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The demand for a janitor job is increasing day by day as people have no time to maintain their society or building. And to get this job, you don’t need a formal education. A high school diploma is enough to apply for this role.

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Janitor Resume Example

Zendeya Chopra
Janitorial supervisor
California, USA

Professional Summary

Organized and attention-driven janitor with 7+ years of expertise in school maintenance, cleaning the whole building, and specializing in plumbing repairs. looking for a post to leverage advanced cleaning services to expand safety standards as well as increase students' satisfaction at a respected school.

Work Experience

ABC School
Janitorial supervisor
February 2018- October 2022

Work responsibilities:

  • Cleaned mirrors and windows
  • Took out the garbage and recycling
  • Cleaned, sanitized, and stocked restrooms
  • Wiped down and sanitized surfaces
  • Handled snow and leaf removal.

XYZ school
Janitorial supervisor
August 2015- February 2018

Work responsibilities:

  • Adhered to schools policies and regulations
  • Followed safety precautions
  • Completed minor repairs such as unclogging toilets and switching light bulbs
  • Used a general cleaning closet.


Bachelor in Building management
Texas School
April 2013

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So, when creating a Janitor resume, you should mention your cleaning skills which show your strong work ethic. When you read the job description, you will get to know that janitors mainly clean buildings, offices, and schools at night when students or other staff have gone home.

Skills added on the janitor resume example include cleaning windows, mirrors, and glass using foamy water and other sponges, squeegees, and cleaners; scrubbing surfaces hygienic; dusting furniture; moving furniture and heavy equipment, and dusting buildings by discharging the trash, and sweeping as well as mopping floors.

This article will help you create a resume perfect for the job role. Our certified professional resume writer will help you craft a professional resume in no time.

How to Make a Janitor's Resume

As there is lots of competition in janitor jobs and it does not require any formal education, you have to represent your resume in a way so that the hiring managers find your CV most appropriate. It is important to add all the key information and previous work responsibilities like cleaning services, cleaning tasks, and your specialization to the resume.

If you are trying to find an entry-level janitor position and don't have any work experience then you should add your abilities and skills to the resume. After reviewing your resume, the hiring team thinks that you can do this work perfectly. You can also do one thing, you can check the job description and add those key points to your janitor resume.

This article will help you to build a professional resume with affecting tips and tricks.

To personalize your resume you should follow the below points:

  • Your header section should be error-free.
  • The resume summary should have your periods of experience and key skills.
  • In the work experience section, add your key job responsibilities such as cleaning skills, and maintenance skills.
  • Read the job description properly and find the key janitorial services they need and add those details
  • Use a professional resume format and structure with bullet points
  • Remember to remove unnecessary experiences.

Layout for this resume:

People think only it's important to add necessary details in the resume rather than thinking about layout. But honestly speaking, layout also plays a vital role in your resume. If it looks like a mess, the recruiter lost interest in your CV. So always try to use a simple layout rather than a fancy one. You can use Calibri, Arial, and Times New Roman. The text size should be 11 to 12. You can use bold and underlining to highlight your skills and headings.

Format for this resume:

With the layout, the resume format also plays a vital role. Above all formatting styles, mixed, chronological, and functional formats are the most used formatting styles.

  • When you have 3 to 4 years of experience in the same field and experience represents your resume then the chronological format is the best one. It helps to highlight your experience and previous job responsibilities over a high school diploma.
  • In case you don't have any experience or have experience in another field then you should highlight your skills and education over experience. In this case, use a functional format. It helps to highlight your skills by bulleting the key points.
  • Another formatting style is mixed. It is the combination of the above two formatting styles. It helps to showcase your resume by highlighting your experience as well as skills. When you have more than 6 or 7 years of experience you can use this format.

Structure for this resume:

A professional janitor resume sample should follow a proper structure. The most suitable structure is:

  • The first section should be the title section where you add your contact details including your name, mob number, email address, permanent address, and LinkedIn account link.
  • After that add your resume summary where you should mention your experience and skills in short.
  • Add your experience details with your previous job role, company name, and job responsibilities.
  • After the experience, add your education details with the degree you have, institution name, and time of completion.
  • Add key skills including soft and hard skills
  • At the end add additional information such as hobbies, volunteer work, and so on.

Title and Contact Information | First Part of Your Resume

Start building your resume with the title section where you must include your contact details. Remember this section should be error-free and it doesn't contain any incorrect information. Because it is the only way, the hiring managers contact you after selecting you. You can also bold this section to highlight your details.

In this section, add your name, your mobile number, email address, address, your social media or LinkedIn account link. In this article, we will show you two different examples of the title section, correct and incorrect examples, so that you have an idea of how to write this section.

Right Header

Michel Stark

Janitorial supervisor



California, US


Wrong header

Michel Stark


California, US



💡Fact: the first one is right because it contains all the proper information and there are no errors and also follows the proper structure. The second one is wrong because it does not contain all the proper information. In this example, you have not added your work position and also there is an error in the email address. And it also does not follow the proper structure.

When you check any professional janitor resume template, you can see there is not any picture. Because most of the companies in the USA and Canada are against adding pictures to your resume. As they believe it creates biases. But if you want to add a picture you can add a picture but it should be a professional one.

janitor resume

Describe Your Professional Experience as a Janitor

This section is a crucial part of your CV as employers will need to study the duties you have done as a janitorial supervisor in preceding roles. Your experience segment needs to spotlight your skills and accomplishments as a janitorial supervisor, preferably with records and a system of measurement that displays the effect of your work experience. You can list your work experience and job responsibilities in chronological order.

You can do one thing to showcase your resume more professionally, check the job description and add those key responsibilities in your resume so that the hiring manager can know you have the potential to do the job. If you don't have any work experience you can showcase your skills and abilities such as you are a workaholic and have the potential to work.

In this section, you should add your previous work experience briefly and add all the necessary details. Add your previous work destination, name of the company, company address and time of joining and time of leaving, and most importantly job responsibilities. By reading your job responsibilities, the hiring team will get to know your abilities that suit the job profile or not.

Here are some key notes which can enhance your janitor resume;

  • Add the key job responsibilities according to the description.
  • Always maintain the resume structure.
  • In case you don’t have any work experience or have different work experience you can add those experiences and internships to your resume.

Example of work experience for a senior janitor:

Janitorial supervisor

One Eighth society

California, USA

May 2016-March 2022

Job responsibilities:
  • Communicated with higher authorities about their delight in the cleansing jobs and facilitated regenerations of contracts.
  • Was accountable for the distribution of cleansing substances to numerous sites, in addition to preserving the stock of all substances.
  • Completed general repairs, like unclogging toilets and switching light bulbs
  • Sweeps, polishes, vacuums, and cleans building floors.
  • Cleans and sanitizes restrooms.

janitor resume

Example of work experience for a mid-level janitor:

Janitorial supervisor

ABC School

California, USA

May 2018-March 2022

Job responsibilities:
  • Removed finger marks, and smudges from plumb surfaces, such as door frames, doors, private entrances, and partitions.
  • watered plants, Mowed lawns, and took away the litter.
  • Maintained outdoor landscaping consistent with metropolis regulations. Follows commands from the pinnacle janitor.
  • Arranges the janitor's materials and shops all substances and tools.

And if you don’t have experience ...

What if you don't have any related work experience or don't have work experience? In this case, you should add your internships and previous work experience. But try to add some key points to highlight your expertise. So that the hiring team can understand that you are a capable candidate for this job role even if you don’t have any experience.

📌Tip: it’s important to highlight your abilities and achievements which represent yourself. So always try to use bold and bullet points to highlight your work experience and job responsibilities.

Education | Include your academic background

Education never lets you down no matter what the situation is. There are so many job seekers who want to get janitorial jobs at this moment. Many of them are experienced and some of them are looking for entry-level jobs. Though for this job role, you don't need any higher education. Your education can give you a plus point where there is lots of competition.

While adding your education details you should maintain some things like the structure and what information you should add. You can add your high school diploma, or college courses to your resume. First, you add your degree name, and the name of the institution, and then add the time of completion. If you have completed your master’s, you can remove the school part.

Best Skills for Your Resume

Skills are playing a vital role to get a job, especially in janitorial jobs. A recruiter selected the best candidate from all job applicants by their skills and experiences. Your skills represent your expertise and work ethic. So it's important to add all these skills to your resume. Our janitor resume model helps you to understand how to add skills.

For this job role, you need good communication skills and cleaning services skills. You can use both hard and soft skills so that the hiring team will be able to know your expertise as well as your personality.

Hard skills help to represent your working abilities which you gathered from your previous work experiences. And soft skills help the interviewer to know about your personality and working abilities.

Here we discuss some soft and hard skills which are required to get an entry-level janitor or a senior-level job.

Hard Skills:

  • Custodial experience, light maintenance
  • cleaning, sanitizing, and organizing spaces and objects.
  • commercial cleaning
  • floor cleaning
  • industrial cleaning
  • porter experience
  • administrative skills

janitor resume

Soft Skills:

  • positive social demeanor
  • flexible with working hours
  • physical endurance
  • strong customer service
  • interpersonal skills
  • problem-solving

Professional Summary

You'll need your precis to build a good and decent first impression, engaging employers to retain studying your resume. It is likewise vital to say your after-hours obtainability, due to the fact a few agencies do now no longer maintain commercial enterprise hours and some janitorial responsibilities can handiest be executed as soon as all different personnel has left, consisting of locking doorways and sanitizing places.

Try to maintain your resume objective under 4 to 5 sentences and handiest consist of the most applicable information. complete with how your particular ability set and work experiences will help you to get the job.

Your resume summary should contain all the proper details in short. You can add the years of experience you have, your expertise, and key skills. It should maintain a proper structure and remember don’t make it large so that the recruiter will not get bored while reading. For more knowledge, you can check our janitor resume pdf. Here we discussed both correct and incorrect examples so that you get proper knowledge of whether it is correct or not.


janitor resume


Detail-oriented janitorial supervisor with 7+ years of working experience to promote quality service and a safe environment to gain maximum customer gratification, minimal expenses, and asset protection. Advanced chemical knowledge and strong PPE knowledge help to promote the strict observance of OSHA safety guidelines. Proficient with janitorial services including cleaning building floors, glasses, doors, carpets, etc.

💡 The above example is correct because it follows all the proper instructions. By reading this summary anyone can know your skills, previous job role and duties, and how many years of experience you have. The summary also looks like a professional one as it does not contain unnecessary details.


Confident enough to provide janitorial services. Motivates, and manages groups to satisfy expectancies each day. Knowledgeable about chemical products, protection, and cleansing procedures. To obtain and preserve a full-time role that gives expert demanding situations using interpersonal skills, super time control, and problem-fixing skills.

💡the above example is incorrect because it does not contain all the proper information. Like from this example no one can know how many years of experience you have. Thus the example contains your skills but these skills are not relevant to this job role.

Additional Sections to Enhance Your Resume

Your professional accomplishments are an outstanding addition to your resume. You'd want to offer enough details, such as being trusted with stowing keys, handling delivery inventories, supervising a cleansing group, being granted unverified get admission to restrained areas, etc.

Preferably, upload metrics to emphasize the effect your work experience had on the business. This would possibly consist of which you effectively maintained the hygiene of a company workplace block's entrance, restrooms, 38 workplace spaces, convention rooms, a kitchen, team of workers lounges, corridors, a garden, stairways, and an automobile parking space without bad comments over the last years, etc. offering employers with extra insight, make certain to listing times of formal popularity that can be of precise hobby to employers. These generally consist of provider awards or process promotions.

Also, use bullet factors to in brief describe every award and process advertising and list them in opposite chronological order. You can check our janitor resume to download a template on how to add additional details. You should Remember that every access must additionally perceive the institution and do not overlook offering a date.

Volunteer works:

For this job role, volunteer work can give you an extra point because it helps the recruiter to think about you. If you have done any volunteer work such as cleaning your city mission or saving green or saving water works by cleaning roads, and beaches, you can add these too.


If you have any certifications for your work you can add that too. Like,

Best janitorial supervisor of the year (ABC society, 2022)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the average salary for a janitor?

In the USA, you can get $20,000 as a janitor. However, it varies from company to company and experience. The salary will increase as much as the experience you have. The average salary is $26,330.

What will be the length of a janitor's resume?

A professional resume must be 2 pages long or less than it. If you have many experiences, and you think by adding this the resume can be more than 2 pages long then you can remove the unnecessary details. You should add only important key information.

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