Creative Marketing Resumes : Awesome Guide with Tips

Creative Marketing Resumes : Awesome Guide with Tips

Creativity is something that is very much valued and appreciated these days especially with the better access of internet for masses and booming social media. One fascinating creative idea or perspective or even a sentence can go viral within a number of hours.

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At the same time, if you are not careful the same creativity can also blow back on you in very bad ways. Creative content has to be created with sincere regard of the political correctness and possible public reaction.

creative marketing resumes

Being creative with your performance, especially in the marketing field is rewarding when it is done with caution. Being creative in your profession in marketing however is a bit different from having a creative marketing resume.

You may have referred to creative marketing resume examples but for a better idea, let's discuss it in detail here.👇

What is creative marketing?

Before we get to the resume, let's first discuss creative marketing. What is creative marketing? Creativity is defined by the use of imagination, invention of something original. Creativity often means something new or unexpected which is also fascinating and impactful.

In the creative marketing, in addition to imagination, invention and fascination, the content is also relatable for the masses which grabs their attention.

Creative marketing involves creative content, content management systems, creative marketing strategies, creative marketing campaigns, creative social media marketing or creative social media advertising that goes viral and so on.

All of this is done with the regard of business objectives, marketing expertise, creative strategy success case studies, business development. industry trends, target audiences and public relations.

Creative marketing is often observed with the big corporate companies such as Twitter, Meta, Google, Microsoft and such. With the expansion of digital marketing, the local stores, chains and restaurants or such other establishments also go viral and create an effective presence in the market.

Creative marketing is risky however the positive results can be very important for the company because sometimes good results can really earn you massive public reach and sales growth.

💡During the Covid-19 pandemic, 87% marketers increased their social media activity which is probably why we saw an incredible rise in online presence of businesses.


People who are creative marketing professionals, have proven track record of creative marketing strategies, project management, extensive experience of marketing campaigns and a really good understanding of the mass psychology and and marketing theories.

Creative marketing roles

There are many roles that are part of creative marketing as you may imagine, there are content writers, graphic designers, marketing strategists, marketing directors and so on.

Depending on the role, you might have the responsibilities of varying impact and require the creativity. For example, if you are a content writer, you will need a lot of creativity whereas a marketing director may need the understanding of creativity and insight in creativity rather than highly creative mindset for all work hours.

📌Here are some of the creative marketing roles that require creative marketing resumes:

  • Creative marketing director
  • Marketing manager
  • Digital marketing supervisor
  • Social media marketing manager
  • Social media advertising manager
  • Creative marketing team member
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Social media marketing executive
  • Content writer
  • Copywriter
  • Graphic designer
  • Video editor
  • Social media marketing intern
  • Creative team for marketing
  • Marketing positions
  • Content manager
  • Content strategists
  • Creative marketing strategists

There may be more relevant roles as well that require creative marketing experience and relevant skills along with a really effective resume of creative marketing.

Writing a perfect creative marketing resume

Perfect professional creative marketing director resume or any other creative marketing resume examples can be defined by how professional they are and how effective the profile presentation is.

For professionalism, you should focus on the language, layout and the format of your resume. A good resume template will show you how the resume should be written in past tense and third person. You should also use maximum action verbs and avoid pronouns so that language is formal and impactful.

You should also try to use as many numbers as possible to quantify the details. The sections should be edited well along with the margins, white space, font size and such visual appeal aspects.

A perfect resume is also written in professional format and layout that helps you present your profile information in a formal and professional manner.

Your resume should be labeled well, in simple yet formal manner. Type your full name and the word resume or CV when you are labeling the document.

Your resume will be scanned by various applicant tracking systems and it will be viewed by hiring managers on various platforms which means you need to make sure your resume document format is compatible with most mediums.

Your resume should be saved in Microsoft word document format or the PDF document format. This will ensure the compatibility with various ATS and document viewing mediums.

Creative resume template

There is a wide variety of resume template available on the internet. As a creative marketing professionals, you might want to emphasize on your creativity and capability to come up with creative ideas. For that purpose, you may consider writing a creative marketing resume that showcases your creativity.

For a creative marketing resume, you may utilize creative resume template that helps you be creative with your resume.

Before you choose the creative resume template, make sure you understand your industry trends, your role and seniority level, the employer and hiring managers.

Sometimes, such creativity is appreciated and other times professional and traditional resume is expected. With a bit of research, you will be able to figure out which way is the right one for you.

Research for resume

Before doing anything, we do some research. Whether it is dining at a new restaurant or trying new products or services or going to watch a new movie, we always try to figure out as much as we can beforehand so that we are not disappointed later on.

That kind of research is also helpful for writing your resume. Before you write your resume you should do some research of your role, industry, employer and job description.

It will help you get better clarity on what do the hiring managers expect, what extra can you offer to stand out, which employers are your best options, how you should write your resume and so on.

When you are looking for marketing jobs, you should pay attention to job description so you know exactly how your job experience is going to be.

creative marketing resumes

Creative marketing resume sections

There are various sections on your creative marketing resume, which you may have noticed in creative marketing resume examples. These sections help you present your profile in an organized layout which is effective.


On the top of your resume will be the header in which you need to include your contact information section. You need to mention your name, your contact number, your professional email address and your home address.

Your home address along with your professional photograph, is not mandatory so including them in your resume is up to you.

You need to pay attention while writing this section because this information has to be accurate without any errors to ensure that hiring managers can reach out to you for interview calls or such.

Make sure you use your professional email address and write your contact number with area code so the hiring managers can contact you easily.

Professional resume summary

Your professional resume summary section is important because it will decide whether the hiring managers will take a look at the rest of the resume or not.

The details should be written in bullet points no more than 5 and no less than 3. Details should be written in crisp and concise manner to enhance readability and grab attention of the reader.

You should mention your total years of experience and a little background in the first bullet point. next, you need to mention your key accomplishments, abilities, experience aspects and your relevant skills that are of most importance.

At last mention what kind of opportunity you are seeking and what will you bring to the table in a short concise sentence.

Professional experience

Your relevant experience weighs a lot in the eyes of a hiring manager. Your marketing skills paired with various aspects of your job can add good value to your resume.

In experience section, mention the job title, employer name and the employment period. Make sure you describe experiences in reverse chronological order.

You should mention all the usual aspects and responsibilities of your job along with any key accomplishments and recognitions. You need incorporate some of your marketing skills along as well.

📌Here are some of the job aspects you can include:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Social media campaigns
  • Marketing materials
  • Marketing teams
  • Google analytics
  • Marketing collateral
  • Social media strategy
  • Marketing communications
  • Creative campaigns
  • Creative process
  • Graphic design
  • Social media
  • Marketing projects
  • Creative direction
  • Marketing agencies
  • Target audiences
  • Marketing experience
  • Project management
  • Public relations
  • Paid media

You should also include more aspects of your job, you can be thorough and include everything from your relevant experience unless you have a long work history of extensive experience and need to shorten each experience details.


There are no particular degrees required for creative marketing however your marketing related degree or mass communication degree or any other relevant degree could be valuable. You can also mention any relevant subjects from an unrelated degree if you don't have a relevant degree.

You need to mention your highest level of education along with the name of the education institute. Avoid including the year of degrees and courses as it can lead to bias.

You should also include any relevant online courses or programs you may have completed because they also add to your knowledge level.

Skills section

The skills section is your chance to say a lot with less words. The list of your most relevant and important skills should include your soft skills, your hard skills, your technical skills and any other relevant skills.

📌Here is a list of few skills that may be useful for you:

  • Understanding target audiences
  • Social media campaign
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media
  • Graphic design understanding
  • Adobe creative suite
  • MS Office
  • G Suite
  • Marketing communications
  • Working with marketing team/ creative team
  • Marketing strategy
  • Achieve business objectives
  • Google analytics
  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Understanding of mass psychology


If you are a graphic designer or a content writer or a marketing project manager or other such professional, you might have your own portfolio of work that you can showcase to back your proven track record.

If you have such a portfolio, you should include the portfolio link in the contact information section. This portfolio can direct the hiring managers to your work samples and a lot of time and energy can be saved from being wasted because the hiring managers will not need to ask you and wait for your response and you will not have to wait for their further response on whether you have bagged an interview or not.


The applicant tracking system or ATS scans and filters the resumes received by the hiring managers. To make sure you don't get rejected by the ATS, you need to include all the relevant keywords of your role, responsibilities and industry.

Most importantly, you need to include the keywords from the job description because it is the exact description of what the hiring manager is looking for.

Cover letter

Cover letter is not always mandatory however it adds a great value to your job application. It also increases your chances of impressing or convincing the hiring manager that you deserve the marketing position or at least an interview.

In the cover letter, you can describe your inspiration, journey and showcase your passion. If the hiring manager is convinced of your interest and dedication, you are likely to get the interview call.

creative marketing resumes


In conclusion, your creative marketing resume should:

  • Meet the professionalism standards
  • Include keywords
  • Include key skills and experience
  • Have enclosed cover letter
  • Should mention all the relevant details of your profile

Now that you know all about writing your creative marketing resume, you might want to check out our resume writing guides, resume examples and resume template to write your own resume. Good luck with the job hunt!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should my creative marketing resume be?

1 or 2 pages long resumes are perfect to grab hiring manager's attention and hold it. You should use the suitable layout to ensure effective profile presentation.

Do I need a relevant degree on my creative marketing resume?

Marketing is a field where professionals with all kinds of education thrive. You do not necessarily need a relevant degree if you have the skills and experience. You should confirm with the hiring manager however.

Is digital marketing important on my creative marketing resume?

Yes, most likely. Digital marketing is an inseparable branch of marketing which is utilized by all businesses for their success and you will need the digital marketing knowledge and skills to be compatible with the position and responsibilities.

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