HVAC technician resume: Comprehensive Guide + Bonus Tips

Writing a new resume? Or maybe editing and revamping your old resume? Both can be dreadful when you have a lot of unanswered questions and confusions.

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What you need is a complete guide with all the answers so that you can learn all about writing your own HVAC technician resume in detail such as how to write each section, how to increase your chances of getting the job you want, how to get interview calls, which format to choose for your resume, how to use templates, why should you write a cover letter, how to choose references, list of relevant skills and keywords and much more!

So let's delve in!

Professional HVAC technician resume guidelines

First and foremost, what makes your resume a professional resume? The simple answer is professionalism and how do you define the professionalism, the answer for that question is the formal language, accuracy and visual appeal-all that meets the professional resume standards. Okay, now how do you do all of this on paper, for your resume?

Here's how:

  • Your resume should be written in a professional format that highlights your important profile information and also organizes your information in an efficient manner and layout that the HR manager would be expecting.
  • If you have used a resume template, make sure you edit the font size, margins and white space to ensure the symmetry on your HVAC systems technician resume, this will help you make your resume visually appealing and impress the hiring manager.
  • Your resume should be proofread twice before you save it so that you can get rid of all the spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and factual errors-which will help you ensure the accuracy of your resume information.
  • Your resume should be written in past tense and third person through and through so that the tone of language if formal and you should avoid pronouns any and everywhere on your resume as it makes the language less formal and a bit informal.
  • Your resume should be saved with proper label with your first name, last name and the term 'CV' or 'resume' so that the recruiter knows what exactly they are looking at when they open their resume.
  • Your resume should be saved in a compatible document format so that any recruiter or concerned person may open and view it successfully on any device, platform and medium for document viewing. Such formats are the PDF format and Microsoft Word format and you should make sure you save your resume in either of these formats.
  • Always make sure that your resume has maximum action verbs used throughout various sections, you should also try and quantify as many details as possible with numbers-this will help you make your resume more effective and has better impact on the recruiter or the reader of your resume.


Before we do anything, we tend to look up the internet for various information that could improve our experiences such as going out for movies or going on a trip or purchasing any products, anything we do, we go on the internet and look up the prices, locations, commute, food, reviews, feedback and much more information beforehand.

Similarly, when we are about to write a professional resume, we need to research a bit about the resume writing tips and the answers to our questions, but you already know that and that's why you are here. There are some more benefits of researching before you start writing the resume that you might not know of such as how the research can help you with not just resume writing but also interviews.

HVAC Technician Resume

Research gives you the idea of market scenario and market trends, job market situations, salary and compensations that you can seek, legal aspects that you need to keep in mind to protect your rights as an employee and so on. All of this information can help you with your interviews where you can negotiate for a better package, provide informed answers to interviewer's questions and even create an impact that gets you hired for the job.

Of course, apart from the interview, research also helps you with your resume writing, with the research you will be aware of which skills and experiences are necessary for your role, what are the expectations of recruiters at present times, how you can stand out from your fellow applicants, how you can highlight your impressive profile details, what extra you can offer and bring to the table and so on.


After the research, you need to get down to the details of resume writing styles and layout and more. The beginning should be done with the choice of format. Resume formats allow you to highlight important information, present your profile where you weak points are cleverly portrayed and your strengths are in focus. All of this is easy when you follow the professional resume format that is designed for your profile and professional level. When you go on the internet, you will find many resume formats that you can choose from, although, here we will discuss the 3 most prominent resume formats that are preferred not only by the professionals such as yourself but also the recruiters.

📌Types of resume formats:

  • Functional resume format: This resume format is for the professionals who are just stepping out in the industry and corporate world, who have next to none or no experience at all, who may be a fresher or a recent graduate. The reason is that this resume focuses on the professional's skills and education and highlights impressive details from the same, which helps them overshadow the fact that they don't have much of experience or work history to showcase.
  • Reverse chronological order resume format: This resume format is preferred by those professionals who have significant or extensive work history and industry experience, who may be seasoned professionals or have at least the experience of about 2 to 3 jobs and so ample job experience information to describe and prove their competency through the same. The reason is that this resume format, focuses solely on experience of the professional, and at the same time, allows you to briefly highlight your skills too.
  • Combination resume format: As you may have guessed, this resume format is the combination of above two resume formats, it focuses both on skills and experience and allows the professionals to showcase their transferable skills and experience aspects. This is why, this resume format is suitable for the professionals who are looking for a career change.

HVAC technician resume sample outline

Now, let's talk about the outline of your HVAC systems technician resume that you will be using for all the job applications. Here we will discuss the reverse chronological resume format as it is one of the most suitable resume format for majority of professionals.

Resume header

On the top of your HVAC systems technicians resume example, you will find the resume header, you can see that in the resume template for HVAC systems technicians, the header consists of contact information section where you will describe below mentioned information:

  • Your first name and last name with accurate spelling
  • Your contact number with area code and country code
  • Your professional email ID
  • Your professional headshot with formal attire (not mandatory)
  • Your brief home address (not mandatory)

Resume summary

Resume summary or the profile summary or the personal statement of the resume is the second section on your resume, it will be written in around 3 to 5 bullet points, where you will mention your role or designation such as HVAC technician or HVAC systems supervisor and so on.

In the following bullet points, you will talk about your background such as heating and air conditioning systems or air conditioning or HVAC systems expertise, your total years of experience and such details. In the next bullet points, you should talk about your exceptional experiences and details that are impressive along with the most relevant skills and and any other notable detail from your resume.

At last you can mention what kind of opportunities you are looking for and how you will leverage your experience and skills at your new job.

Professional experience/ work history

Your professional experience should be described in bullet points and you should make sure that you do not undersell yourself. Before describing each experience, make sure you mention details such as your role, the full name of the employer and the employment period for which you worked at the organization.

In the description of each experience, make sure you include every detail from your job description, any duties or tasks that you handled outside of your job descriptions, your achievements, your exceptional experiences and any notable details, your relevant skills and your capabilities.

You should use as many action verbs and power words as possible, also include relevant keywords that we will talk about later in this article, and make sure that you use numbers to quantify details. You experience description should be thorough and highlighting your passion, your competency, your dedication and your capabilities as an HVAC technician.

Educational background

Your educational background is where you will talk about your education and any learning experiences that may be relevant. Your relevant education can consist of high school diploma, any online or offline courses or programs, any workshops or seminars or any such exposure that may be educational in nature and may have helped you gain more knowledge. You should include all these details in your education section.

For each education detail, you should mention the full name of the course or degree or such, the name of the medium, institute or platform from where you acquired the education and the year in which you completed the education. You can also mention any relevant subjects or topics or extra curricular activities and programs that may have relevant for your role of HVAC technicians.

HVAC Technician Resume

Skills section

The skill section on your resume should mention all your soft skills, hard skills and technical skills that are relevant and important. We have prepared a list of skills for your resume that you can use throughout your resume in various sections. Make sure that you mention the skills of all types in balance, do not mention a lot of hard skills and miss out on soft skills is what we mean by the balance of skills.

📌List of relevant skills for the HVAC technician resumes:

  • HVAC systems
  • air conditioning
  • air conditioning systems
  • HVAC equipment
  • customer satisfaction
  • refrigeration equipment
  • electrical systems
  • heating and cooling systems
  • refrigeration systems
  • repairing HVAC equipment
  • air conditioning units
  • heating and cooling units
  • preventative maintenance
  • residential and commercial buildings' HVAC systems
  • heating and air conditioning systems
  • technical skills
  • performing preventative maintenance
  • commercial and residential properties' HVAC systems
  • HVAC maintenance
  • indoor air quality maintenance
  • HVAC engineering
  • mechanical equipment
  • HVAC units
  • HVAC expertise
  • mechanical systems
  • cooling system
  • preventive maintenance
  • ventilation systems
  • technical assistance
  • timely manner
  • boiler operation
  • ensure maximum quality
  • air conditioner
  • routine maintenance
  • AC units
  • repaired heating and cooling systems
  • package units
  • industry best practices
  • high quality service
  • proper operation
  • split systems
  • service calls
  • heat pumps
  • HVAC service

Extra sections

The extra sections on your HVAC systems technician resume can help you stand out and impress the hiring managers because the information in these sections will be 'something more that you bring to the table' that other job applicants will not and that will make you a better choice for the position.

You can include information such as your language proficiency, your personal interests and hobbies that may be relevant and other information that may be relevant such as any events or seminars or a range of exposure that made you a better and improved professional.

Bonus Tips


The keywords on you resume can help you beat the ATS and get your resume shortlisted. Keywords that are related to your role, your job description and industry should be used throughout your resume in various sections.

We have prepared a list of relevant keywords for your resume that you can use, however always remember to use them throughout your resume as mentioned before and never stuff them in one place randomly.

📌List of relevant keywords for the HVAC technician resume:

  • proper operation
  • property managers
  • HVAC service
  • air handlers
  • refrigeration mechanics
  • service technician
  • heat pumps
  • high school diploma
  • service calls
  • split systems
  • proven track record
  • soft skills
  • existing customers
  • HVAC installer
  • HVAC system
  • preventative maintenance
  • HVAC certifications
  • HVAC units
  • mechanical equipment
  • commercial buildings
  • commercial and residential properties
  • technical skills
  • heating and cooling systems
  • heating and air conditioning
  • residential and commercial buildings
  • preventative maintenance
  • HVAC industry
  • cooling systems
  • refrigeration equipment
  • refrigeration systems
  • electrical systems
  • HVAC equipment
  • air conditioning systems

Cover letter

Writing a cover letter can help you with earning extra brownie points with the HR manager and you should write a cover letter for each job application with customization and personalization so that the HR manager knows you have put in real efforts and the cover letter is not a generic one that you sent to every HR manager and recruiter. To personalize the cover letter, you should address the letter with the name of HR manager. To customize the cover letter, you should try and modify the details according to the exact designation and role that you are applying for.

In an ideal cover letter, one mentions their inspiration for choosing the career path and the profession, their journey so far until their last job, their interest and future goals for the same. You can also reiterate your genuine interest for the position. All of this will help you reflect your passion and dedication for the job.

You can also include your work history, key skills and other relevant information to emphasize and reiterate your competency for the job. Most job seekers choose not personalize and customize their cover letters and it leads to them losing out on many opportunities because a generic cover letter may have as much effect as no cover letter at all. You may not want to go through the trouble of writing or editing cover letter so many times and that's okay, what you can do is try and write or modify the cover letter for the jobs that you really want or the jobs that are your dream jobs or the jobs that you know are high stakes and the employers or the recruiters will not be convinced easily and you need to put in maximum efforts to make the desired impact.



To conclude, we would advice you to check out various HVAC technician resume examples and templates to get a better idea of how you want your resume to look like. The resume examples will help you figure out what information should you include and give you reference for how your resume language should sound like. We have curated a really exhaustive collection that might be os use for you, it consists of resume examples, resume templates, resume writing guides and more for a really wide range of profession and even various designations and roles of similar profession.

HVAC Technician Resume

We have also created a resume builder feature that you can use to create your own HVAC technician resume, the resume builder will give you AI driven suggestions for forming of sentences, information to include and more. This is similar to ChatGPT but created especially for resume writing.

And that's all, now all you need is to write your own HVAC technician resume so well that your phone starts buzzing with interview calls and we are sure you will write one such job-winning resume with the help of this resume writing guide that comprehensive. Good luck with the job searching task, your job search will end soon for sure!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should my HVAC technician resume be?

A standard professional HVAC technician resume is 1 to 2 pages long which means your resume should also be 1 to 2 pages long. You may wonder why not 3 or more pages, the reason is the attention span of hiring managers and their ability to provide time for your resume, they go through many resumes in a day and they have to make quick decisions, now if your resume is too long and not well organized, the hiring managers will not pay attention to the information provided on your resume. Hence, you should always make sure that your resume is laid out in maximum of 2 pages and minimum of 1 page.

Do I need a bachelor's degree on my HVAC technician resume?

Not necessarily, for the job of HVAC technicians, your skills and practical experience will matter more than your education hence you may not need a bachelor's degree however you should always confirm this from the job description and if the job description does not have the information mentioned then you can contact the hiring managers and confirm the information.

Which skills are a must on my HVAC technician resume?

For your HVAC technician resume we have listed all the skills that you can mention in the article above. To list the top skills that must be on your HVAC technician resume are:

  • Air conditioning systems
  • HVAC equipment
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Preventative maintenance
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