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Making a minimalist resume that highlights your skills and experiences professionally is one of the methods to stand out from competitors. A professional minimalist resume may leave a lasting impression and showcase your attention to detail.

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Minimalist Resume Example

Henry Jenner

Professional Summary

Dedicated and attentive software engineer with three years of full-stack web development expertise. Skilled in Python, JavaScript, and React. Passionate about creating online apps that are both responsive and user-friendly.


BSc in Computer Science
North Carolina University, NC
Graduated May 2018

Work Experience

DePaul Enterprises
Software Developer
Raleigh, NC
June 2018 - Present

Job Responsibilities:

  • Managed a team of programmers and improved the performance of the application.
  • Created and managed the app's front end using React and Redux.
  • Designed and built additional features for a cloud-based project management solution using Python and Django.

Supernova Technologies
Software Developer Intern
Raleigh, NC
May 2017 - August 2017

Job Responsibilities:

  • Created a mobile application along with a team using React Native, for a nearby non-profit organization.
  • Conducted user testing and research to make sure the experience was user-friendly.
  • Helped with the creation of the application's back end utilizing Node.js and MongoDB


  • Programming languages Python & JavaScript
  • Experience with frameworks such as Django, Flask, React, Redux
  • Proficiency with databases like PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Ability to work with the team


Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate, Dec 2017

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Your resume is the first thing that creates an impression. Therefore, it is natural you want to add everything to help you get the job.

But several job vacancies commonly receive a large number of applications. Furthermore, hiring managers lack the time to read every detail of your resume. Your minimalist resume will be helpful in this situation.

This resume writing guide provides you with examples, templates, and tips for writing a polished minimalist resume. You will get to learn how to use the font and white space to improve the aesthetic attractiveness of your resume.

What Is A Minimalist Resume?

minimalist resume

A minimalist resume uses a simple and clear format that focuses on the important information necessary to highlight a job seeker's credentials and experience. It often has a clean, modern style with lots of white space, a restrained color scheme, and clean font to give it a unified, polished appearance.

The focus of a minimalist resume is readability and clarity. The layout is intended to make it simple for hiring managers and recruiters to immediately locate and evaluate the data they want, like your job history, skills, education, and accomplishments.

Frequently, minimalist resumes favor a more direct approach over elaborate visuals or complex layouts. From fresh graduates to professionals, they can prove to be successful since they let your qualifications speak for themselves without interruptions.

Professional Tips For Writing A Minimalist Resume

Think about the position you are applying for

Consider the kind of jobs you wish to apply for while writing a minimalist resume. You may use this to develop the core idea for your resume.

Prioritize the most important things

Focusing on the key details that highlight your skills and experience is of the utmost importance while writing a minimalist resume. This contains your qualifications, accomplishments, and employment history. Do not fill your resume with unnecessary details that can hide your skills.

Select a minimalistic design

Your minimalist resume should have a clean style with lots of white space and a limited color scheme. Keep your resume's content in mind when employing too complex graphics or styles.

Create a unique resume for each job application

A simple resume may be suitable for several job applications. However, you need to need to customize your resume for each position. This entails customizing your summary statement, emphasizing applicable knowledge and skills, and adding job description keywords.

Be objective

Results work more than opinions in highlighting your skills. Use numbers or statistics to emphasize your accomplishments rather than just listing your talents if you have them.

Consider a cover letter

A recruiter can learn about your capabilities through your resume. However, a cover letter further highlights your qualifications for the job. If you think about what information belongs on your resume and what belongs in a cover letter instead, creating a minimalist resume may be easier.

Carefully proofread and revise your resume

A minimalist resume could be harsh when it comes to errors, hence it's critical to proofread. Check for spelling and grammatical errors and confirm that the layout is consistent

Best Minimalist Resume Templates

Insert Images of the following profiles

Simple Minimalist Resume Template

Skills-Focused Minimalist Resume Template

Minimalist Resume Template For Senior-Level Professionals

What Should Be The Minimalist Resume Format

A minimalist resume's primary goal is to swiftly and effectively create a lasting impression. You can write a resume that appeals to readers and effectively conveys your qualifications to potential employers by using the advice in this article.

Here are a few tips on the best format for a simple resume:

Use a plain & uncomplicated design: Keep your use of fonts, graphics, and colors to a minimum. Use bullet points to split up the material and a single typeface to maintain consistency.

Keep it brief: A minimalist resume should not exceed one page. Focus on your most important skills and experiences while using clear language.

Utilize The Blank Space wisely: To make your resume simpler to read and more visually attractive, give your writing lots of white space.

Give importance to relevant details: Pay close attention to the factors, such as your education, employment background, and abilities, that are most significant. Make careful to customize your resume for the particular position you're looking for.

Include keywords: To assist your resume pass applicant tracking systems (ATS) and improve your chances of being chosen for an interview, include relevant keywords throughout the document.

What should be the design?

You can create a resume that stands out and conveys your qualifications to potential employers by keeping the design basic and concentrating on your most important details.

  • The more white space you utilize, the simpler it will be for recruiters to read fast and discover the data they need.
  • Use a straightforward font like Arial or Calibri wherever possible.
  • A minimalist resume should only include grayscale or black-and-white colors. Avoid utilizing bold patterns or colors.
  • Information may be easily divided into bullet points to make it easier to read.
  • Always use the same font, spacing, and margins throughout your resume to maintain consistency.
  • Information could be kept organized and made easier to read by using a grid or table arrangement.
  • Don't use unnecessary design details to complicate things needlessly.

Which Fonts to Use?

Take into consideration how well the font's design reads on different screens and at several font sizes. Select different fonts for headings and subheadings.

Helvetica – It is a classic font that is oftentimes used in simple designs. It has a neat appearance.

Arial – This one is more extensively used on computers than Helvetica. It is simple to read and has a contemporary appearance.

Calibri - Calibri is a font created especially for reading on screens. It is a desirable option for minimalist resumes because of its simple, contemporary design that is simple to read.

Open Sans – It is a font from the sans-serif family with a modern look. It is easy to read on screens of all sizes and was created for usage on the internet.

Lato: This is a font with a sharp, modern appearance. It is great for minimalist resumes since it is simple to read.

Number of Columns (One-column and Two-Column Format)

minimalist resume

The one-column and two-column formats are the two preferred choices for the layout of a minimalist resume.

The information is organized into a single column in the one-column method, which makes it simple to read and scroll. If you have little information to add, such as if you recently graduated or are changing careers, this format is good.

If you have added information to present, such as multiple degrees, certificates, or professional experiences, the two-column style is great. With this style, you may show more information and make better use of the available space without compromising readability.

Number of Pages

One page is the best length for a simple resume. Keeping it to one page helps to guarantee that it is successful in quickly presenting your credentials and expertise. That’s the main goal.

However, if your experience is more, then a two-page resume is not a problem. Put your most relevant skills and qualifications on the first page and the extra information on the second page.

Most importantly, priority should be given to quality over quantity in the resume. Make sure to just include the most important details in your resume and avoid including unnecessary information. It might overload the resume and restrict potential employers from being able to quickly analyze your skills.

Main Sections (What Sections To Include)

A minimalist resume should concentrate on concisely presenting your important accomplishments and achievements. The following are the key sections of a minimalist resume:

  • Contact Information or Header
  • Objective or Summary
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Skills
  • Certifications
  • Awards & Honors
  • Professional Memberships (if any)

Key Take Away

  • Never use a data visualization template in the application.
  • Avoid adding unnecessary information and only add what is relevant to the resume.
  • Keep all the information simple and concise.
  • Include related keywords from the job description.
  • Add a cover letter with the resume.

Compliment Your Minimalist Resume With A Professional Cover Letter

  • A minimalist cover letter needs to be brief and specific. Shorten your paragraphs and focus on the most important things.
  • For a unified appearance, use the same font and design as your minimalist resume.
  • Start your cover letter with a powerful statement that grabs the reader's attention and describes your relevant qualifications.
  • In the body of your cover letter, emphasize your accomplishments and discuss why you are a suitable match for the position.
  • If at all possible, address the cover letter to the hiring manager and adjust the letter's content to the particular position and business.

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