Computer Technician Resume: Complete Guide + Bonus Tips

Wondering where to start when writing your computer technician resume? It may be confusing but you will find it easy and simple by the end of this complete guide. Here, we will talk about all the tips on how to write a professional computer technician resume and how to ensure that your profile is highlighted well on your resume.

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Computer technicians may be expert in many areas such as technical support, operating systems, personal computers however to get computer technician jobs, you will need some help and that's why we are here for you!

Writing a resume requires the knowledge of professional resume standards, the layout and format of the computer technician resume, and some bonus tips to ensure your computer technician resume stands out so that you get picked for interview and shortlisted for hiring managers. You should keep in mind that this guide is for computer technician resume, if you are looking for similar roles such as computer science student or programmer or Linux administrator, or any other such roles, you can check out our resume guide collection of resume examples, resume templates, resume writing guides and more.

Computer Technician Resume

Now, let's talk about how to write a professional computer technician resume! To write a professional resume, you need to ensure that your resume meets all the professional resume standards such as formal language, accuracy, visual appeal, professional format and so on. First things first, we will talk about how to write a professional resume that meets all the standards of a good resume in the corporate world.

Professional computer technician resume

Here are the guidelines that will help you write a professional computer technician resume:

  • Always use formal language throughout your resume in every section, that means you need to write in past tense, third person and never deviate. Avoid using pronouns anywhere in any sentences as they make the language less formal. This will help you make sure your language on your computer technician resume is formal which is very important for a professional resume. Informal language can be unimpressive in formal contexts such as professional resume.
  • Use as many action words, power words, action verbs as possible to make your language have better impact and efficiency. Language is easily changed with few words and using action words makes your language have better and precise impact on the hiring managers or the readers of your computer technician resume.
  • Always use a professional resume format, one may think of writing their resume in their own way as they please, doing so can result in confusion or absence of impression for the reader or the hiring managers who will be expecting a particular resume layout. Using a particular resume format that is suitable for you will also help you ensure that the right areas and aspects of your professional profile are highlighted and portrayed well on your computer technician resume. We will discuss the types of resume formats and which one you should pick or which one will be suitable for you, in a little while.
  • Computer technicians resume should be written very carefully in case your are using a template for your resume. Using resume templates is very beneficial because it saves a lot of time and effort however it is crucial that you use the template properly. When using resume templates, first you need to choose the template that is themed right and suitably for your role and the company you are applying to. Next, when you are using the resume template, make sure you replace all the sample info with your own profile info without missing any part. Next, once you have replaced the sample info with your profile info, you might find that margins and white spaces have been moved and look asymmetrical which is not visually appealing and the resume looks unorganized. To fix this, you need to edit the margins, white space and even font sizes and colors, this will help you ensure the visual appeal of your resume with proper organized layout and symmetry.
  • When writing a resume, always ensure that the language as well as the info is accurate, meaning you will have to proofread your resume when you are done writing. Proofreading will help you get rid of any and every spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and factual errors which in turn will make your resume professional with accuracy and perfection. Any spelling mistakes of grammatical mistakes or such can give the hiring managers your impression to be unprofessional and you should always avoid that.
  • Your resume will be read by various hiring managers through a wide variety of devices, software, mediums of document viewing and platforms for document viewing and that means not all of them will be compatible to successfully view your document unless it is saved in most compatible document format. That is PDF document format and Microsoft Word document format, you should always save your resume in these formats to ensure that your resume is successfully viewed by any and every reader and hiring managers.
  • Your resume should be labeled well and appropriately and that means, your resume document label should convey clearly what it is and for that you need to mention your full name and the term 'resume' or 'CV'.
  • Your resume should be written with accuracy, visual appeal and efficiency and we have discussed how to do it until now.

Now, let's talk about where to begin and how to begin and then how to go ahead with your computer technician resume writing. You should also look up computer technician resume sample and computer technician resume examples for your reference.


Doing research is the key to better performance for any task. And we do the research for pretty much everything, don't we? Whether it is going out to see a movie or going out for a dinner or going on a vacation, we research so many things on the internet such as the best places to eat, best movies to watch, movie reviews, restaurant reviews, places to visit and explore on a vacation, places to stay and enjoy and so on.

Similarly, when writing a resume, you need to do some research to get better insight on how to write a resume. There are several points that you can pick up for your research such as your role and job description, your designation, your industry and it's job market, the salary range and skills, relates areas and so on. But why do you need research for writing a resume, you may have some idea already because you are here reading this article.

Doing the research will provide you with updates of the industry on how to write a resume, what to highlight from your profile and so on. This will help you ensure that your computer technician resume is not only competent and impressive but also impactful on the hiring managers.

Computer Technician Resume

When you research your role, job description and designation, you will know what are the latest requirements and expectations from the employee as computer technicians, you will know if there are any skills that you do not have or if there are any points in your profile that are extra and will help you stand out. This will help you decide which points of your profile do you need to highlight on your computer technician resume.

When you research your job industry, you will get to know the latest trends and the needs of the industry, if you have something to offer accordingly, your value in the job market will be higher than you can imagine. You will also be aware of the industry's current affairs which will make you knowledgeable and insightful enough to impress the hiring managers during the interview.

Researching the job market will help you understand your market value, you will be able to know what exactly does your profile mean in the market, how much salary can you demand and expect, which are the skills that are going to help you negotiate better for the better salary and compensation packages.

Research will also help you explore various aspects of writing a resume such as resume formats, professional resume standards, what to highlight on your resume and so on. Speaking of which, let's discuss the resume formats now.


Resume formats are fixed layouts for the resume that have fixed chronology of sections as well as the way of describing the profile. Various resume formats facilitate various profiles and help you highlight the parts of your profile that are important and crucial for you to impress the hiring managers and get the job you dream of.

There are endless resume formats available however, you may want to stick to the most preferred 3 resume formats that we will discuss below. One may also think that they can make your own format by writing the resume however they want and while that is possible, it may not be advisable because when hiring manager looks at a resume, they expect particular format and presentation of the profile in a a particular manner, which upon failing, you may disappoint the hiring manager and lose your chance for interview and further hiring process.

Now, let's talk about the resume formats:

📌Types of resume formats:

  • Functional resume format: Functional resume formats are suitable for first time job seekers, freshers and fresh graduates who might be looking for not only their first job in the field but perhaps an internship as well. Functional resume format focuses on the skills and education sections of the resume where you can elaborate the details of your educational background as well as your skills that are relevant to your role. For a fresher or a fresh graduate or a professional looking for their first job, this format is beneficial because the format takes away the focus from lack of experience and highlights the educational foundation and skills for the role. The chronology of sections in this resume format is contact info section, resume summary section, educational background section, skills section, extra sections (if there are any professional experience that you want to include you can include at last) and so on.
  • Reverse chronological order resume format: Reverse chronological resume formats are suitable for those professionals who have significant or extensive work history, seasoned professionals or even the professionals who have notable work experience that is relevant for the role of computer technician jobs. The format focuses on the experience section to showcase and highlight the candidate's competency through their profile. In this format, the experiences are described in reverse chronological order meaning beginning from latest job to walking back to first job which is the reason behind the name of the format being reverse chronological order resume format. The sections chronology of the resume format is contact info, resume summary section, professional experience section, education section, skills section and extra sections. In this format, skills are also highlighted by describing them in bullet points or such form where top 5 or such skills are chosen that are a balanced blend of soft skills and hard skills as well as technical skills and relevant skills for the role of computer technician.
  • Combination resume format: Combination resume format or the hybrid resume format is when you combine the above two resume formats for your computer technician resume. In this resume format the focus is both on skills and experience sections where skills are elaborated just as well as the experience. The aim is to showcase transferrable skills and the aspects of experience and professional exposure. This is the reason why this resume format is suitable especially for those professionals who are looking to change their career path entirely or slightly by changing their roles. The chronology of sections will be contact info section, resume summary section, professional experience section, skills section, education section, extra sections.

Now, depending on your profile and professional level, experience level and skills, you can pick one resume format from the resume formats discussed above. Make sure you choose the right resume format to ensure that your profile is described well with the right parts of it being highlighted to impress the hiring manager.

Most professionals may go with the reverse chronological resume format which is why we will discuss the resume sections in that context. If you have chosen different resume format, you can still refer to the sections discussed above, only difference may be the chronology of the sections which is mentioned above and the skills section may need to be elaborated well instead of having made concise.

So now, you have done the research and you are ready with your choice of resume format, all you need now is to begin writing your computer technician resume. And here is how you should go about it, we will discuss every section now so you know how to make your resume most efficient.

Resume header

The resume header is the top of your resume and that's where you should write your contact info section. Your contact info section must be accurate and have no mistakes because this information will help the hiring manager get in touch with you for interview and if the info is not accurate, you will miss out on all the job opportunities because the hiring manager will not be able to get in touch with you.

Your contact info section should begin with your name where you mention your full name including your first name, and your last name with correct spellings. Next up should be your email address that is formal and used for professional communication, the email address should be formal meaning there shouldn't be any unnecessary numbers and letters in it, it should be simple with your name and perhaps a few digits. Make sure you use the email ID that you check regularly and use actively so that you do not miss any important communication from hiring manager of companies where you have applied for a job. Next, you should mention your contact number with country code and area code, mention the number that you keep handy and use for professional communication. Double check your email ID and contact number to make sure they are accurate so that the hiring managers can reach out to you successfully.

Next, you can mention your LinkedIn profile link, mention this only if you are present on the platform regularly and actively, in professional capacity, your profile should be updated and showcase your professional profile efficiently. This is not mandatory hence if you do not have an active account, avoid mentioning the link of your LinkedIn profile.

Next you may want to mention your address briefly however this is not mandatory either hence if you choose to mention your address, keep it brief and not detailed. In case, you are applying for a job in another state or country, you may want to mention your address briefly. Lastly, you can include your professional headshot, which is again, not mandatory but if you choose to include it, make sure the headshot is taken by a professional photographer and you are wearing formal attire in the photograph.

After the contact info section is written, proofread it twice and ensure the information mentioned is accurate and right. After the contact info section, you need to write the resume summary section which is also known as objective statement or profile summary or personal statement or just profile.

Computer Technician Resume

Computer technician resume summary

The resume summary should be written in short, concise and crisp manner to ensure that your resume summary is compelling yet not time consuming to read. The resume summary should be written in bullet points around 3 to 5, no more and no less to ensure you grab the reader's attention and sustain it. The resume summary should be intriguing enough to grab the reader's attention so that the reader will read the rest of the computer technician resume carefully and with interest, without skipping any parts or without scheming the resume superficially.

The resume summary is simply the summary of your profile where you mention the most relevant, important and impressive details of your profile. You should begin by mentioning your role or the designation followed by your total years of experience in the field and the background such as operating systems or computer systems or technical support and so on.

Next up, you should mention the most interesting and impressive details of your experience along with the relevant and crucial skills for the role of computer technicians. Make sure that your resume summary is intriguing and not generic. Your resume summary should include your top achievements and accomplishments. You should also make sure that you use the maximum action verbs and words along with power words and relevant keywords to ensure that the resume summary is captivating and impactful and has the desired effect on the reader.

Professional experience

The professional experience section should be written in reverse chronological format meaning you should begin with your latest job experience and walk back to your first job experience. The experience details should be described in bullet points with relevant keywords and relevant skills. The job description should be concise however you should never undersell yourself and ensure that you highlight your accomplishments and achievements properly to convey your capabilities and competency accurately.

Your professional experiences should include details such as the designation or the role you held, the name of the employer company or the organization and the time period for which you were employed with them. The description of the job should include your job description as well as any extra tasks or responsibilities that you handled, the description should also highlight your skills such as working with teams and being able to handle the pressure of deadlines with efficient time management and so on.

The description of the job should also include your accomplishments and achievements that showcase your competency and help you stand out. You should also include the various areas of your industry and role, of which's exposure you have acquired during your past jobs. You can also mention any rewards, awards, acknowledgements and recognition that you may have received. You can also reflect how your contribution helped with the success of the company and improvement of overall performance of the organization.

Education section

The education section is where you describe your educational background including your high school diploma, your college degrees and any certificate courses and programs that may have been educational. When describing the details in education section, ensure that you mention the name of your diploma/degree/course along with the name of the educational institute. Now, if you are a fresher, avoid mentioning the year of the graduation and diploma etc., however if you are a seasoned professional, you may mention the year. The reason for this is, if you are a fresher the mention of the year of the graduation can cause bias for lack of experience in the reader's mind.

You can also mention other educational exposures in education section such as any online/offline programs you may have completed, any certificate courses you may have completed and anything else that may be relevant and educational. As computer technicians, you can also add courses that you may have completed from online platforms, in case you haven't, you can enroll now in many courses available online that are of short durations of 1 month, 6 month or and so on. These extra educational exposure points can really help you stand out from the pool of your fellow job applicants.

Skills section

The skills section on your resume should have the highlighted skills mentioned in bullet points or similar format. The skills that you choose to mention here, should be a balanced blend of soft skills, hard skills, technical skills and relevant skills for your role of computer technicians.

You will find a list of relevant skills for computer technicians that you can use for your computer technician resume below.

In addition, you may want to explore various job description mentioned in job ads and pick up more computer technicians skills that will help you. This is important because the skills mentioned in the job description are the exact skills that the hiring managers will be looking for on your computer technician resume.

📌List of relevant skills for your computer technician resume:

  • computer hardware
  • computer systems
  • computer repair
  • technical support
  • operating systems
  • personal computers
  • hardware and software issues
  • computer equipment
  • network infrastructure
  • hardware upgrades
  • computer science
  • network security
  • laptop and desktop computers
  • windows server
  • computer hardware components
  • repairing computer hardware
  • windows XP
  • Microsoft office
  • computer technician skills
  • software related issues
  • windows operating systems
  • computer software issues
  • network connectivity
  • network equipment
  • remote desktop connection
  • technical assistance
  • computer and network issues
  • customer satisfaction
  • hardware replacement
  • updated windows operating system
  • computer system
  • tech support
  • hardware configuration
  • Microsoft windows
  • installed software
  • computer tech
  • networking software
  • operating system
  • hardware technician skills
  • appropriate software
  • hardware operation
  • technical issues
  • software problems/ software issues
  • technical skills
  • computer problems
  • provide technical assistance
  • soft skills
  • software installation
  • network installation
  • maintaining hardware
  • software packages
  • network troubleshooting
  • windows based systems
  • network printing issues
  • wireless networks
  • providing technical support
  • customer services
  • desktop support
  • provided technical support
  • complex technical issues
  • network problems

Extra sections

After the skills section, you can add extra sections on your resume such as your language proficiencies, your personal interests and so on. Such information and extra details will definitely help you stand out. Your fellow job applicant is likely to have the same experience and skills as you do, however the extra info is something that rarely anyone else will have in common with you.

For extra sections and info, you can include your language proficiencies, your personal interests that maybe relevant such as your interest in computer hardware or network infrastructure or network security. Most computer technician resumes will mention common interests such as hardware and software, you may want to mention as unique an interest as possible.

In addition, you can also mention your extra exposures such as your workshop experiences, your seminar and webinar exposures, any programs you may have attended or completed, any volunteer work that may be relevant. You can also mention any freelance work you may have done and it will help you ensure that you stand out in a pool of fellow applicants with similar qualifications.

Now that you know all about writing your computer technician resume, let's talk about some of the bonus tips that will help you increase your chances of getting an interview call after getting shortlisted!

Bonus Tips


The first and important bonus tip is you need to include the relevant keywords throughout your computer technicians resume. If you have looked at resume examples, the best computer technician resume sample contains the relevant keywords throughout the resume in every section. We have prepared a list of relevant keywords for your computer technician resume that will help you, in addition you can also note down the keywords from job description during the research because the job descriptions have the exact keywords that the applicant tracking systems (ATS) of hiring managers will have.

Computer Technician Resume

Now what is this ATS and why do you have to include the keywords? ATS is the software that the HR managers use to screen/scan and shortlist the thousands of resumes that they receive on their job application portals. Going through so many applications manually can be time consuming and energy draining which is why the HR managers use the ATS that automatically scans and shortlists the resumes based on the parameters provided by the HR manager or the user of the software. The parameters are none other than the relevant keywords for your role and job descriptions for your role. This is why you should make sure you use the keywords throughout your computer technicians resumes.

Make sure that you do not use the keywords randomly or chunk them anywhere randomly, that will make the information non-sensical. You need to use the keywords meaningfully in sentences and in every section to ensure effective and sensible information on your resume. You can refer to various computer technician resume sample to understand better.

📌List of relevant keywords for your computer technician resume:

  • desktop support
  • windows based systems
  • customer's computer
  • network troubleshooting
  • software packages
  • software company
  • computer problems
  • technical issues
  • operating systems
  • computer technician experience
  • computer tech
  • hardware and software
  • customer satisfaction
  • computer and network issues
  • computer software
  • computer technician position
  • job description
  • computer technician skills
  • Windows XP
  • Microsoft office
  • windows server
  • network security
  • computer science
  • hardware upgrades
  • network infrastructure
  • computer equipment
  • personal computers
  • operating systems
  • technical support
  • computer technicians
  • computer repair
  • computer systems
  • computer hardware
  • computer technician

Cover letter

Cover letter helps your ensure that your resume gets the attention it deserves. You may not want to go through the trouble of writing a cover letter however we would strongly advice you to write one cover letter and customize it for each job application. You can also personalize the cover letter for each job by using the name of the HR manager in the address. This will go a long way and help you convince the HR manager to give you a chance by at least calling you for an interview.

You can reiterate your interest for the job, your experience, your skills and more in the cover letter and also talk about your journey and inspiration for choosing the career path. This will help you reflect your passion and dedication for the job.


To conclude, we would suggest you go through our extensive and carefully curated resume examples and resume templates collection that also includes resume writing guides for A to Z professions across all industries. You can also use our resume builder feature that will give you AI prompts similar to ChatGPT and help you write your resume within minutes. And that's all you need to know about writing your resume! Good luck with the job hunt!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a bachelor's degree on my computer technician resume?

Not necessarily, the required qualifications will be mentioned in the job description so you may want to check it out before applying for the job.

How long should my computer technician resume be?

Your resume should not exceed the limit of 2 pages, a professionally acceptable and impressive resume is usually 1 to 2 pages long.

Should I mention that I'm taking night classes on network security on my computer technician resume?

Absolutely, you should mention any and every relevant info on your resume, since network security is related closely to computer technician role, you should definitely mention the classes on your resume.

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