Events Manager Resume: Guide to Write an Ass-kicking Resume

Event management requires you to pay attention to so many people and aspects of event to ensure the event is successful and the guests have no complaints along with the clients.

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Writing a professional event manager resume also requires you to pay attention to multiple aspects such as learning professional resume guidelines, various sections of event manager resume and ways to maximize the impact on the hiring manager to ensure your event manager resume is shortlisted and you get invited for an interview.

We have curated a complete guide for you so that you can write a kickass event manager resume to impress the clients and employers!👇

Events Manager Resume

Job Winning Event Manager Resume Guidelines

When you want to write a professional resume, you need to be aware of certain professional resume guidelines and rules and also few undeclared expectations of the hiring managers.

Which is why we have laid out the professional resume writing guidelines here, these guidelines simply help you ensure that your resume reflects professionalism, accuracy and allows you to make sure that your resume has the desired impact on the hiring managers.

📌Guidelines for professional resume:

  • Use formal & professional language-third person, past tense
  • Proofread and ensure accuracy of spelling, grammar and factual details
  • Use compatible document format such as word doc or PDF
  • Use numbers and action verbs to make the language more impactful

Research & Format

Before you get down to write your event manager resume, you should engage in some research on your role, on your job descriptions, job duties, job ads, potential clients and the industry of event management and everything that may be related.

This research will allow you to figure out how you can stand out and which is the best way to present your profile details such as experience and skills on your professional resume of event manager.

You also need to choose the right resume format for your event manager resume. There are many options such as functional, reverse chronological, combination or hybrid and so on.

The right format provides the suitable layout for your event manager resume. Whether you are a project manager or director or general event manager, your resume format will differ based on your experience and skills level. So you need to decide for yourself and not copy your fellow applicant's resume.

Resume header

📌Resume header information:

  • Your name in slightly bigger font
  • Your contact number with area code
  • Your professional email address
  • Your LinkedIn profile link
  • Your own website link (if you have one with your portfolio)
  • Your portfolio link (website or a google drive folder or anything that has the collection of your work)

Resume summary

The resume summary should be written in bullet points around 3 to 5 that describe your total years of experience, your role, your background (most work experience area-family functions, charity events, government events or any such category of most of your experience-projects/proven track record).

You need to talk about your most notable achievements and key skills that are the most remarkable aspects of your work history, you can also mention any notable events you have managed along with any awards or recognitions.

At last you need to talk about what kind of opportunity you are looking for and how you will ensure that your next client's expectations are met through your vision and skills. You should try to quantify the details as much as you can with numbers and use action verbs to make the information have the desired effect on the reader.

Events Manager Resume

Professional experience

The professional experience section should describe your experiences and work history in the reverse chronological order along with details of your job title, employer or client's name, and the employment period or the period for which you handled the project or the month and year of the event.

While describing the details of the experience you should use the bullet points and talk about all the job responsibilities that you handled in addition to usual job description. You can also mention your exceptional event cases from your portfolio.

Your event manager resume should not be centered around event planning only, you should also talk about other aspects of event management such as budget management, catering and guests related arrangements, decorations and venue organization, and every other aspect of event execution.

Event manager resumes usually talk about the part of event management, you can stand out by talking about peripheral aspects to add value to your event manager resume.


Event management does not require particular education however there are courses that may be directly or indirectly relevant for the event management job. Your degree or course may have relevant subjects and curriculum that you can describe on your education section of event manager resume.

While describing your education degree or course, note the full title or name of the same, the educational institute and any relevant subjects, exceptional academic performances. You can also note your high school diploma in case you do not have any relevant degrees or such.

💡USA's corporate event market is estimated to reach $510.9 billion by the year 2030!

(Source: ✒️.)


Your skills that you mentioned in the profile summary statement or experience section and education section may be inclusive of hard and soft skills, event manager skills and even technical skills that are relevant and important for the various aspects of event manager's job and event management as well as a successful event execution.

So why create a separate section for the soft skills and other relevant skills that are important in general or even for specific aspect of the job description? Well, for one to highlight them properly!

When the hiring manager is reading your resume, they will be taking a look at the resume at a glance at first, before getting interested by particular detail that catches their attention. The skills mentioned in the descriptive part of experience etc. may not catch their attention but the skills listed in the skills section separately in 2-3 words will.

Lastly, skills mentioned in the skills section of your event manager resume, are your top most strengths and also most important for your role of event manager.

📌List of skills for the event manager resume:

  • Vendor management
  • Catering management
  • Cultural awareness
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Venue selection
  • Managing teams
  • Hospitality management
  • Facility management
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Lead generation
  • Team management
  • Third party vendors network
  • Event strategies
  • Project management
  • Event success
  • Special events
  • Proven track record of successful events
  • Communication skills
  • Event planning
  • Organizing events
  • Event planner skills
  • Corporate events
  • Event management


Event management is not easy by any means and there are many professionals who handle the event management but rarely execute the event in a way that meets the client's expectations.

Professional event managers who are very experienced and understand the various aspects of event management such as budget management, vendor management, team management and so on, understand the theoretical aspects of event execution along with practical.

This can be translated in to a hard evidence of certifications. If you are a certified event manager, you may want to mention your certifications on your resume in separate section labelled certifications. You can also obtain various certifications through online courses, programs, workshops and seminars or such.

Events Manager Resume


Apart from the sections discussed before, you can include more information that you may think may be relevant. It could be your language proficiencies to successfully communicate with clients and vendors and everyone that plays a part in event planning and execution, people that may not speak English and may require someone who can speak other languages.

It could also be your personal interests that may be relevant such as social media marketing for events, management, business administration, finance management and anything else that may be relevant for the role of event manager position or role.

Such extra information may play a huge role and help you impress the hiring managers successfully because these details may just be what sets you apart, helps you stand out in a pool of fellow applicants who all may have the similar experience and skills.


As an event manager, you are likely to have handled, organized, coordinated many events, you may have had successful events as your own projects as well, apart from any company or group or agency experiences.

Your event portfolio may consist of various photographs and videos of the venues, reports of the budgeting, client feedback and reviews, your own collection of options of resources etc. that you can offer to potential clients and more such content and information.

Your portfolio should reflect your sense of aesthetics as well as practical execution of planned events, your networking capabilities including your skill of finding vendors and getting the materials etc. that you need for a successful events' execution for the client that also fulfils the client expectations.

Your portfolio should include everything that you have to offer in terms of your skills, experience, knowledge and such that contributes heavily to the success of events that meets the exceptional standards.

Cover letter

Cover letters are not usually mandatory in most job applications however given the option, you should always enclose one even when not demanded as mandatory.

There are many notable benefits of enclosing a cover letter that you should not overlook. Cover letter examples may show you how you can include more keywords in your job application through the cover letter.

Writing a cover letter with direct address to the hiring manager also allows you to personalize your cover letter which in turn helps you have the positive impression on the hiring manager. You can look up the hiring manager and mention their name as well. Personalizing the cover letter for each position and job application go a long way for you.

You can use the cover letter to take up a bit of informal tone and describe your journey, interest, passion, dedication and inspiration to reflect your genuine interest for the job. You can also reiterate your experiences and skills with a bit more detail and context than your event manager resume.

All of this can significantly improve your impression on the hiring manager and increase your chances of getting the job or the project.


Keywords that are related to your role as an event manager, your job description and duties, industry and potential employers, need to be included throughout your event manager resume so that your resume can beat the ATS or the application tracking systems.

The ATS works based on parameters set by the recruiter, the parameters are usually the job description and the related keywords which is why you need those keywords on your event manager resume.

The ATS is basically an artificial intelligence driven software that helps the recruiter with shortlisting of the resumes received in the job applications by scanning and filtering the resumes based on the set parameters.

The keywords should be used throughout the event manager resume in a meaningful and sensible manner, do not stuff keywords randomly with too much of repetition.

📌List of relevant keywords for the event manager resume:

  • Event manager
  • Event planning
  • Event management
  • Corporate events
  • Event manager skills
  • Event planner
  • Event registration
  • Event coordinator
  • Successful events
  • International live events association
  • Award winning event manager
  • Event planners
  • Event manager positions
  • Event manager position
  • Event budgets
  • Proven track record
  • Special events
  • Event attendance
  • Project management
  • Event success
  • Events management
  • National association
  • Multiple events
  • Events create
  • Client events
  • Event manager role
  • Event concepts
  • International events
  • Event funding
  • Timely manner
  • Post event activities
  • Budget management
  • Third party vendors
  • Facility management
  • Client expectations
  • Vendor management
  • Leadership skills
  • Catering management


In conclusion, your event manager resume may not need as much planning as an event does however, it may need some thoughtful time investment and efforts. You may want to follow the guidelines discussed in the article above to maintain professionalism and along with it the professional resume standards for your event manager resume.

While writing the various sections of your event manager resume, you may use this article as your go-to checklist. You can also refer to event manager resume sample or event manager resume examples to get a better insights. We have great collection of resume examples, resume template and resume writing guides for all kinds of professions and occupations, you may want to check it out.

Do not forget, proofreading your event manager resume and ensuring the highest standards of professional resume for your own event manager resume. Good luck with the job search!

Events Manager Resume

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I include any freelance projects on my event manager resume?

Yes, freelance projects can be a great addition on your event manager resume as it showcases your ability to handle the pressure and skill of event management on your own. It also reflects you have a great network of your own for resources and more.

Should I use an event manager resume template?

Using an event manager resume template may be useful because it provides a ready layout with right margins, font size, white space etc. which saves you a lot of time and energy while writing or curating your event manager resume from scratch.

Which skills are the most important ones for an event manager resume?

We have discussed the various event manager skills for the event manager resume in the article above. The top most important skills to not miss out on may be:

  • Event planning
  • Event management
  • Corporate events
  • Event registration
  • Organizing events
  • Fast paced environment
  • Event strategies
  • Budget management
  • Charity events

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