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In any retail store, never discount the one that holds the cash - the retail cashier. A cashier makes sure that customers can process transactions in the most convenient way possible - whether it be through cash, credit, debit, and even mobile payments.

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Cashier resume example

Ronald Blanco, Cashier

Santa Barbara, CA
(098) 123 4567

Personal Statement

A high-school graduate with 4 years of experience in cash management and customer service. A responsible team player with a desire to improve customer experience. Seeking a role as a cashier at large-scale supermarket Costco.


Grocery Cashier
Aug 2020 - Present
Trader Joe’s
Santa Barbara, California

  • Headed the small basket cashier lane handling at least 250 daily transitions
  • Pioneered cashier POS system to process cash and credit payments quickly
  • Resolved conflict among customers on price discrepancies

Retail Cashier
Jan 2018 - Jul 2020
Old Navy
Santa Barbara, California

  • Manned cashier aisle to greet customers and bag purchases efficiently
  • Processed payments for customers
  • Assisted customers in providing new stocks of items for purchase
  • Returned unwanted items in the proper places in the selling area
  • Cleaned and folded store merchandise during lean hours


  • POS System Management
  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Math and Critical Thinking


Santa Barbara High School
2016 - 2020

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Cashiers are critical because they ensure the business’s financial viability on a grassroots level. Without them manning the cash register and making sure all equipment is running smoothly, any business would go broke in days. Their reconciliation of cash balances at every end of a shift is a great control to ensure proper financial management is being observed.

Moreover, cashiers serve as ambassadors of the businesses in which they work. They act as excellent customer service representatives who can address customer inquiries quickly and to their best ability.

Being a cashier is a grueling task, as it may require late shifts or the occasional weekend and holiday shift, plus the responsibility of increasing customer satisfaction. However, a cashier is an excellent opportunity for anyone starting in the job market, as this requires only a high school diploma while providing an average salary of 25,000 USD per month.

Check out the many ways to create a standout retail, supermarket, or restaurant cashier resume.

From formatting basics to highlighting your specialized skills, our cashier resume samples will help you get noticed in this competitive job market. Check out our sample below:

Check out our cashier resume templates for more examples, or use a resume builder to create your own.

cashier resume

How to Make a Cashier Resume

What should a show-stopping cashier resume look like? It should showcase your experience and strength, and highlights your mental math skills and customer relations chops.

Key sections in a cashier resume include:

  • Header
  • Personal Statement
  • Work Experience
  • Skills
  • Education

Feel free to add in more sections that you feel will boost your credentials, such as additional certifications or training.

To give hiring managers an easier time reading through your resume, use reader-friendly fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. Use headers and utilize bullet points to explain further, all in left-alignment and at 0.5-1” margins to provide a clean layout. As for the content, here are three types of resume formats you can choose from.

A chronological resume format is good for applicants who want to display their progress, from the latest to the earliest, in a production company. If your career started as a bagger or janitor and got bumped up to a retail cashier role, you can use this to show your bigger roles and responsibilities.

A functional resume format allows you to highlight the diversity of roles you had in your career. If you have experience from cashiering to answering customer concerns, this resume will showcase your proven employment history.

For those looking for the best of both, combination resumes would be best. This type of resume uses work functions as headers, then details the accomplishments under each in chronological order.

How to Level Up the Title “Cashier” on a Cashier Resume

Your header should be straightforward and complete. This is the only way for a hiring manager to get back to you for follow-up questions or interviews.

Here’s an example of an excellent header:

Tom Cook, Restaurant Cashier

200E 806 St, Brooklyn, NY 11210, USA

(402) 599-1234,

Important details for the header include your personal information, such as your full name, current title, contact number, and email address. You may also add your LinkedIn account or links to your professional portfolio for reference.

Another great way to subtly showcase your expertise would be to place a modifier before the role. The example above describes what kind of resume this is - a Restaurant Cashier resume. From this, a hiring manager can already visualize the busy environment the applicant is part of and the dynamic skillsets necessary to keep up in such a fast-paced environment on top of necessary cashier skills.

Keep the layout simple and easy to read, and put your name and title on top. You may also add relevant icons before each piece of information or lay all the information in one line to save space.

Meanwhile, here’s one of many cashier resume examples of bad headers: 🛑

Tom Cook

Not only is this header incomplete, but it also gives an unprofessional first impression. While cute emails were all the rage back then, it’s time to shift to a professional one for the workplace to be taken seriously. Create another professional email address for job hunt purposes.

Photos are optional. Should you place one, be sure that the photo is professionally shot in a white or blue background (similar to passport photos), with you in professional attire. But if you choose not to place a photo, that’s okay, too.

cashier resume

Provide Work Experience For the Cashier Position

It’s easy to think cashier duties are limited to what we see at face value as customers. Still, there is more that goes on in the cashier job description. You may add these roles to the cashier's resume to show your in-depth knowledge of the job:

Transaction Processing

A good retail cashier makes sure that all items are tagged and accounted for and, if not, gets the missing information as quickly as possible. Cashiers must also be flexible enough to adapt to the variety of payment options available, such as cash, and credit and debit cards. The speed and efficiency of customer transactions rely entirely on the retail cashier. If they don’t keep up, a long line forms.

Answering Customer Inquiries and Customer Complaints

Aside from transaction count, overall customer satisfaction must also be a priority of a cashier, serving customers with enthusiasm, whether it’s for an inquiry or a complaint.

Other General Cleaning Duties

A retail cashier must keep his area clean, which is more difficult than it sounds. This is especially relevant for supermarket cashiers who deal with food, non-food, and toxic items in their area. It’s the job of the retail cashier to ring everything up as hygienically as possible and make sure that the transaction ends with a clean desk for the next customer to put his things on with confidence.

Describe Your Education

Recruiters will look at your educational background to assess your background and foundations for the cashier role.

Ideally, cashiers would be graduates of degree courses such as Business Administration and the like. But if you’ve only reached high school, don’t fret. Most cashier jobs only require a high school diploma, with a few having no formal education. Some high school students even take cashier jobs part-time to supplement their educational needs. With a lenient professional background, it pays to read the job description to be sure of the role’s requirements. However, no need to dwell on this section too much as this is usually the shortest part of the resume.

Some key features a hiring manager looks for in educational attainment listings are:

  • School name
  • School location
  • Year graduated or duration of study
  • Academic or extracurricular awards or recognition
  • *GPA - only add this if it helps your resume.

You can apply this on your resume:

University of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara

Bachelor’s in Business Administration

2005 - 2009

The Cashier Skills That Would Pay Off

While there are many types of cashiers, most of the relevant skills the job entails are generally the same. Understanding these key cashier skills - both hard and soft skills - is essential to putting your best foot forward.

Cash Handling Skills

A cashier must be able to keep his cash drawer balanced and must also be familiar with counting money should customers pay in cash. He must also be trustworthy and responsible when handling company money. Thus, a cashier resume would benefit greatly from showing leadership experience and roles that require practical math knowledge in day-to-day tasks.

cashier resume

Customer Service Experience

As the face of the company towards everyday customers, a cashier’s communication skills are key to increasing customer satisfaction. In the event of customer complaints or conflicts in front of the cash register, cashiers would have to be level-headed and solutions-focused to address the problem in the quickest way possible. The provided customer service at the register goes a long way to the customer’s final impression of the establishment.


A cashier must provide efficient service because his success relies on the speed and accuracy a customer finishes in his cashier lane. Aside from managing the cash register, he must also find time to address other tasks which crop up unpredictably, such as cleaning his area, returning unwanted items left behind by fickle-minded shoppers, and calming down an irate customer of two - sometimes all at the same time.

cashier resume

Write a Winning Professional Summary

The professional summary statement is a one-to-two liner at the top of the resume detailing your profession, work accomplishments, and career goals. Write your entire resume and pick out your top 2-3 achievements for a resume summary up top. This way, the cashier resume objective will flow well with the rest of what you’ve written.

It’s also important to be as specific as possible. Substantiate your achievements with results for credibility and impact. See how this looks on a professional cashier resume example:


A reliable restaurant cashier with 5 years of experience in the industry. The branch’s consistent trusted aide for cash handling and a team player in foodservice settings. Seeking a role as a lead restaurant cashier in the flagship branch of Denny’s.


I am a cashier with experience. I can count money well. Looking for a cashier job.

A cashier with less experience can look just as credible with the right professional summary. Here’s one of many cashier resume examples for newbies:


A high school graduate from the Malibu Secondary School with a part-time experience as a trusted babysitter. With consistent high marks in math and responsible in money matters. Seeking an entry-level cashier position where I can develop and contribute my skills.


Worked part-time at iHop as a waitress. Now looking for a cashier job.

Additional Sections for Your Cashier Resume

Don’t be afraid to add other sections to your cashier resume, especially if it showcases the skillset needed by excellent cashiers. Here are examples of extra sections for a cashier resume:

Volunteer Experience

For those new to the job market, you may also add in a separate section your volunteer experience, especially if these are related to cash handling, entry-level accounting, or customer care. Having on-the-ground experience - paid or not - helps recruiters assess your capabilities in handling the role.


There are various forms of continuing education online and offline that you can use to further your knowledge and practice in being a Cashier. If you’ve passed any of them with flying colors, feel free to add these to the bottommost part of the resume.

Tips to Level Up Your Cashier Resume

📌 Tips to remember to make the perfect cashier resume:

  • Read up on the job posting. Know exactly what the role entails for the specific company, and make sure your resume directly addresses them.
  • No formatting out of place or misspelled words - you only have seconds to impress the recruiter.
  • When in doubt, check out our resume builder or resume examples
  • Let your experience do the talking - just make sure it’s tailored to the job.

Key Takeaways: Writing the Best Cashier Resume

Let’s wrap up with all the tips for a winning resume:

  • Have a clear and concise header.
  • Substantiate your work experience with measurable results.
  • Include your education and skill sets that fit the cashier job description.
  • Add in only relevant credentials that would boost your credibility.
  • Put the best details in a snappy professional summary.

Let Your Resume Stand Out with a Cover Letter

A cover letter is an excellent way to personalize your resume further. This tells recruiters that you are genuinely interested in what the job offers.

Do your research and include one to two lines about the company you’re applying for and how this spoke to you, then end graciously hoping that your application will be considered. Recruiters who read a cover letter will likely feel appreciated and want to read your application further.

If you’d like to write one, check out our cover letter examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my Cashier resume be?

It might be tempting to pad your resume, but resist! Keep it to one page and adjust your content accordingly, only putting in the most valuable content. You’ll be surprised to find out what doesn’t need to be there.

Should I include my previous jobs unrelated to being a cashier?

If the role was merely a gap filler for a few months, it’s best to omit it so as not to clutter the resume. But if you were able to gain significant experience from this job which can be helpful as a cashier, keep it on the resume and make sure the achievements are highlighted.

Remember that the recruiter will likely ask whatever is on the resume. If you put it there, be ready to talk about it.

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