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An IT Technician's job is to repair, diagnose, and maintain the hardware and software components of the company's computer systems.

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IT Technician resume example

Mariana Sona
CompTIA A+ Certified IT Technician
(513) 685-7423

Professional Summary

Energetic IT technician working in a warehouse with over 300 industrial workers. 3+ years' expertise with manufacturing instrumentation as well as office hardware and software, and network connectivity. After championing a building-wide OS update, performance increased by 5%. Interested in using a broad range of IT expertise and technical abilities to become the next IT technician at Cellubop Gershwin Enterprises.

Work Experience

IT Technician
January 2017–July 2020
GenCon Techceuticals, Cincinnati, OH

- Key Qualifications and Responsibilities -

  • Maintained computer hardware performance, network connection, and computer software installation and upgrades, in a 300+ worker manufacturing.
  • Took over factory hardware onboarding seminars for all new staff.
  • Issues with warehouse-critical hardware and software, such as portable computers and station-specific systems, were diagnosed.

- Key Achievements -

  • By championing the warehouse-wide upgrading of computer systems from OS 3.5 to OS 4.1, I increased performance by 5%.
  • Replaced the reception team's portable computers, coming in $5,000 under budget while acquiring equipment with a 5-year warranty.


Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology Systems
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
Graduation : 2017

Key SkillsHard Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Freshdesk, ServiceGuru
  • LiveAgent, Zendesk
  • Zoho Desk

Soft Skills

  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Good Team Player
  • Multitasking


  • Spanish
  • English
  • German


  • 04/2019, Google IT Support Professional Certificate, Coursera

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If you're reading this, I am pretty much sure that you have a great hold on the hardware and software skills; but need the perfect professional resume writing skills. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that you have arrived at the correct place to get those skills too. At the end of this article, you will be well-groomed and will be able to write your own job-winning IT Technician Resume.

If you want to cut through the chase and get your resume ready in just a few minutes, head over to our ready-to-use templates and use our best resume builder.

Before we get into all the rights and wrongs of a perfect resume, let’s go through one of the best well-versed IT Technician Resume samples.

it technician resume

How to Make a Resume as an IT Technician

An IT technician resume should contain many of the sections found on most resume samples:

  • Resume header
  • Technician Resume Summary (aka Profile or Personal Statement)
  • Employment history
  • Skill section
  • Education Section

The IT technician resume summary should evaluate the process, evaluate the solution, and emphasize the candidate's ability to solve the problem. You should be able to work well as a team and as an individual. Technicians need to be able to communicate and collaborate well with engineers and scientists. An effective IT technician resume demonstrates the ability to deal with complex problems and provide solutions that improve processes and equipment. Your resume should focus on the relevant work experience and expertise. IT Technicians need to be able to properly diagnose the problem and make changes to resolve the problem.

The best format for an IT technician resume will likely depend on your experience and area of ​​expertise. If you've been in the field for several years, you'll probably want to use the reverse chronological resume format. This structure starts with your current (or most recent) job title and works its way up to include all relevant experience from the past ten years. This is the best format for those who have a linear career path and want to showcase the skills they have acquired in other relevant positions.

If you are just starting as a technician or have a highly specialized skill set, you may want to consider the functional resume format. This option starts with an "Experience" or "Skills" section that describes your strongest abilities without necessarily assigning them to the employer or position. You can also create a resume format that combines elements of functional structure and reverse chronology.

Headstart Your IT Technician Resume with a Header

A header plays an important role in a resume because that is the first thing an employer is going to lay his on. You need to be extremely careful with it. Your resume should begin with your name, followed by your contact information. We've seen candidates make errors in the heading, which detracts from the entire resume experience for recruiters.

Look at the examples below


Rachel Alcocer

Email address:

Phone number: 568-964-3479


Rachel Alcocer



St. George Street, California

it technician resume

How to List Your Work on an IT Technician Resume?

If you're utilizing the reverse chronological approach, your past job experience will be listed in the employment history sample. In addition to the job title, dates worked, and location, you should provide bullet points that detail your duties and accomplishments. Look for instances of data analysis and clear facts that can help you measure your impact on the organization and demonstrate to a potential employer what you can do for them. Concentrate on the most significant and noteworthy positions and achievements.

Remember to utilize strong action verbs and to indicate work responsibilities.

For further clarity take a look at the example below:-


Detroit, MI

San Francisco, CA

06/2011 – 04/2014

  • Provide technical support to customers on a variety of IT issues by identifying, researching, and resolving technical issues
  • Help users back up computer data to file-sharing networks or CD RW drives
  • Network hardware cabling and infrastructure support
  • Helps any user access the backup computer data to an external media or file-sharing network and answer user inquiries.
  • Responsible for providing Level II IT support to field sites in accordance with established policies and procedures
  • Provide on-site support and troubleshooting of network equipment - routers, switches, and firewalls
  • Responsible for providing the following Help Desk support to field sites in accordance with established policies and procedures

Flaunt Your Academic Background Correctly

While higher degrees are not essential for IT technicians, an associate's or even a bachelor's degree in your resume education section might demonstrate your interest and commitment to the area. Fill those blanks with the name of your degree, the school, the location, and the dates you attended. If you are still a student, you might indicate your estimated graduation date or GPA (if greater than 3.0).

The education section is also a good area to include any relevant qualifications or accolades. Any accolades or distinctions should also be mentioned here. You may omit your high school diploma if you have a degree greater than a bachelor's.

Let’s see how a perfectly crafted education section looks on an IT Technician Resume:-


Computer Science, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

09/2013 - 05/2017

GPA: 3.96 (Top 5% of the Program)

  • The 2016 Academic Excellence Award winner
  • Clubs and Societies: Debate Club, European Society, Physics Society

Is there anything else you're interested in? So, whichever resume you're searching for, we've got it right here.

Skills every IT Technician Resume Needs:-

Because skills are crucial to your work as a technician, they should be prominently displayed on your resume. The resume skills section usually takes the form of bullet points, so it's the perfect place to include talents and expertise that can be summarized in a word or two. Make a point of reviewing the job description and noting any talents or technical training and expertise that are highlighted.

Make sure to include these talents on your resume to assist you to pass the ATS.

Here’s a list of IT Technician skills you can use and up your game of writing an IT Technician resume:-

  • Conceptual Skills
  • Great Communication Skills
  • Handling multiple projects
  • Onsite & Remote access to the Technical Support
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Computer Skills
  • Give technical assistance to any desktop and laptop computers
  • IT Troubleshooting Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Good Interpersonal Skills
  • IT Skills
  • Troubleshooting Hardware
  • Handling multiple computer networks and backup systems
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Conduct Computer Diagnostics
  • Software Bug Diagnostics
  • Anti-virus Software installation
  • Great People Skills
  • Project Management Skills
  • Enterprise Computer Workstations
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Network Management
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Provide technical assistance
  • Solve network connectivity issues
  • Friendly, Helpful Attitude
  • Organizational Skills
  • Good Problem Solving Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Technical support & Hardware Components
  • Up-to-date Knowledge of Computer Operating Systems
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Provide technical manuals for computer hardware and software systems
  • LAN & WAN Connectivity & Maintenance
  • Computer networking

it technician resume

The Secret to Writing A Perfect Professional Summary…….

……. lies right here.

A resume summary provides an example of your skills, achievements, and previous experience without being weighed down by all the details. These 35 sentences are an opportunity to show the employer why you are the best candidate for their company and encourage them to continue reading the rest of your attributes. Be sure to provide specific information like your years of experience, any relevant qualifications or certifications, or specialized knowledge the employer mentions in the job description.

The resume is also an opportunity to speak directly to recruiters and record your tone on your resume while remaining professional. Highlight your greatest achievements and attributes here. Remember to use as many strong action verbs as possible. A desirable technician candidate is a strong analytical thinker with extensive experience in problem-solving. Highlight your accomplishments and career traits that you're most proud of here.

And yes, next up is the perfectly written professional summary of IT Technician resume examples that you all have been waiting for:-

Professional Summary

Over six years of industry experience as an experienced and devoted technician supporting engineers and other experts in enhancing machines and procedures. Capable of analyzing operating systems, recognizing problems, and proposing solutions. Bringing a track record of doing preventative maintenance to maintain the safe and seamless operation of electrical operating systems, as well as working on detected concerns. Has a thorough awareness of electrical codes and best practices, as well as a dedication to cooperation and excellence.

it technician resume

Additional Sections

Being an aspiring IT Technician, you may realize that there are many others just like you out there seeking the same job as you are. That group consisting of all the IT Technician want to be hired by the finest companies as well.

So —

What makes you different from them ? What makes the recruiter hire you and not them ?

The answer to both of these questions is one: “The Additional Sections aka The Additional Information about you as an IT Technician”

Below are a few sections you can add to boost up your IT Technician Resume:-

Certifications on a resume

Remember the certificate you got for the website you created in middle school? Yes, add that.

Putting up certificates related to the IT Technician job profile will give the recruiter a sense of dedication inside you.

Professional achievements

Did something 2 years ago, which made the whole office go “Woah!”?

Put that up right away. Showing the recruiter you are capable of providing the company with great things, will help you get short-listed right away.

Personal Hobbies & Interests

Though this section may seem irrelevant to you at first, in reality adding hobbies and interests related to the job opening of an IT Technician, will help the recruiter realize that even out of work you are dedicated to the role.

Languages on a Resume

Well, adding languages is usually not a result-changing section of a resume. But you never know when a recruiter is looking for an IT Technician speaking a certain language.

Hence, list all the languages you know and shoot your shot right away.

Time For The Tips!

I am pretty sure that by now you are a pro and are capable of writing that IT Technician resume within minutes. But before we say goodbye to each other, I have a little surprise for you.

To make your resume more attractive and the one that is instantly short-listed, I have a few golden tips for you.

Let’s get straight into it:-

  • Should you save the IT technician resume in PDF or Word.docx format? Word documents appear problematic on some devices, so use PDF unless the job ad expressly requests them in Microsoft Word.
  • Even though the CTO or IT recruiter will read it first, write the summary last. You'll have a better idea of the best things to bring up in the little time you have if you use this strategy.
  • How do you write a resume for your first job as an information technology technician? It's not an issue if you've never held this position before. When describing previous positions that are unrelated, just mention the activities and responsibilities that most closely mirror those of an IT technician.
  • Use the job requirements part of the job opening to locate the best skills to add, just like you would when looking for the best past responsibilities to add.

Key Takeaways Before Sending Your Resume

  • Your IT technician resume template should describe the sort of job you do and demonstrate to a potential employer how you would fit into their organization.
  • The crucial resume parts can assist you in ensuring that you haven't missed out on any important information.
  • For the IT technician with some amount of expertise, reverse chronological is the optimal resume structure.
  • Remember to include keywords from the job description to assist you to get past the ATS resume scanners.
  • A well-designed resume may go a long way. Make use of a template to help you get started.

Complement Your resume with a Cover letter

Are cover letters required?

Without a doubt.

The majority of IT managers and HR personnel demand an IT technician cover letter be linked to the CV.

Those who do not require it? They're still likely to prefer it.


Here are a few top tech-related cover letter recommendations for IT technician jobs:

  • Before you begin writing, format the cover letter for computer technician jobs.
  • Begin with an enticing IT technician cover letter opener to get their attention.
  • Document your IT history and technical talents to show the IT recruiter or CTO how well you'll be at the position.
  • List a few numerical accomplishments to demonstrate your technological knowledge.
  • To round up the cover letter, include a strong call to action.

Skip writing it on your own and use our ready-to-use cover letter templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should references be included on an IT support technician resume?

It is not necessary to provide references on a CV or resume. However, it is a good idea to call your references ahead of time to ensure that you have the correct contact information on file. If your employer seeks references, you should be prepared to supply connections that are willing to vouch for your talents and professionalism and assist you in obtaining the support technician position you desire.

How much does an IT Technician make in a year?

The earnings of an IT Technician can majorly vary from the amount of experience a person possesses as well as the company he/she is working for. Huge companies are known for paying higher salaries. Keeping all the points in mind on average an IT Technician based in the United States makes $52,000 per year.

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