Professional Modern Resume Templates and Writing Tips

Modern resume templates are made to make a strong first impression and help job seekers stand out from the crowd. They provide a straightforward yet efficient method of organizing information in a way that is aesthetically appealing and will highlight your greatest traits.

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Professional Modern Resume Templates

Morgan Maxwell
Web Developer

Professional Summary

Experienced Web Developer with five years of expertise in database management and website design. Strong analytical and creative abilities. Ability to work independently as well as part of a team. Led multiple projects for MS Techs. 3 years of hands-on training in multiple languages like Javascript, Kotlin, PHP, and Swift.

Work Experience

Apical Marketing Solutions
Web Content Manager
June 2020-Present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Website creation and database management.
  • Created the logic for a scalable, simplified ad-serving platform.
  • Administration of online classrooms at educational institutions.

Leggett & Platt, Incorporated
Intern Web Developer
Monroe, GA
Aug 2019 - April 2020

Job Responsibilities:

  • Managed significant, intricate design projects for law firms in collaboration with a senior developer.
  • Oversee other interns' progress on project milestones and worked with clients to resolve any issues or adjustments that needed to be made.
  • To analyze the client's website and create mobile app samples, collaborate with the CEO and CFO.
  • Participate in weekly company/client meetings to display developed apps and provide design concepts.
  • Maintain existing websites to ensure their proper operation.


  • Web Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Wireframe Creation
  • Front End Coding
  • Problem-Solving
  • Computer Literacy
  • Project Management Tools
  • Strong Communication


A Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
University of South Australia
Adelaide, SA
Graduated -  May 2019

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You may make a professional and eye-catching design of your resume using our free resume templates, one that is also customized to your specific credentials for your dream job.

Utilizing professional resume templates has many benefits which include improved readability, unique modern resume design and formatting, simple customization options, and compatibility with applicant tracking systems (ATS) that mandate specific resume formatting.

Additionally, adopting these kinds of templates makes it simpler for employers to browse through applications quickly in search of crucial information about candidates, increasing the likelihood that they'll give your application additional consideration when making hiring choices.

A modern resume showcases your qualifications in an appealing, attention-grabbing manner by utilizing the newest trends and technology. It is intended to impress hiring managers while also emphasizing all of your pertinent qualifications.

modern resume free template

Having a modern resume has several advantages. It helps you stand out from other applicants by showcasing your creativity and tech knowledge. It gives your prospective employers a greater picture of who you are.

Modern Resumes VS Traditional Resumes

Technically, both a traditional and a modern resume have their advantages and disadvantages and both can work for you. However, the employment market is currently extremely competitive, and standing out from the crowd might be the secret to getting a foot in the door.

Traditional resumes usually have a more rigid structure and place greater emphasis on education and professional experience. They often have a simple, chronological layout that displays your career development and are simple to read. Employers in more conventional fields like law, banking, or government frequently favor this kind of resume.

Modern resumes, on the other hand, frequently focus more on talents and accomplishments than merely employment history and are frequently more aesthetically attractive and imaginative.

To catch the attention of hiring managers and highlight your distinctive qualities, use components like graphics, color, and multimedia. Employers frequently prefer this kind of resume in creative industries where creativity and design abilities are highly essential.

Modern resumes may be eye-catching and distinctive, but they can also be harmful if not done properly, so remember. It's crucial to find the correct balance between originality and professionalism because some companies could perceive them as gimmicky or unprofessional.

The ideal resume will ultimately be determined by your qualifications and the position you are looking for. The abilities and experiences that are most pertinent to the position should be highlighted in your resume, which should be tailored to the job description.

Modern Resume Example

Traditional Resume Example

Mary Harrison

Hloom City, HM 98760


Committed Welder seeking a new challenging position with Magpie Inc. with 8 years of expertise in giving instructions, solving problems, and managing disputes. proficient in creating effective timetables, assigning tasks according to importance, and maintaining line equipment in good working order.

Work Experience

Welder at Trinity, Inc.

11/06/15 – Present

  • To prepare material surfaces for welding, loose debris, heavy scaling, slag, and rust were removed.
  • Safely removed undesirable items using arc cutting and handheld grinders.
  • Manufactured structural components, such as pressure vessels and boiler elements.
  • Cleaning equipment, floors, and shops, as well as organizing tools to extend equipment life and usage, fall under this responsibility.
Educational History

New Era High School

Brooklyn, New York

Welding Apprenticeship

2012 – 2014

Relevant Skills
  • Excellent problem solver
  • Operation of Construction Equipment
  • Excellent communication abilities both in writing and verbally
  • ETA Certified
  • Power and Pneumatic Tools

Modern Resume Free Template

Selecting a modern template for your contemporary resume that best suits the position you're looking for is your next step.

modern resume free template

Spend some time looking through various layouts, styles, and formats to discover one that best captures your personality and professional background. Additionally, you may utilize online tools that offer excellent templates with all the required elements included, making it simpler than ever to rapidly build an eye-catching resume.

Using contemporary free modern resume templates while producing your resume has several advantages:

A polished and professional appearance

Professional graphic designers create modern resume templates, guaranteeing that your resume will seem polished and up-to-date. This might help you make a good first impression on recruiters or future employers.


Using a great resume template can save time compared to writing a resume from scratch. You don't have to bother about modifying margins, font sizes, or spacing because the templates are properly structured.

This enables you to spend more time concentrating on the substance of your resume and less time on formatting.


It's critical to maintain consistency in your modern resume structure and modern design elements since it makes the document more unified and visually attractive. Modern resume templates frequently feature a unified and consistent style, making sure that your resume seems organized and professional.


Despite having pre-designed styles, contemporary resume templates are frequently changeable. You may simply alter the template to meet your requirements, such as by altering the colors and fonts or by adding or deleting parts, to give your resume a personal touch.


Employers frequently review resumes using applicant tracking systems (ATS), which are compatible with many current resume templates. You have a better chance of clearing the initial resume screening process if you use one of these templates since they are written correctly such that ATS can read and digest the information correctly.

Simple to update

Modern resume templates are frequently made in an editable resume format so you may make adjustments as needed and maintain your resume up to date.


Modern resume templates are frequently accessible and compatible with numerous software and devices because of their availability in many file formats including Microsoft Word, PDF, and Google Docs. This makes it simple for you to send your resume to prospective companies or submit it to Internet employment boards.

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10 Chronological Modern Resume Examples

All the templates given below are some of the best resume templates crafted by our certified professional resume writer after studying hundreds of resume templates for multiple industries.

modern resume free template
📌 Instructions: Insert Images of 10 Modern Resumes as per the category below:

  • Information Technology Modern Resume Template
  • Sales Modern Resume Template
  • Marketing Modern Resume Template
  • Accounting and Finance Modern Resume Template
  • Administrative Modern Resume Template
  • Food & Catering Modern Resume Template
  • Maintenance & Repair Modern Resume Template
  • Engineering Modern Resume Template
  • Transport & Logistics Modern Resume Template
  • Sport and Fitness Modern Resume Template

Resume Summary For Modern Resume

The resume summary or resume objective highlights the candidate's accomplishments and competence in their field while also giving a quick outline of the candidate's experience and key skills.

Modern resume summaries should be straightforward, compelling, and customized for the particular position or sector you're looking for. Highlighting your accomplishments and skills on a modern resume is crucial.

You should also include keywords in your job application. Additionally, you want to concentrate on outlining your value proposition and highlighting your qualifications for prospective companies.

Make sure to keep your summary statement brief and to the point, and to capture the reader's interest.

Correct Example
“Professional strategist focused on results with five years of expertise in digital marketing. A track record of creating and executing marketing strategies that boost brand recognition and encourage consumer involvement. Skilled at maximizing marketing tactics and achieving quantifiable results via the use of data-driven insights. Strong skills in marketing analytics, content production, and social media administration. Devoted to staying current on the newest digital marketing trends and technology to encourage creativity and accomplish professional objectives.”

Incorrect Example
Excellent marketeer with five years of experience. Motivated to achieve targets. Want to seek a position to use my marketing skills.”

How to List Work Experience on a Modern Resume?

Work experience is one of the most important resume sections that hiring managers are eager to look at. While writing the professional experience section of a modern resume, it's critical to highlight your achievements, responsibilities, and the impact you had during your prior jobs.

modern resume free template

By highlighting your successes, responsibilities, and the difference you made in past positions, you may effectively demonstrate your consulting knowledge in your resume and market yourself to hiring managers or clients.

Good Examples
  • Supported the development and execution of marketing initiatives including events, email marketing, and social media.
  • Coordinated with outside vendors including printers and event planners to guarantee the campaign's flawless delivery.
  • Client research and data analysis were conducted to inform marketing strategies, and the results showed a 10% improvement in client retention.

Bad Example
  • Supported execution of events and social media marketing.
  • Experience coordinating outside vendors.
  • Experience with client research and data analysis.

How to Insert Contact Details In A Modern Resume?

For potential employers to reach you, it's critical to provide contact information on modern resumes that is both simple to discover and has sufficient information.

Keep in mind to maintain current and correct contact information. Make sure your phone number and email address are accurate by checking them twice. These pointers will make it simple for you to add your contact information to a contemporary resume.

The proper format to include the contact information is

  • Your Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • LinkedIn Profile URL
Good Example
Emily Watson


Bad Examples
Emily Watson from New York

How to List Your Education on a Modern Resume?

You must organize education in reverse chronological order with the most recent degree displayed first you have earned. As an entry-level candidate, your education section must be properly crafted.

modern resume free template

Many of us might have a less or no work history. In such a scenario, it is advisable to emphasize your educational background and highlight relevant accomplishments.

Any relevant licenses or certifications should be listed and added after your schooling in a separate section. Your suitability for the position and degree of expertise can be determined in this way.

The proper format to list down your education is

  • Name of the degree
  • Name of the college/institution
  • Location
  • Graduation Date
  • GPA
Correct Example

Bachelor of Business Administration

Texas University

Austin, TX

Graduation - July 2018


Certified Sales Professional (CSP), 2021

Incorrect Example
Graduated from Texas University

Majored in Business Administration, 2018

How to List Skills on a Modern Resume?

The skills section, which showcases your expertise, qualifications, and abilities for potential employers, is the most vital component of a resume.

The skills area of your consulting resume is an important part that could make a lasting impact on potential employers.

The tips in this article may be used to create a strong skills section for your resume that effectively displays your qualifications and increases your chances of being recruited as a consultant.

  • Go through the job description to find out more about the skills that are highly valued in the specific industry and try to incorporate them into your resume.
  • Give specific examples or achievements that demonstrate how you have applied your skills in a professional context.
  • In your section on skills, mention both hard and soft types of skills you possess.
  • Focus on how you differ from other applicants and what makes you most competitive. In your capabilities section, be sure to highlight any unique skills or information that are highly pertinent to the consulting sector.
  • Update your skills section periodically as you gain new knowledge or experience. Make sure your current knowledge and skill set are appropriately reflected in the skills area.

Hard Skills

The specific sector and position you are seeking will determine the hard skills or technical skills that are important for current resumes. However, the following list of broad hard skills that are in high demand across several sectors

  • Data Analysis
  • Coding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Technical Writing
  • Foreign Languages
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Cloud Computing

Soft Skills

When constructing a well-rounded resume, soft skills are equally as significant as hard ones. The following are some soft skills that are useful in the job market today

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Problem-Solving
  • Adaptability
  • Time Management
  • Creativity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Customer Service

How to Make a Cover Letter For a Modern Resume?

Here are some guidelines to follow while writing a matching cover letter for a contemporary resume:

  • Research the employer and read the job description properly.
  • Use a resume-compatible, professional format. Include your contact information at the top, followed by the date, the name and contact information of the hiring manager, and a formal salutation.
  • Introduce yourself and the reason or reasons for your interest in the position at the beginning of your cover letter. You should also make any connections you may have with the business or the recruiting manager at this time.
  • Put your relevant skills and talents that fit the job's requirements in the following paragraph. To illustrate your successes and how you might benefit the organization, provide concrete examples.
  • Justify your fit with the company's culture: Employers today frequently place a high priority on cultural fit, so use your cover letter to describe how your beliefs and working method match those of the organization.
  • Put a call to action at the end of your cover letter by asking for an interview or giving more details.
  • A one-page resume is best for every industry.
  • Make effective use of white space.
  • Define section headings wisely.
  • Make careful to review your cover letter for any grammatical or spelling problems before submitting it. You might also request a friend or relative to examine it and provide comments.


Is a modern resume template better than a simple resume template?

Modern templates frequently include more eye-catching designs, such as strong headers, imaginative color combinations, and distinctive typefaces. This makes your resume stand out and draw the reader's attention. Traditional templates frequently focus on providing clear and concise information and are simpler and more uncomplicated.

The most crucial step is picking a professional resume template that accurately conveys your qualifications and matches those of the hiring manager or recruiter for the position you're going for.

Create your resume with the best templates

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