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Should I put my freelance work on the resume?- Absolutely! Can I put only my freelance work on the resume?-Definitely, you can.When you work for yourself, you get a lot of experience and learn new talents that you may include on your freelancer resume.

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Freelancer Resume Example

Rose Feeney
San Diego, CA


Methodical and results-driven social media marketing freelancer looking for a chance to put her great conversion talents to work in a fast-paced marketing environment.


Freelance Social Media Marketer
Technocomms Ltd
October 2013–Present

  • Managed social media accounts and make posts on a variety of sites.
  • Created shareable content to improve site activity.
  • Created and promote a blog that contains information on topics that are likely to interest future clients.
  • Coordinated campaigns with the marketing staff regularly.
  • Over the first six months, the number of likes and follows increased by 35%.
  • Created an effective campaign that resulted in a sales gain of 12%.

Social Media Account Manager
Auto side Engineering
July 2011– October 2013

  • I met with customers regularly to learn about their culture.
  • For the website, I created compelling material and promoted it on social media.
  • Analyzed website statistics to determine the most successful advertising tactics


Professional Certified Marketer designation from the Digital Marketing Association


Bachelor of Arts in Marketing
University of Southern California
September 2007–July 2011


  • Time management
  • Self-motivation
  • Copywriting
  • Content curation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Project management

Hobbies and interests

Help a local homeless organization promote fundraisers and boost awareness of food drives and seasonal contributions by volunteering with them.

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You may put freelancing on your resume to illustrate your talents, whether it is your primary source of income or a side hustle. Learning how to add freelance work to your resume will help you stand out from the crowd during the interview process.

Almost all types of services that most businesses need can be provided by freelancers. The most common freelancer opportunities include accounting, graphic design, marketing project management, social media platforms manager, teaching, virtual assistants, web design/development, and writing.

Creating a resume can be difficult, even if you have a lot of experience as a self-employ. It's even more difficult for freelancers working on different projects.

Not only do you need to get the client's attention, show your skills, and prove that you are the best person for the job, you also need to show you’ve achieved it rightfully.

This guide is for all freelancers eager to boost their resumes and join the greatest projects.

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Let's dive straight into the freelancing resume examples without much ado.

freelancing resume

How to Make a Freelancer Resume

Making a freelancer resume can be quite a task, I get it.

But to make your way towards your next dream project/job smoother I have some really helpful tips for you.

To create an effective freelancer resume, follow these steps so you have a resume that records your work history and goals in the way that is most likely to get the attention of recruiters.

  • Create a resume according to your desired job posting.
  • Find a working template.
  • Add all contacts and portfolio information.
  • Use goals or summaries to highlight the most relevant skills.
  • Please elaborate on your skills.

Moving ahead, let us take a look at the top freelancer resume sections that make the best layout:

  • Header
  • Professional summary
  • Experience
  • Relevant work skills
  • Education
  • Certifications

When it comes to the format, there are three basic resume formats to choose from.

  • Reverse chronological resume is perfect for experienced individuals who are sticking to the industry. Centered around the experience section, the bullet points include your responsibilities and achievements, as well as numbers and results.
  • Functional resume also known as the traditional resume is used by two types of people mainly, one is the inexperienced job seeker and second the career changer. Keep in mind that this is not the format preferred by recruiters, as most are accustomed to classical chronological orientation. Functional resumes focus on skills and the experience they have acquired, rather than a list of job titles.
  • Hybrid Resumes are suitable not only for experienced candidates but also for career starters and career changers. They combine the best of both worlds, most often in a two-row format where one of the contents focuses on your experience and the other on your skills, strengths, and proudest moments.

Use the resume format that better suits your professional profile.

Here are some tips for layout and style:

  • Use a clear and easy-to-read 12p font size of your resume.
  • Use the 10-inch resume margin, which is the standard for good resume design.
  • If you have less than 10 years of experience, use the one-page resume template. Otherwise, select a two-page resume.
  • Save your resume as a PDF before sending it to your recruiter.

How to Put You Are a Freelancer on Your Freelancer Resume?

A freelance resume doesn’t have to be very different from regular professional resumes.

For example, if you are looking for a consulting job, were you a freelance consultant?

If you're looking for a writing job, were you a freelance writer?

You can view both as a complete job.

In simpler words, showcase your freelance work just as you would showcase your fieldwork.

How to List Your Work as a Freelancer

Putting up your freelance work can be quite a task at first, but once you get a hold of it, you will realize that it is just a piece of cake.

But how will you get a hold of it? Well, I have some golden tips for you.

If you are self-employed, it can be helpful to keep an up-to-date list of projects and use them on your resume, such as:

  • Keep the extras in mind - Including extra skills on your resume shows recruiters that you have a range of hard and soft skills that you can bring to the role.
  • Prioritize the items you want to include - Keep your resume to one page and provide a link to your portfolio or profile so recruiters may see all of your experience if they wish.
  • Leave some space between the information - A visually beautiful resume with well-spaced text, professional typefaces, and well-organized information can help a hiring manager identify the most crucial parts at first look.
  • Use facts and figures - A fantastic technique to illustrate your abilities is to provide objective data that indicate the impact of your effort.

As we move ahead, I am putting up a few freelancer resume examples that show you how to put your work in your freelance resumes.

Example for Freelance Graphic Designers

Work Experience

Freelance Graphic Designer

January 2012 – Present

  • Meet with clients in person or online to discuss the scope of our various projects.
  • Advise customers on the best strategy to use for a specific product and desired audience.
  • Create unique images, audio messages, illustrations, and logos for clients.
  • Review all projects to make sure the final product is bug-free.
  • Ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction by presenting art to clients and giving them a chance for feedback.

freelancing resume

If you are or have been a field graphic designer and are looking for the same, don’t forget to check out our graphic designer resume example that will help you reach your goal.

Example for Freelance Writers

Work Experience

Freelance Writer

Herman LLC, 2019 - present

  • In January and February 2017, my content had over 100,000 views.
  • On SaaS issues, I've written journal articles for over 100 clients.
  • Redesigned website pages and email interactions to increase customer engagement by up to 60% for SaaS companies.
  • For two weeks, I worked as an educator and assistant manager at Angle Express.

Freelance Writer

Gerhold, 2016 - 2019

  • Over 100 list articles on Blockchain and Cryptography, Scalability, and Security have been written and published.
  • I was in charge of four writing projects at the same time, all of which had tight deadlines.
  • In just three months, I was able to raise the average pay per page from $4 to $7.
  • NWSL, MLS, Ligue 1, Premier League, and MMA were among the topics covered.

Being a technical writer is for sure not an easy task, but you know what is more difficult and head-scratching than that? Yes, you guessed it right. It’s making a technical writer’s resume. You have nothing to worry about. Go straight to our technical writer resume guide and we will help you ease up the process.

Example for Freelance Software Developers

Freelance Software Developer

Rhythm, Inc., July 2006 – Present

  • Assisting with project architecture, standards, and procedures implementation.
  • The client's technical needs were researched, defined, and recorded.
  • The system architecture was created and documented.
  • Data flows and database structures were created.
  • Project design, standards, and processes were implemented.
  • Project tasks were identified and task definitions were established.

If you want to create a resume as a full-time software developer, you have nothing to worry about. I got you covered.

Check out our software developer resume example and create an outstanding software developer resume within minutes.

Should I Put My Education?

Yes, of course. Putting education on your freelancer resume is an excellent bonus.

Your education section should display any degrees, courses, or certificates you've earned.

If the job you're looking for isn't your first, there's no need to provide your GPA. Unless, of course, your GPA is high.

Education Checklist for Your Resume

  • Include your highest level of schooling;
  • Include the length of time you went there as well as the name of the institution.
  • Include additional information, such as relevant courses and projects, if you're looking for an entry-level position.
  • If certifications are required for the position, provide them in a separate section or the resume headline.

Come, take a look at the below-given example of a perfect education section on the freelance resume of a psychologist.


Penn State, Pennsylvania — 2019

Psychology, BA

  • Active member, Psychology Student Association (PSM)
  • Received Roy Scrivner Research Grants to study Adolescent behavior.
  • Published 3 articles in the school paper rangingShould I Put My Education? from Psychology to computer

freelancing resume

Looking for something else? Check out our best resume examples.

Soft & Hard Skills for a Freelance Resume

The skills section of a resume, makes major recruiters take their decision about hiring employees.

Now the skills are usually classified into two main types:-

Hard Skills

  • Copywriting
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
  • Cashier skills
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Video Editing
  • User Interface Design
  • Language skills
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Management
  • Computer Troubleshooting
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business and Data Analysis
  • Patient Care
  • Macro/Micro Economics
  • Server Maintenance
  • Automotive Services, Parts, and Design
  • Marketing (SEO/SEM)
  • Cloud and Distributed Computing
  • Database Management and Software
  • Photo Editing

Soft Skills

  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Work ethic
  • Attention to detail

Professional Summary for a Freelance Resume

"Does it need to be there?" Isn't it possible for me to just display a portfolio of projects that demonstrate why I'm the greatest candidate for the job posting?"

Certainly not. For each assignment, clients receive an average of more than ten resumes. This makes deciding who to hire nearly hard, which is why a decent summary section at the start of your own resume aids them in making a final selection.

A flawless summary should be concise and exact, which implies that it should be brief and not ambiguous.

A career or resume objective may be used to outline your professional aspirations and illustrate how they relate to the company.

If you have a lot of experience to share, include a synopsis. You can explain your greatest abilities or the ones you identified in the job description in your summary or resume objective. One or three sentences should be enough as a summary or aim.

Study the below examples and the correct as well as incorrect ways of writing a professional summary.


Award-winning freelance writer, editor, and social media manager with 10+ years of experience creating online content to improve top-funnel acquisition.


Driven writer and blogger with 3K+ active monthly readers. Editor at University journal which received 95% positive feedback from management for creativity.


Experienced writer. Have written many blogs. Suitable for the job.

Additional Sections for Your Freelancer Resume

Freelancing and freelancing resumes need a wide range of talents not immediately relevant to their profession.

Freelancers must efficiently manage their time, promote their services to potential clients, communicate properly about their work, handle their invoicing and costs, and keep track of their finances.

Including these talents in your freelancing resume demonstrates to recruiters that you possess a diverse set of hard and soft skills that you can apply to the position.

It's a good idea to include activities you do outside of work and school to show your clients that you're passionate about the industry.

Especially when you are writing a freelancer resume, it is best advised to include additional sections to your profile that can help you make your profile stronger as well as create an impact on the recruiter.


If you're applying for an entry-level job, including additional details like relevant courses and projects can be quite helpful.

On top of that featuring your certifications gives the recruiter a sense of reliability. Always remember to mention the year your certificate was issued or renewed.


Recruiters search for language skills to have a better understanding of your communication abilities.

Language skills not only provide you with the tools to communicate with people, but they also provide you with cultural understanding.


“Should I mention my interests on a professional resume?”

You definitely should.

To get a deeper understanding of this the main benefit of adding this section is that by doing this you provide the recruiter with a better and wider sense of your interests which helps them understand your dedication to the job role.

Tips to Optimize Your Freelancing Resume

By now you undoubtedly are ready to make your freelancing resume with ease. But before you get going, I have some golden tips for you that can help you create a job-winning freelancer resume.

Follow these guidelines while writing your freelance resume:

  • To explain your accomplishments, use action words like "planned," "won," and "improved” (Preferably in the past tense, highlighting what you’ve achieved).
  • Make your resume specific to the job you're looking for.
  • For any sector-specific recommendations, research the standard for resumes in your business.
  • Concentrate on your greatest and most relevant skills.
  • Excerpts from favorable reviews from past contracts should be provided.

How to make a Job-Winning freelancer resume: Key Takeaway

freelancing resume

  • Select a resume layout that conveys the proper message and is appropriate for your present job circumstance.
  • Make a resume heading that includes your desired job title as well as easy-to-find contact information.
  • In your summary, be explicit about your experience, successes, and future aspirations;
  • When explaining your experience, use specific measurements and instances that demonstrate the influence you had in past employment.
  • Make a list of soft abilities with examples to back them up;
  • Include all of your technical skills and certifications, and make sure they fit the job description.

Made it till here? Pat yourself on the back, you are now completely trained and ready to create your freelancer resume. And by chance you are still looking for a quicker way to make your resume, our quick resume builder is at your service. Use our resume builder now.

Complement Your resume with a Cover letter

Nowadays, job application forms include queries such as "why do you want to work here" or "explain why you're the greatest fit for us," leading you to wonder if a cover letter is still essential.

If the job description specifies that a cover letter is required, include yours.

You can easily leave it out if you don't want to use it. Nonetheless, they assist you in telling your narrative in a method that is compelling and interesting if written properly. To skip writing the entire cover letter on your own, use our ready-to-use cover letter templates.

Frequently Asked Questions from Freelancers

Can I freelance while being employed?

Yes! While studying or working full-time, you can begin freelancing. Many freelancers choose this route to avoid financial hardships or to expand their portfolio and customer base.

How do I calculate my freelance daily rate?

If you're just getting started, the simplest approach to figure out your freelancing day rate is to use your most recent basic wage as a starting point.

As a starting point, you can use the following calculating formula: 220 days divided by (your yearly base wage + 30%).

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