Leasing Agent Resume: Complete Guide & Bonus Tips

Need a new leasing agent resume? Or just looking for tips to enhance your existing leasing agent resume? We have got you covered in either cases.In this guide we will talk about everything you need to know about writing a professional resume for a leasing agent. Let's dive in!

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Professional leasing agent resume

Leasing agent is someone who helps the landlords fine tenants to fill their places. They help the landlords or the owners who are looking to rent/ lease their apartment, house, home, cabin etc. to people but are unable or unwilling to do so on their own. Leasing agents have the specialty as they use property management software, have ready made legally backed leasing contracts that can be tailored to the landlords needs. Lease agreements provided by them to the tenants are more comprehensive and precise. Leasing agents need to be abreast with the property as their jobs entail them to show the property around to multiple people, individually or all at once. Like previously mentioned they prepare leasing contracts, leasing agreements according to the laws of the land.

Leasing Agent Resume

Leasing agents also conduct credit background checks on the prospective tenants to know whether they can afford to live in the property. Leasing agents verify the information provided by the prospective tenants to know the authenticity of the person living is as they are working on behalf of the owner.

Collecting their fee, the security deposits, the monthly rental money for providing the services. In case of maintenance requests by the tenants or the owners they can come in as middle men and handle the repairs by calling in people that they know can get the job done. Leasing agents also negotiate terms and conditions, lease renewals and various other things, they communicate the need if they are changes in prices and terms.

Resume research

Leasing agent resume cannot be written without some research beforehand. The leasing agent will have to first understand the nature of business and will have to go the internet and to the library to understand that.

Secondly, after understanding the nature they will have to then list down what all activities/ jobs/ experiences/ courses/ education with respect to it. The closer to the job of leasing agent the better, however, even if don't they will have to list down what all activities/ jobs/ experiences/ courses/ education.

Thirdly, they shall go to the internet and search for relevant resumes', Curriculum vitae, and even cover letters to understand what the structure of a resume for a leasing agent is. Moreover, the leasing agent shall visit websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor etc., to know what the job description will entail.

💡 The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO)(link is external) estimates that there are over 3 million active real estate licensees in the United States.

(Source: https://www.nar.realtor/research-and-statistics/quick-real-estate-statistics)


A resume format helps you present your professional profile in the most apt manner since that is a piece of paper that has your professional life listed down. The resume format provides the chronology of sections as well as how to write the sections in a way so that the important parts of your resume are appropriately focused upon.

Leasing Agent Resume

Professional resume formats provide you the outline in which you should write your professional leasing agent resume, along with suggesting the ways in which the information of your profile should be presented on your professional resume in a manner so that the hiring managers will be impressed and realize your worth as their potential employee, or in your case, their professional leasing agent.

Resume format types

  • Reverse chronological resume format

This resume format focuses on the experience section with a significant focus on skills as well. Most professionals who have significant experience or extensive career history, prefer this format as it helps them highlight their experience.

  • Functional resume format

Functional resume format is right for those who are recent graduates or freshers or have little to no experience. This resume format focuses on the skills and the education of the professional as they have no experience to showcase yet.

  • Combination resume format

The combination resume format is the combination of the above two formats and focuses both on the skills and the experience. This is a suitable resume format for those who are looking for a career change.

Resume header

A resume header is the first thing the person looking at the resume will see.

📌 The resume header should have all the contact information that we have listed below:

  • Your full name with correct spelling and in the right order as mentioned in your Government IDs
  • Your contact number with area code as well as the country code so that the people can contact you back when necessary
  • The professional email ID that you use for professional communications, should be a formal ID without anything other than your name. It should be simple and sober
  • Your professional headshot in formal attire (not mandatory), it should be simple photo without any informal setting in the background
  • Your home address (not mandatory and if you choose to include it, keep it brief). The home address is an indicatory of showing trust and also for your resume to appear trustworthy
  • Your LinkedIn profile link. LinkedIn is the site for all professionals of the world to tell the rest of the world about their professional life. Keep your link only if it is up to date and the content in the profile is well worded and chronological
  • Your portfolio link (it can be anything, a Google Drive folder, an Instagram page, or a website where you have uploaded all the photographs, etc., and where you operate in a professional capacity only.

Resume summary

Resume summary similar to your cover letter but much more concise is a short description, usually about 3 to 5 lines and 2 to 3 sentences long, explains your whole professional life. As a leasing agent you will first tell your latest experience or your role and your main responsibility, which will help build an image of you and your expectations for the role you're applying.

Secondly, you should be able to explain all your key roles and experiences chronologically in a fashion that leaves the reader of the resume wanting for more. This would mean to mention a few key achievements, your successful client history and communication, any award that you might have won.

Leasing Agent Resume

Next, try and explain any pertinent skills you have that will aid you in this job. Even if you held a similar or same job previously, try to justify how you have improved upon it and how you will hone them, and how you're willing to expand your skillset under the leadership's guidance.

Professional experience

Your professional experience needs to be elaborated as you might have in your LinkedIn profile but in a much more concise manner. Your professional experience does not have to include anything remotely related to your job if you considered a job switch however, you van find ways to relate skill sets or small tasks that are common across all jobs. Such as delegation, or giving sales pitch. The latter is part of all trades. So even if you were on a desk job you were speaking to your colleagues all day, or your management to negotiate better work for you or your team or even in a team you needed to get something done so you had to convince.

This way you can sprinkle key words in your list of professional experience to highlight that you're the person for the job of a leasing agent. A leasing agent has to be extroverted, and outgoing, and willing accept rejections, as well as say no and negotiate on a constant basis. The resume needs to highlight, especially in your professional experience section that you were all of them if not some or one. You need to show that you have been in command of your language, and that you were exceptionally well in receiving demands and communicating needs.

Professional experience needs to be in a chronological manner, needs to have key words, that need to be highlighted. The key awards, recognition, or even improvements that you had done which led to cost savings, or profit maximization etc., those numbers need to be showcased. Always quantify your recognitions and awards wherever possible.

Education section

The education section is not of severe importance if you're experienced for more than 3 years unless you have completed your education from extremely prestigious university. However, even in that case you just need to chronologically mention your education, the latest one being on the top, and the earliest one on bottom. Ideally there should be at least 1, graduating from high school, however, that doesn't have to be the case anyway.

If you've graduated with honors, or on a deans list or some recognition like getting upwards of 3 GPA then mentioned that while writing your education qualifications. Mention that after you have mentioned the full name of the degree, or however, it is written in short in the industry. Do not abbreviate it into arbitrary names that no one would've heard of.

If you've completed any certifications outside of formal education from university, or schools then do not mention them over here. They have value elsewhere in the resume not in the education section. They are part of co-curricular activity, where you completed certifications at your own time to up-skill yourself or to teach your self new things that school does not teach you. They have separate value that says a lot about your character. Secondly, certification need to be done from platforms that are genuine, and provide certificated that can be recognized by various companies, industries. Doing a certification that isn't from a reputed platform will remove points from your credibility instead of adding to it.

Skills section

This section is important. It talks about the skills you possess or in the process of acquiring or have planned to acquire them but there should be willingness for it. You need to mention these skills throughout your leasing agent resume in various sections.

Leasing Agent Resume

Skills to be a leasing agent are the following:

  • advertising properties: is a must to be able to reach the target audience of the houses you might have to lease
  • quality customer service: this is important since the nature of the job is to satisfy the owner of the property by brining in the right tenant, and to satisfy the tenant by showing them the right house
  • customer service skills, great customer service: same as above, prioritizing customer satisfaction can yield much more than any type of marketing can since customers speak and through word of mouth you could get a lot foo local attention
  • business management: not devoid of the nature of business since managing clients managing tenants, they aid in developing multitasking skills and handling money as well along the way, which is essentially was managing a business looks like
  • maintain accurate records: maintaining accurate records of whatever has been leased out to tenants, and the opposite for owners, as well as the state of the property, regular checks of the property, any damages that need or have been repaired, any complaints, any problems or any feedback that has been give. All of this needs good recording skill
  • time management: managing multiple people, things and tasks in one day for the whole year is a huge task and can get daunting, however, through the art of managing time, one can achieve all of this
  • communication: without this skill one cannot even bring in owners ready to lease their house thus this skill is the most important and this needs to be honed over time
  • negotiation: another below communication is the are of understanding the needs and wants of customers and getting them to your level instead of heeding to their demands
  • customer inquiries: follow up with prospective tenants or even willing owners who want tenants. Answering inquiries of distressed tenants or owners and addressing them to resolve and maintain good relations with all parties
  • selling features: selling features is close to the art of selling your service as a leasing agent
  • property management: you as a leasing agent has to be able to manage several properties all at once. Its multitasking, managing multiple people and of course the associated properties
  • managing prospective tenants: prospective tenants is a term given to those that haven't been converted yet, and are on the fence. They need a little judge to push them to our side. Once converted the become loyal and convinced that you're a good salesmen since them being on edge means they're logical in deciding what to choose
  • property tours: giving property tours to random houses, new houses, to win clients
  • property management software: having a software as a tool to manage everything centrally, to put everything into a system to have perfect record of what is there, what is to be done. etc.
  • lease agreements: creating lease agreements that satisfy both parties is also an art

📌 Here is the list of more skills for your leasing agent resume:

  • managing prospective residents
  • handling tenant complaints
  • apartment tours
  • conducted apartment tours
  • completed service requests
  • work with leasing consultants
  • lease renewals
  • exceptional customer service
  • maintenance requests
  • maintenance department
  • maintenance repairs
  • maintained accurate records
  • financial transactions
  • handle apartment community
  • assisted property manager
  • customer service skills
  • highlighted selling features
  • timely manner
  • lease terms
  • managing relations with property owner
  • property amenities
  • service repair requests
  • lease contracts
  • market surveys
  • personal sales quota
  • leasing operations
  • occupancy rate
  • business management
  • manage accurate records and accounts
  • manage residential properties
  • manage model apartments
  • contacting residents
  • weekly reports
  • knowledge of real estate industry
  • relations with property managers
  • new lease agreements
  • move in packages
  • security deposits
  • rent payments
  • resident complaints
  • managing prospective clients
  • renewal leases
  • maintain accurate records
  • rent collection
  • financial guidance

In addition to the skills listed above, you should also pick up important skills from the job description that you see in every job posting or job ad.


When you're switching your jobs or have done that in the past, you will have developed relationships with some of the people that will help you put in a good word when you came to the point of applying for a leasing agent's position.

References that you mention may or may not be contacted too trust the validity of the character you are, whether the work you've done is good enough for giving new and random work. As a prospective leasing agent, you can mention up to 3 references that will corroborated yours decision.

Leasing Agent Resume

You can have anybody as your reference, i.e., your colleague, or your manager, or anybody in professional capacity. While you're mentioning them as references, you need to provide them with the ex


You may have heard of artificial intelligence software used by hiring managers. They use applicant tracking systems or the ATS that scans and filters the resumes and shortlists them.

The ATS operates on the basis of parameters set by the hiring manager, these parameters are nothing else but the relevant keywords for your role, your job description, your industry and the employer you are applying to for a job.

You need to use these keywords throughout your leasing agent resume and ensure that they are used in sensible manner in sentences.

📌 List of relevant keywords for your leasing agent resume:

  • Maintained accurate records
  • Maintain accurate records
  • National apartment leasing professional
  • National association
  • Rent payments
  • Security deposits
  • National apartment association
  • Accurate records
  • Occupancy rate
  • Business management
  • One site
  • Leasing agreements
  • Market surveys
  • Lease contracts
  • Future residents
  • Property management
  • Property owner
  • Timely manner
  • Highlighted selling features
  • Lease terms
  • Apartment complex
  • Apartment community
  • Financial transactions
  • Lease renewals
  • Apartment tours
  • Leasing agent job
  • Tenant complaints
  • Prospective residents
  • Leasing agents
  • Apartment leasing agent
  • Leasing consultant
  • Property tours
  • Property management software
  • Prospective tenants
  • Property management
  • Leasing agent

Cover letter

A cover letter is a detailed summary of what you are as person and what you're looking for in the job. It is like an introduction to you as a person. It will include what all you have done in your career, what your takeaway has been from them and how you have improved over the years using the experience you have gained.

As a prospective leasing agent you shall explore the side where you have been able to demonstrate leadership, motivation, time management, multitasking. These points will enhance your character in your cover letter and also help you boost your resume which might come in later.

Cover letter also includes your interests and hobbies. This tells the reader that you have other priorities apart from just doing work. Thus can also be used when you have an interview and they ask you a question about your interest and then you can corroborate on them

Key Takeaways

  • Follow the guidelines discussed in the article to write a professional leasing agent resume
  • Write a cover letter to increase your chances of getting the opportunity
  • Proofread your resume twice and ensure accuracy
  • Do the research before beginning
  • Choose the right format and template
Leasing Agent Resume

Now that you know all about writing a leasing agent resume, you may want to check out leasing agent resume examples as well. We have a great collection of resume examples and templates that you should definitely check out. We also have the resume builder feature that helps you write your resume within minutes, by providing your AI prompts similar to ChatGPT. Good luck with the job hunt!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I include my property management experience on my leasing agent resume?

Absolutely, property management is relevant to the leasing agent role and you should include any and every relevant experience on your leasing agent resume.

Do I need a cover letter with my leasing agent resume?

Yes, cover letters are not always mandatory but they add a great value to your job application and increase your chances of getting hired for the job applied to.

Should I mention any references on my leasing agent resume?

Mentioning references on your leasing agent resume can certainly be a good addition as it provides the means through which the hiring managers can get reassurances for your skills, experience and overall profile information on your leasing agent resume.

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