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Medical assistants are integral in any hospital setting. Traditionally, they play a vital role in medical offices and outpatient facilities. They work in collaboration with doctors and help maintain the well-being of patients by ensuring they receive the best medical care.

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According to a report , the demand for medical assistants will skyrocket by 19% by 2029. Thus it is intrinsic to craft a winning medical assistant resume that lands you your dream job. In the resume, you should convince the hiring managers that you are competent and have the right skills to navigate the assistant medical role.

For your professional medical assistant resume, we have listed examples that have adopted the style (professional resume and functional resume) and expectations of all hiring managers. You can also view our resume examples and well-written cover letter to get a quick view of what is expected when writing a successful medical assistant resume.

How to Format Your Medical Assistant Resume

When writing a medical assistant resume, it is paramount to follow the correct format. To obtain high marginal gains, it is crucial to follow an intelligent medical assistant template. Some of the tables of contents you can include in the medical assistant resume example include:

  • Title / Header
  • Personal Details
  • Your Profile Title
  • The Resume summary or objective
  • Medical Assistant Key Skills
  • Medical Assistant Job Experience
  • Education Background
  • Qualifications
  • Additional Info

Regardless of the job you apply for, ensure that your medical assistant resume is appropriately formatted and looks professional. The guide below will provide the best practices when crafting your medical assistant resume. Some of the critical tips to consider include:

  • Apply the chronological format in this format, and you put your recent job experiences at the top of your resume
  • Ensure the resume has proper sections with the relevant headings.
  • Apply a professional font - use an 11 or 12pt font and single-line spacing in your resume.
  • Your resume should be a PDF unless the hiring manager prefers another format.

How to Write a Medical Assistant Resume

To secure a position as a medical assistant, you need to craft a winning resume. The hiring manager is specifically interested in an aspiring medical assistant candidate that includes the required requirements on their resume. Things such as education level, professional skills, and medical assistant job experience are very integral in this position.

Below are some of the things you should carefully and intelligently include in your medical assistant resume :

  • Incorporate the correct format-the reverse chronological format. It is the most recommended for aspiring medical assistant candidates with many years of experience. While you are a new graduate and trying to secure your dream job, the functional medical assistant format is most recommended.
  • Include top-rated medical assistant skills. Hiring managers are interested in candidates who can portray competence in the medical field and handle patients professionally. If you have any relevant knowledge in the medical field, such as performing medical procedures, you should ensure you include such information in your resume.
  • Include relevant certifications. If you have any CCMA or RMA certifications, you can intelligently include them in your resume. These certifications make you stand out in a group of candidates, and hiring managers will be intrigued by your diversified knowledge and competence.
  • Mention your medical assistant experience. If you have prior experience performing minor medical procedures such as vaccinations, collecting blood, or patient care; ensure you include it in your resume. Consequently, if you have administrative skills intelligently add them to your resume.

medical assistant

Professional Summary of the Medical Assistant Resume

A medical assistant professional summary mentions your aspiring position and previous job experience. It consists of an average of 2-4 sentences that indicate crucial achievements and how you can help the medical facility achieve its targeted results. You can also describe your personality and professional traits in a few words.

A well-crafted resume summary makes you an outstanding medical assistant aspiring candidate. The board of directors will be interested in interviewing you if you have crafted an impressive resume.

Our medical assistant resumes will offer you great ideas on correctly formatting this section and making the interviews hook to your resume. Check out our recent sample resumes to find out how to showcase your professional expertise to the hiring managers.

If you aspire to land medical assistant jobs, ensure you include relevant skills such as interpersonal skills, organizational knowledge, and appropriate medical knowledge in the medical assistant resume template.

Medical Assistant Resume Objective

Professional Summary Example Experienced medical assistant with 10+ years of experience. At ABC Company, I performed all medical assisting duties; taking triage, measuring vital signs, e.g., blood pressure, recorded patient visits, answered phone calls, and comprehensive patient care. I executed and designed a master plan to redefine the nature of patient care. By adopting EHR, documentation l reduced errors by 10%.

How to List Education on a Resume

In the education section on your medical assistant resume sample, we recommend that you put it in a reverse chronological order. In this format, you strategically list any current degrees and courses first. However, if you are still pursuing your studies, ensure you start with the courses currently in progress. Other vital things to include in the education of a medical assistant sample include:

  • Schools you attended; state the name and location
  • High school diploma
  • Dates attended
  • Graduation dates
  • GPA score
  • The course studied
  • Any academic honors
  • Certifications

Essentially, it is paramount to include the certifications in the education part of your resume. Certifications prove your proficiency in the medical field and make you stand among the list of other medical assistant candidates. Most hiring managers are interested in an employee who brings skills and unique knowledge in patient care management and medical facility administrative tactics.

Some of the certifications that are important for a medical officer include:

medical assistant

Medical Assistant Education Resume Section Examples

Medical Assistant Program ABC Medical University, 2011-2015 Courses: Patient Care Management, Administrative Skills, Clerical Skills, Drawing of Blood, First aid Skills, Dressing of Wounds, CPR, diagnostic procedures, Sterilization of medical equipment. GPA: 3.7 Chairman of Medical Association Committee from 2012-2014 Awarded patient care management award in 2012

Work Experience Section

Hiring managers are interested in dynamic medical assistant employees who know their way around their roles. If you have any relevant work experience from previous companies, it is integral to include it in this section. You can adopt the reverse-chronological format when including the work experience section. Some of the essential things to have in the work experience section are:

  • The title of the position in your previous medical facility or facilities
  • Years worked in those companies; state the entry and exit dates
  • The name of the medical facility and geographical location
  • Professional achievements

medical assistant

Sample Medical Assistant Work Experience Example

Medical Assistant Job description Example

ABC Hospital, Texas Medical Assistant 02/10/2016-05/02/2021
  • Performed medical assistant duties; drawing of blood, CPR, triage of patients, patient management, administrative and clerical tasks, first aid, preparing patients, taking of patient medical histories, scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records, recording vital signs, ensuring optimal patient care, prepared exam rooms.
  • Advocated for implementation of safety programs that reduced work-related accidents by 65%
  • Received best patient care management staff in 2018
  • Adopted EHR documentation system that reduced errors by 70%.

Volunteer Experience

The volunteer section on your medical assistant professional resume should have a similar structure as the job description section. This section includes the name of the organization you volunteered, the time frame, and geographical location. Also, list what you accomplished during your volunteering period in that company.

The volunteer section helps in impressing your hiring manager and shows professional competence in the medical assistant jobs. It indicates a high level of dedication to your medical assistant career, thus will highly build your professional credibility.

Medical Assistant Resume Skills

A recruiter is interested in a medical assistant with incredibly high skills. In the job description section, most hiring managers specifically state the set of skills they are searching for in a candidate. Thus it is crucial to analyze the job description to create a winning resume.

Some of the desirable skills a medical assistant must portray include:

Hard Skills
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Administering injections
  • EHR software for recording patient information
  • Equipment sterilization
  • Pre-operative and post-operative patient management
  • Clinical Research and clinical tasks
  • Management of medical inventory of medical supplies
  • Recording of a comprehensive patient medical history
  • Maintain medical records
  • Examine patients in exam rooms
  • Treat patients
  • Perform clinical duties
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Compliant with OSHA regulations
Soft Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Compassionate and empathy
  • Discipline
  • Detail-oriented
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Professionally address health concerns
  • Patient care skills

medical assistant

Additional Tips For Writing the Best Medical Assistant Resume

Other important sections you can include in your assisted doctors resume include:


If you are working in a dynamic environment, mastery of many languages will come in handy. Hiring managers will appreciate medical officers who can proficiently communicate with patients of different ethnic groups. When crafting this section, ensure you list the languages depending on proficiency.


The interests section is also somewhat important. It communicates with your potential employer how you spend your leisure time.

Other Extra Activities

Other extra activities or personal achievements are also great to include in your sample resume. You can state any of your published work or activities you indulge in the society. Ensure the additional activities are relevant and don't conflict with the culture of the potential medical facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write a medical assistant resume with no experience?

If you are an entry-level medical assistant, you can be intimidated to write a resume due to the competition in the industry. However, you can still craft a winning resume despite having zero or little experience in the medical field. When writing the outline, ensure you compose an engaging and impressive resume summary. You should also include a comprehensive educational background section.

What to include in the entry-level medical assistant resume?

When writing an entry-level resume, ensure you strategically include all skills and experience that can positively impact your medical assistant resume. Since you don't have any prior experience in a medical-related facility, include your education skills, medical assistant hard and soft skills, volunteer work, and natural abilities.

How do certifications boost your medical assistant resume?

Certifications inform your hiring manager that you have enrolled in nationally accredited training and relevant examinations, making you highly qualified for the job. In general, these certifications boost your medical assistant resume. They also show that you have completed several clinical hours that make you have sufficient experience handling various medical work.

How to describe a medical assistant on a resume?

Typically, a certified medical assistant collaborates with physicians in the physical examination and management of patients. As a medical assistant, you are expected to take patients' vitals, record patient visits, interview patients, physical examination in the exam room, patient appointments, and patient examinations. You may also be required to draw blood and prepare laboratory specimens for analysis. When describing a medical assistant in the resume, ensure you include all this information.

When describing your title in the professional summary of your resume, include titles such as a certified medical assistant or licensed medical assistant with 10+ years of experience. Such captivating titles set you apart from candidates who merely write medical assistant officers.

How long should your medical assistant resume be?

A professional medical assistant resume should be 2 to 3 pages depending on your level of experience. For an entry-level medical assistant crafting a two-page resume is allowed since you have little job experience in the field. You might require several pages to capture all relevant information in your resume letter for certified medical assistants with many years of experience.

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