How to Make Your Digital Content Producer Resume Stand Out

How to Make Your Digital Content Producer Resume Stand Out

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Devising digital content strategies is the core competence of an online content creator. This is the reason why companies are looking to include them in their digital team.

In other words, an online marketing team (a digital team to be precise) is incomplete without a content developer.

Thus, if you are a digital content producer or a content expert then thank us later for helping you. Let’s show you what’s in this blog post.

What will you get here?

  • A carefully crafted digital content producer resume example
  • Steps to writing a digital content producer resume
  • Useful resume writing tips with practical examples
  • Helpful tips to get your resume noticed
  • List of frequently asked questions

Digital Content Producer Resume

Digital Content Producer Resume Example

Kristopher C. Dennis

Digital Content Producer

+1 630-920-8684


A digital content producer specialist with 11+ years of experience in developing digital content in text, video, images, infographics, and animated formats for social media platforms, blogs, websites, and e-commerce platforms. Expert in SEO, social media trends, online advertising tools, video editing software, email campaigns, copywriting, CPC, and PPC marketing. Published more than 280,000 digital content, increasing online business by 65 percent. Proven expertise in creating, scheduling, managing, storing, transferring, and publishing digital properties.

Work Experience

XENO Content Marketing, Chicago, IL

Digital Content Producer


  • Created a YouTube channel in the food niche for the company and published 480+ videos in a year including shorts that garnered 1.2M subscribers.
  • 10 video views crossed 4.5M views in 6 months which accounted for $12000 per million views in revenue and additional subscribers.
  • Knowledge of editing video in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro for video content along with image processing in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Conducted keyword research for blog posts and video content as per the guidelines of Yoast SEO tools and TubeBuddy for YouTube.
  • Collaborated with diverse content providers for high-quality content and digital content strategies.

Growth Digital, Chicago, IL

Digital Marketing & Content Development


  • Managed e-commerce accounts (products+services) of 12 clients and grew the sales from 15K per month to 80K per month.
  • Developed 88 email sales campaigns and led 40 that resulted in 60% growth in monthly product sales on Amazon in 11 months.
  • Wrote video scripts for 180+ videos for video campaigns on social media and also engaged with creative teams in the video production and post-production process.
  • Led the content writing team of 40+ members from non-native backgrounds to manage the editorial calendar of company blogs.
  • Reduced the bounce rates of in-house blogs and web pages from 80% to 13% boosting daily traffic and revenue.

Expect Agencies, Chicago, IL

Marketing Copywriter


  • Generated textual content for in-house websites which boosted site traffic by 80% within 6 months with a conversion ratio of 52%.
  • Drafted 800 email campaigns for the marketing teams to launch in-house products including textual content for 15 landing pages.
  • Written more than 2.9K blog posts with a word count of 6K each elevating the Google Adsense revenue by 86%.
  • Wrote marketing copies to blast emails, SMS campaigns, e-commerce products, social media posts, company web pages, and clients’ websites.
  • Developed digital content (texts, images, videos) for 14 social media channels including the most popular ones viz, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Quora, Reddit, Twitter, etc.

University of Chicago

Master of Arts, 2011

Film and Media Studies

Chicago, Illinois

GPA: 3.6/4.0

Clubs: Film Society, Creative & Performing Arts Club

Chicago Business School Online

Digital Marketing Course (24 weeks)

Blogging & Content Development

Chicago, Illinois


Certificate of Completion and Certificate of Specialisation

CBS Online School


Creative content writing

  • Search engine optimization
  • Writing blog posts writing
  • News articles
  • News stories
  • Social media posts
  • Produce engaging content

Digital Marketing

  • Social media marketing
  • Target audience PPC & CPC marketing
  • Project management
  • Web analytics
  • Digital production

Video Production

  • Video editing (advanced)
  • Audio mixing (advanced)
  • Sound technician (advanced)
  • Final video output


  • Final cut pro
  • Adobe premiere pro
  • Adobe creative suite
  • WordPress & Shopify (content management systems)
  • Google analytics
  • Google ads
  • Google adwords
  • Google my business
  • Google trends
  • Google merchant

Interpersonal Skills

  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Attention to special projects
  • Fast paced work culture
  • Timely manner submission
  • Maintain editorial standards
  • Strong knowledge of digital media

How to Craft a Creative Digital Content Producer Resume

A content developer is not limited to video editing or publishing social media posts. Now we see digital content in vivid formats.

If you as a digital content producer have the capabilities to develop content for digital products then you have an upper edge.

However, your resume must highlight all those digital skills and there’s a way to do it skillfully. Here’s how.

Craft a Creative Digital Content Producer Resume

Digital Content Producer Resume Structure

First thing first, define the structure of your resume. It must be readable and well organized. For digital content producers, it is of utmost importance to showcase the strength of your digital content creation.

By doing this hiring managers will be familiar with your expertise and a strong understanding of how you develop content.

Here’s how you need to organize your resume.

  • Header
  • Summary
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Additional activities

The digital content producer resume example, in the beginning, has been written in the same manner. Here’s a link to a similar one - a digital marketing resume click to read. You can check out other resume examples for reference.

Digital Content Producer Resume Format

Once the structure of the resume is dealt with, start working on the format. It typically focuses on work experience. To put it simply, resume format means how you lay out your work history.

To do this we have three formats.

  • Skill-based resume format (functional)
  • Reverse chronological format
  • Hybrid (skill-based+chronological)

We recommend the reverse chronological format for your digital content producer resume. Work experience written in a reverse chronological format is easy to write and moreover lays an impression of linear career growth.

Digital Content Producer Resume Header

Keep it scannable enough for the recruiter. This is where your resume will begin, hence, don’t overwhelm it with too much information. Refer to the examples below.

Good and Bad Header

Kristopher C. Dennis

Digital Content Producer

+1 630-920-8684

Kristopher C. Dennis

1074 Lewis Street

Hinsdale, IL 60521

+1 630-920-8684

Chicago Business School Alumnus

Although a hiring manager would want to know where you reside still giving out full street addresses isn’t necessary. Follow the examples.

📌 Do’s: Start with your name, one phone number, and one email address only.

⚠️ Don'ts: Avoid street address, birth dates, gender, marital status, social security or passport numbers, or any other similar irrelevant details. Recruiters aren’t concerned.

Professional Summary in Digital Content Producer Resume

A content producer needs to develop engaging content on digital platforms as per the requirements of digital projects. It might be selling a product online or adding more followers to the current count.

The bottom line is a content developer shall be creative in creating digital content. Having said that, the resume summary proposes enough room to write about our ingenious abilities.

Walkthrough the examples below.

Good and Bad Resume Summary

A creative digital content producer ready to take on fast-paced digital projects. Have 7 years of experience working on various digital platforms. Handled a digital team of professional writers and expert online marketers. Developed email campaigns for the marketing team and digital assets for the content team. Creative instincts for social media platforms. Capacity and capability to handle multiple projects and various social media accounts simultaneously. Flexible working with content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

I am a digital content producer with experience in social media platforms, video editing, digital content, and social media posts on various digital platforms. I can work on multiple projects and can handle various social media accounts effortlessly. I am well-versed in social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. I can also create video content for digital marketing campaigns. I know how to create content for mobile platforms. I have knowledge of content management systems.

The ground rule of writing a professional summary is to eliminate the “I” factor. Look at the bad example above. Now compare it with the good one and you will sense the difference.

📌 Do’s: Developed & managed an editorial calendar of social media content.

⚠️ Don’ts: I can publish social media posts daily for digital projects.

Write Objectives in Digital Content Producer Resume

How to Write Objectives in Digital Content Producer Resume

Rather than explaining objectives in a resume we have compiled five different samples. Refer to them and try writing one for your resume instead of a summary.

Digital content producer resume objective

Knowledge of digital properties, and digital platforms, 5+ years of experience in PPC marketing in digital projects looking to obtain a position as a content creator to increase branding and ad revenue using innovative marketing strategies.

Video editing resume objective

Highly motivated and certified digital video content producer with strong video editing and script-writing skills. Solid background in editing video using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro software seeking a position as senior video content creator with APEX multimedia.

Social media manager resume objective

An enthusiastic and resourceful individual with a proven ability to handle multiple social media accounts on a variety of social media platforms. Boosting profile traffic and elevating position in SERPs is looking for a social media manager position at Zen social media services.

Newsreader resume objective

A mass communication graduate with a specialization in anchoring breaking news stories, adept in breaking news events applies for the role of news content reader, especially in the midnight slot at True News Inc.

News content producer resume objective

Experienced individual with a master's in journalism looking for the role of news producer at PAL news corporation. An expert in breaking news stories and regional news management wants to increase visibility through unique and innovative concepts.

If you are ready to start writing your resume then check out our resume builder. Write your first or next resume with us.

📌 Do’s: Sum up the objective in possibly one sentence making it coherent.

⚠️ Don’ts: Over-exaggeration and boasting about achievements.

Work Experience in a Digital Content Producer Resume

The heart of your resume is the work history that you present to the employer. We have already discussed that the experience must be in a reverse chronological format.

In this section, we will learn how to arrange work history in chronological format starting from the latest one and then going back.

Moreover, we will also go through the work history of distinct profiles that match the digital content producer patterns. Here they are.

Examples of work experience

Media Labs Creation, Chicago, IL

Digital Content Producer & Video Editing


  • Published B2B blogs on digital marketing, digital business tools, digital production, and social media strategies for the target audience.
  • Designed landing pages with the email marketing team and web design of niche blogs. Updated the same periodically.
  • Maintained monthly infographic design and publishing schedules for clients on social media platforms.
  • Developed graphic and animated social media posts for social media platforms in the canva tool.
  • Created memes, GIFs, reels, shorts, and full-length video content in explainer mode with audio.
  • Monitored full-length post-production process including dubbing, shooting, video editing, sound mixing, color correction, and more.

Lab Panda, Chicago, IL

Digital Content Producer & Video Editing


  • Blogs and social media trends on social platforms
  • Web design in content management systems
  • Designed posts for the target audience on social media platforms
  • Knowledge of media tools online and execution
  • Maintain calendar on social platforms with others
  • Social media design, maintenance, and publishing

Social100, Chicago, IL

Social Media Content Manager


  • Grew organic reach of social media accounts by 120% in less than 6 months with organic traffic.
  • Managed continuous interactions with visitors, retail, and bulk buyers across social media channels by garnering them with request-oriented content resulting in an increase in sales by 65% yearly.
  • Experienced in managing social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, and Reddit.
  • Increased Facebook followers from 5K to 120K by consistently posting and interacting with the target audience.
  • Grew Instagram fan following and reels view by 190%. By doing this famous content providers collaborated with the company enhancing the brand position.

Let’s Grow Online, Chicago, IL

Social Media Content Manager


  • Collaborated with a team of digital content producer online
  • Posted fresh content daily on Facebook & Instagram
  • Managed weekly calendar on Twitter to post content
  • Organized a content team to post content on YouTube
  • Joined hands with famous people online to create content for a target audience

Web Pigeon LLP, Chicago, IL

Digital Content Producer


  • Optimized existing digital content like blog posts, celebrity gossip, interviews, and image galleries to rank on multiple platforms including Google SERPs.
  • Implemented Yoast SEO strategies to rank on 34 all-time favorable keywords of niche blogs.
  • Scripted 200+ podcasts on topics like movies, celebrities, news, relations, family, books, guest speakers, industry trends, and daily surprises.
  • Assisted the marketing team to promote events online by designing and developing web pages which resulted in a conversion ratio of 36% overall.
  • Wrote infographic content and converted blog posts into audio podcasts for monthly broadcasts and email newsletters.

Left & Right Media LLP, Chicago, IL

Digital Content Producer


  • Ability to work and create engaging content
  • Manage editorial standards in fast paced environment
  • Post content on podcasts in a timely manner
  • Can deliver fresh content to online project managers
  • Microsoft word, google analytics, and web analytics
  • Adobe creative suite including Adobe Photoshop
  • Strong knowledge of content management

It is obvious why there’s a difference in the experiences written above, especially, the red ones. Simply writing the ability to work with online project managers or publishing fresh content daily on social media is not enough.

You need to convince the employer with well-crafted info that is supported by facts and figures. For a digital content producer resume like yours, it goes without saying.

digital content producer resume

What Do You Write in Experience (of a Digital Content Producer Resume) When You Are a Fresher

An inexperienced candidate shall write work experience in short and simple sentences without making them lengthy. Additionally, it must be comprehensive for recruiters to find the roles and responsibilities of a candidate in the resume.

With this in mind, we have composed a sample work experience for a fresh content producer.

Sample Work Experience


Digital Content Producer

Chicago, Illinois


  • Written fresh content for blogs and Reddit articles
  • Done keyword research for blogs & web pages
  • Managed client feedback for e-commerce stores
  • Followed feature stories to create content for guest posts
  • Curated creative ideas for client’s online stores

Education Details in Digital Content Producer Resume

Creating content online is innovative work. It needs brainstorming ideas on a daily basis and keeping up with the latest trends online. Generally, a bachelor’s degree is preferred by recruiters along with expertise in digital content development.

A master’s or bachelor’s degree in arts, film, and media would be preferable. For instance, the example below shows degrees, GPA, and club activities.

University of Chicago

Master of Arts, 2011

Film and Media Studies

Chicago, Illinois

GPA: 3.6/4.0

Clubs: Film Society, Creative & Performing Arts Club

Chicago Business School Online

Digital Marketing Course (24 weeks)

Blogging & Content Development

Chicago, Illinois

Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that with this level of experience, you are eligible to get a chance.

Skills to Include in a Digital Content Producer Resume

Along with academic qualifications skills matters the most in your digital content producer resume. Online trends are highly unstable, they keep on changing day in and out.

To maximize your chances of getting hired you need something more than your academic qualifications. Scroll up and refer to the example. Skills have been bifurcated into segments.

The same applies to your resume. Fragmentation of skills will help the hiring manager have a clear idea about what to expect from you.

How to Write & What to Include in the Skill Section of a Digital Content Producer Resume

We have enlisted important points to keep in mind while writing the skill section. Here you go.

  • Make separate headers to list skills, don’t mix up everything.
  • Specify the names of tools that you are good at using. For example, google analytics, adwords, or adsense.
  • Distinguish between types of content that you can produce. For example, if you are publishing blogs and articles then you are creating a textual form of content.
  • If you know video editing then mention the software name and possibly the project name. It is because editing video is a completely different type of content-producing regime.
  • Digital marketers nowadays also perform web design tasks in content management systems like WordPress. List them separately.

Summary of a Digital Content Producer Resume

Let’s summarize what we have read so far.

  • Begin with a header
  • Professional summary
  • Resume objective (instead of a summary)
  • Work experience
  • Educational qualification
  • Certifications
  • Key skills
📌 Do’s: Organize your details exactly as mentioned in this post.

⚠️ Don’ts: Rearranging the given format of the resume differently.

Writing Cover Letter for a Digital Content Producer Resume

Formatting a cover letter is as important as a resume because it can make or break your chances of getting hired.

If you are sending a cover letter with your digital content producer resume then make sure it is correctly written without errors. All those who are new to writing a cover letter can use these cover letter templates to get started.

Since a cover letter is an essential attachment to a resume, therefore, we have pointed out a sample format for the same. Take a look below.

Cover Letter Format for Digital Content Producer

  • Your contact information
  • Date
  • Employer contact information
  • Salutation
  • Body of cover letter (First, second, and third paragraphs)
  • Complimentary closing
  • Your signature


Is a digital content producer a social media expert?

Yes, a digital content producer is a social media expert but not only limited to social media platforms. He or she can have skills related to video editing or marketing and publishing video content. A content developer can be a team player with creative ideas related to multiple projects online.

Is it compulsory for a digital content producer to know video editing?

Not at all. A content creator can be an expert in producing engaging social media posts for social media sites but not in video editing. Moreover, he or she can also be competent in creative writing because digital content can be in textual, image, or video formats. Hence, need not worry if you don't know video editing.

Can a social media expert be called a digital content producer?

It’s subjective because the term social media expert is enormous. On the contrary, a content creator can be a social media expert. That doesn’t mean otherwise. If you observe, social media marketing integrates SEO, copywriting, advertising, scheduling, publishing, paid campaigns, and much more.

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