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A general helper is a broad category because almost every business and line or work needs a helper to assist a manager, supervisor or technicians. Moreover, to get hired you need a helper resume and that's the topic today.

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We now know what a helper does but there's other side of the coin. There are different categories of helpers in the job industry. For example, dentists keep helpers to assist them while attending clients. In the same way we have curated a list of helper category.

Categories of Helper

Helpers are capable of doing multiple tasks in a variety of job responsibilities. To do these tasks they have necessary skills too. Let's look at the examples below.

Store helper - Those assisting in stores or supermarkets are store helpers and they are in a large number helping with tasks that are physically challenging. For instance, loading or unloading goods. FMCG is the biggest industry to apply for a helper's job.

Manufacturing helper - The work of a helper in a production unit depends on the type of manufacturing unit. For example, steel, plastic, fabric, etc. The helper job in these industries demand specialized skills.

Home helper - Helping in taking care of elderly people, infants, and helping in household chores is a house helper. A home helper's job also need skills relevant to the work. Surprisingly, a home helper job is huge in demand.

General helper - The one with a variety of skills and ability to perform tasks related to the skill set is a general helper. You can find them in superstores, factories or even at a bakery nearby.

Construction helper - The most physically demanding helper job is in construction industry. Here also there are distinct levels of work and depending on the work type a helper is categorised.

Technical helper - A technical helper is a highly skilled and trained worker because heavy machines and complex equipments are involved. For example, apprentice electrician.

Medical helper - Similar to technical helper a helper in the fields of medical jobs is trained and qualified. Additionally, the applicant might have to undergo specialised training to perform certain tasks at work.

The list above continues because there are other duties and work areas where helpers are high in demand. After walking through the helper category we will now refer to general helper resume samples.

Helper Resume Examples

Instead of considering one simple general helper resume example we will examine a couple of them. By doing this you will understand the basics of resume writing for a helper's job.

Store Helper Resume

Rick Hunt
+1 456-123-7894
Saint Louis, Missouri

Store Helper
Harold's Superstore
Saint Louis, Missouri
  • Unload items and stocking supplies on store racks for display task
  • Helping team to unload products into warehouse
  • Filing company invoices and performing routine duties
  • Assisting daily maintenance staff in cleaning work areas
  • Verify conformance & quality standards of products on daily basis
High school diploma
Saint Louis, Missouri

  • Maintenance & operations
  • Repairing light equipment
  • Filing knowledge
  • Organizational skills

Production Helper Resume

Deborah Vandenberg
+1 789 456 1230
Cincinnati, KY

Production Helper
KL Houseware
Cincinnati, KY
  • Arrange raw materials on assembly line for production process
  • Maintain power equipment stock keeping weekly
  • Supervised other production helpers for waste disposal
  • Assist machine operator in production process & duties
  • Loading parts in the production staging area for various tasks
Certificate in Manufacturing Program
DAE Trade Certification School

  • Installation
  • Repairing
  • Inventory management
  • Computer literacy

Office Helper Resume

Tracy Matthews
+1 963 852 7410
Aleen, TX

Office Helper
RAS Tax Associates
Aleen, TX
  • Accurate filling of company tax returns and related documents
  • Communicating with clients & note their inquiries to assist them
  • Answering phone calls, emails & written instructions as daily duties
  • Taking verbal and written instructions in meeting to create notes
  • Keeping records of tape measures & specific directions of work area
Bachelor's Degree in Arts
Aleen Arts & Commerce School

  • Documentation
  • Communication skills
  • IT skills
  • Company taxation

General helper Resume

Jose Morell
+1 741 852 9631
Richardson, TX


Rado's Supermarket

General Helper

Richardson, TX


  • Supervised and assist shipment arrivals of finished products
  • updated customers knowledge by explaining them about products
  • Manage proper display of offers across the facility
  • Filled invoices, receivables & payable documents
  • Painted walls and cleaned glass partitions in work areas
High school diploma
Sales & Marketing
AEM Trade School

  • Customer services
  • Communication skills
  • IT skills
  • Inventory management

Trade helper Resume

Mose Daniels
+1 753 951 4862
Houston, TX

Phoenix Tools & Machines
Trade Helper
Houston, TX
  • Learned operating heavy equipment at remote job sites
  • Maintained hand tools as per company safety regulations
  • Test equipment before commencing the production process
  • Check pneumatic tools in overhead crane for everyday processes
  • Gave assistance to workers with less skill in operating hand tools
High school diploma
Major in Hand Tools
Greater Texas Trade School

  • Positive attitude
  • Follow safety standard
  • Reporting daily duties
  • Maintain work area safety

These five helper resume example are quick and easy to follow without sophisticated details. The structure of the resume samples above is simplified having only four resume sections. You can follow this resume structure or use our resume builder when you plan to create your own resume. Click here to visit our resume builder tool.

Let's address a different perspective of a helper resume. So far we have discussed helper resumes having experience but what if someone is planning to begin working as a helper with no working background at all.

Following is the general helper resume example having no experience. Refer to it.

General Helper Resume Example (without work experience)

To make things easy for you to understand we will write a general helper resume.

Max Smith
+1 951 753 1397
Saint Louis, Missouri


High school diploma (pursuing)
Saint Louis School of Business
Expected Date of completion 2019

Postsecondary Education
Country Side High School

Skills Summary
  • Equipment testing with complete safety measures in work areas
  • Assistance to master technician in heavy equipment operations
  • Unloaded items using heavy machines following safety procedures
  • Secured training in hand tools and machines at remote company sites
  • Observed daily operations of a facility manager during school project
  • Assist project partners to finish assigned project duties for submission
  • Studied functioning of heavy equipment at oil rigs during class tour
Additional Skills
  • Language proficiency
  • Organizational skills
  • Inventory management
  • Tech literacy

When you don't have relevant work experience show activities when applying for a helper position. Work history is a vital piece of information in a resume but instead of leaving the space blank write adjacent details.

After helper resume examples here's the layout of the same. The following resume structure will help boost the resume writing procedure.

Helper Resume Structure

Writing a helper resume is the easiest task because a set of complex vocabulary is not involved. The reason is the position of a helper in the company. They don't plan or perform massive technical stuffs. Therefore, it becomes easy to showcase what they have done so far.

Here's the structure of the resume of a helper.

Header - This resume section contains very fundamental informations like name and contact details. Don't attempt to write irrelevant details here.

Work experience - List your job experience so far by including old and new skills that you have recently learned and the employer has benefited from them.

Education - Put your formal education in this section. Start with the highest qualification.

Skills - Mention job related skills here. Pay attention that they match with those in the work experience section if any.

Only four resume sections will be presented in a general helper resume. If you are a student then remove the experience section and replace it with the skills summary section. You can also skip the additional skills section if you wish to.

FAQs about Helper Resume

Can I use the resume examples above for any job?

You can't use them for any job that you desire. The term any job is huge and may also include a marine engineer job. It is evident that the above resumes won't fit in the marine job description. Hence, use the above resumes only in a helper's job but first read the job description of a helper and then apply.

What is a helper job description?

List of roles, responsibilities following skills expected by the employer is a job description. The job listing contains to be assigned tasks as well. It is recommended to read the job listing carefully and then create a resume.

With the helper resume structure we conclude the article here. If you have questions how to create a resume or queries regarding using our resume builder then contact us.

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