you've finished your summary and job description sections with the correct format, it's not time to focus on another part of your resume is time to focus on the next part of your resume - the skills section.

This section should only consist of transferable technical and soft skills. This will demonstrate that you are a well-rounded applicant and a good fit for the organization. Try to include skills that coincide with the job description.

Here's a list of common hard and soft skills for a political resume:

  • Relationship Development
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Sales
  • Strategic Development
  • Insurance Knowledge
  • Business Planning
  • Product Sales
  • Academic Advisement
  • Prospecting Clients
  • Media Coverage
  • Public Relations
  • Public Service

politician resume

Tips for Entry-Level Political Science Major Resume

If you've just come fresh out of college and want to pursue a career in politics, you'll need to start with writing up an effective entry-level political resume.

We're here to help you with that.

If you find that your summary or work experience sections are lacking in content, try to include past work and activities where you showcased industry-relevant abilities and knowledge.

Add a sentence into your professional summary that talks about your career motivation and what kind of abilities, experience, and skills you can benefit the company with.

Also, try to include more content in your education section. Through bullet points, talk about your extracurricular activities that can be related to the job description. Mention relevant coursework.

Mention industry-specific technical and soft skills that are mentioned in the job description for the job you're applying to.

Be sure to include political jargon and keywords into the text to pass the ATS scans.

Key Takeaways for Politicians Resume

Here's a few takeaways to remember for creating the best political resume:

  • Read the job requirements and then tailor your resume specifically for the job
  • Showcase your best skills and experience in you professional summary
  • Show your value by touching on achievements from your previous work.
  • Write work experiences in chronological order.

Frequently Asked Questions for Politician's Resume

What can you do with a political science degree?

To get a job in the political sphere, you almost certainly need a political science degree or similar. Nowadays, most jobs require a university degree.

Here's a list of the jobs you can start with a science degree:

  • Lobbyist
  • Lawyer
  • Diplomat or foreign service officer
  • Political scientist
  • Professor
  • Business executive
  • Political consultant
  • Government official

What skills do I need to become a politician?

Politicians need to have excellent communications capability as well as deep knowledge of political science. They also always need to be up to date on the political climate around the globe, among other things.

How much do politicians earn?

Politicians salaries vary hugely upon the level, but a senator can earn $174,000 annually.

How long should a politician's resume be?

Keep your resume short to one page or two at the most. Hiring managers tend to skip long resumes.

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