Landscaper Resume : Comprehensive Guide & Tips

If you know how to appreciate beauty and visual appeal of landscapes, you also realize the importance of a really good looking, neat and professional landscaper resume.A landscape worker knows how lines and shapes and colors all fit together in one landscape, they know how to utilize the space to get the best out of it not just in visual appeal but also with useful functions and purposes.

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When you are writing a landscaping resume, you need to consider the visual appeal of your resume and also utilizing the space in the best manner possible by organizing the profile information carefully.

In this article we will discuss everything in detail, what does a landscape worker do, how to write a perfect professional resume for a landscape worker, what should a professional resume look like and also some bonus tips for you which will help you increase your chances of getting the job.

Landscaper Resume

Landing your dream job may seem difficult right now but rest assured, by the time you have read this comprehensive guide, you will have much more clarity and direction for writing a job winning landscaping resume.

💡Fun Fact: The market size of the landscaping services grown by 4.2% per year from 2017 to 2022 in the USA.


Landscaping job is challenging when you don't understand what the client wants, writing a resume is also challenging when you don't know what the hiring managers want. So we will also discuss what you need to do to meet the hiring managers' or client's expectations from your resume of landscaping.

So let's get to it then!👇

What does a landscaper do?

Landscape worker usually creates landscapes in the backyard or front yard. Landscape can include many features from green trees and gardening to water features and pavements. Landscaping also includes various other aspects of backyard such as gazebo or patio and so on.

Landscape worker may also be responsible for grounds maintenance tasks, irrigation systems, routine maintenance duties, lawn maintenance, planted trees, drainage systems, minor repairs and overall landscape maintenance.

For all these tasks they are often equipped with the hand and power tools, ground and gardening equipment, repair tools, landscaping tools or landscaping equipment, landscaping machinery and other power tools or power equipment.

Landscaper worker may be creating landscape, maintaining it or even repairing it. Sometimes, they are also give the responsibility to provide proper upkeep of the landscape spaces.

📌Here are some more responsibilities, tasks and aspects that landscape worker may be responsible for:

  • Spread fertilizers
  • Snow removal with snow blowers
  • Fall clean ups
  • Lawn maintenance with lawn mowers
  • Flower beds and flowering plants
  • Lawn care
  • Automatic sprayers
  • Ground covers & grounds features
  • Trim trees
  • Rock gardens
  • Retaining walls
  • Handling landscaping machinery
  • Edge lawns
  • Safety procedures
  • Handling powered equipment
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Residential irrigation systems
  • Utilizing gardening tools

You need to cover all these aspects, tasks and such in your landscaping resume throughout the summary, experience and skills sections.

Be thorough and include smallest of tasks and responsibilities because it will showcase your stellar work ethic and dedication along with attention to detail.

Many clients are often worried about landscape worker slacking off and skipping small aspects of landscaping job, when you cover everything in your resume, it reassures them that you will do a thorough job for them.

What should a landscaper resume look like?

A professional resume for a landscape worker should meet the standards of professionalism and also answer all the possible questions that a client or the hiring managers might have.

A landscape worker resume has accurate contact information in the header followed by an intriguing summary, experience section, education and skills section and some extra sections if there is any more relevant information.

To ensure your landscape worker resume is professional you need to:

  • Use past tense and third person throughout your landscape worker resume
  • Use action verbs as much as possible
  • Avoid using pronouns anywhere because it will make your resume informal rather than formal
  • Choose the right format and make sure you fill the information considering the format's guidelines
  • Proofread your resume twice and remove any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and factual errors in details
  • Label your resume document in simple manner i.e. Susie Wolff Resume or Susie Wolff CV
  • Save your resume in most compatible document format so that various ATS and hiring manager or clients can view your resume through any medium and scan it
  • You can save your resume in word document format or PDF document format

Make sure you follow these guidelines and your resume will surely be impressive and effective for the hiring manager or the client.

How to begin writing landscaper resume?

Now let's talk about writing the landscaping resume. You may have gone through landscape worker resume examples and noticed how they look like but you may be wondering how to write one such resume for yourself.

To write your resume, first you might want to do some research of the job title, job description and the industry. You could also do some networking on the social media platforms such as LinkedIn and get in touch with professionals of your industry.

By doing the research you will be able to get updated with the current industry trends, the expectations of the clients and all the other relevant information of the job market that you might not have come across while you had the projects or a steady client or employer.

After the research you will have the clarity of how you want to present your profile and yourself as a professional in front of the hiring manager or clients. Once you have done the research, you can get on with writing the landscaping resume.

Landscaper Resume

The right format for a landscaper resume

Writing a good professional resume requires you to have a chosen format that provides the right outline to present your professional profile.

📌You can choose the suitable format for your landscaping resume from these options:

  • Functional format: This format focuses on the skills and education which is important for freshers and the recent graduates who have no experience or insignificant experience.
  • Reverse chronological format: This format is defined the reverse chronological order of the experiences described in the experience section. This format emphasizes on the experience which is suitable for the professionals with significant experience or extensive work history with a portfolio.
  • Combination format: Combination format focuses both on skills and experience which helps the candidate describe transferable skills and experiences. This format is suitable for those who are looking for a new job for career change.

It is likely that you might choose the reverse chronological resume format and we will discuss the format at length here.

Header of your landscaper resume

Whether you are a construction project manager or landscape worker or industrial designer, your professional resume begins with your contact information section in the header of your resume.

Whether you are a landscape worker or have a similar or related role, you will need the accurate contact information described on your resume so that the clients and recruiters can reach out to you.

In the contact information section, be sure to mention your name first followed by your mobile number with the area code. Include your professional email ID which is formal and simple.

You can also include your home address and if you have an office, you can mention that address as well. If you are an industrial designer or have affiliations with such, you can include your portfolio link as well. The portfolio may include the photographs of the projects you have completed and maintained, description of such projects and also some feedback of the clients and employers.

Intriguing landscaper resume summary

Writing your resume summary is an important task because you need to make it intriguing enough so that the reader will be interested and go through the rest of your resume carefully.

You have to keep in mind that resumes are read in 8 seconds of superficial look in which you have to grab the reader's attention and then hold it.

Write your summary in bullet points and keep it crisp and concise. Try to use numbers to quantify the details. Mention your total years of experience and a little background.

Note your key accomplishment or project and relevant skills. You can also include any recognitions or awards you may have received for your designs if you also help design the landscapes.

Do not exceed the limit of 5 bullet points and in the last point mention the kind of opportunity or project you are looking for and what do you bring to the table.

Landscaper Resume

Landscaper's professional experience

Your experiences should mention the details such as client or employer name, time period and the job title.

Your experience details should cover the details of your tasks, responsibilities, any extra services you provided with your affiliations, the budget help and all kinds of assistance you provided.

You can also mention the related aspects such as your professional outdoor maintenance team or manager and their role and so on.

You need to incorporate the relevant landscaping skills in the details as well.

📌Here are some of the aspects of the job that you can talk about in your experience section:

  • Irrigation systems
  • Planted trees
  • Utilized gardening tools
  • Established lawns
  • Maintained proper upkeep
  • Maintenance tasks
  • Handled gardening equipment safely
  • Use powered equipment
  • Made flower beds
  • Ensured customer satisfaction
  • Used landscaping equipment
  • Retaining walls
  • Used hand tools
  • Set up automatic sprayers
  • Maintained flowering plants

You can also add many more tasks and aspects of your job that you can think of. You should refer to various job description so you can ensure you are not missing anything that should be included in your resume.

Education section on your resume

The education section details on your resume may not be that important unless you have done relevant courses or obtained a relevant degree.

However, you can still mention your high school diploma in the education section along with the name of the education institution.

If you do have relevant degree or the courses, you should mention them along with a brief mention of relevant subjects.

Skills of a landscaper

Skills of a landscaper includes a lot of aspects of the job from handling tools to utilizing the spaces in the best manner possible. You should list your top skills that are quite inclusive of various aspects of your job.

You can also pick up the skills mentioned in the job description of various job ad. Diverse customers might requires diverse skills for their particular projects which could range of landscaping work of parking lots or lawn care or even someone who repairs structures.

Some of the skills that should be included are:

  • rid grounds
  • handle twin axle vehicles
  • leadership skills
  • handling chain saws
  • Operate powered equipment
  • Maintain rock gardens
  • Lift objects weighing
  • Fall clean ups
  • Spread fertilizers
  • Grounds features
  • Ground covers
  • Use hand and power tools
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Technical skills
  • Maintain flower beds

Relevant keywords for the landscaper resume

Adding relevant keywords in your landscape worker resume is very important because it helps you beat the ATS or the applicant tracking systems.

The ATS is software used by the recruiters who received a lot of resumes and job application and do not want to scan and shortlist them manually.

The software works on the parameters of the relevant keywords of role that you include in your landscaping resume.

Cover letter

Writing cover letter may seem like a unnecessary effort however it can make a big difference when you want to appeal to your client or recruiters.

Cover letters allow you to include more keywords in addition to giving you an opportunity to talk about your journey, inspiration and passion. You can also reflect your dedication for the job and the responsibilities in the cover letter.

Landscaper Resume


In conclusion, your landscaping job may seem difficult to get if you do not have the perfect professional resume. Writing a landscaping resume requires some research and efforts to ensure your chances of bagging your dream project are high.

You can also refer to our resume writing guides and examples along with some templates to make your work easier. Good luck for the job hunt!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the cover letter necessary with the landscape worker resume?

Cover letter is not mandatory (always) however it can make a big difference for you and increase your chance of getting your dream job.

How long should be my landscape worker resume?

An ideal landscape worker resume should be 1 to 2 pages long and not more.

Should I include my personal interest gardening in my landscape worker resume?

Yes, any and every relevant details can add value to your landscape worker resume, especially a relevant interest.

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