Camp Counselor Resume: Example, Focused Structure, And Best Practices

Camp Counselor Resume: Example, Focused Structure, And Best Practices

A camp counseler oversees camp activities to make sure that the campers stay safe, comfortable, and satisfied. They usually work with children on educational or recreational trips.Parents, guardians, and teachers trust the camp counselor to take care of the children when they are away from home and school.

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Example Of A Camp Counselor Resume

Jean Williams
Camp Counselor
Tampa, FL

Professional Summary
Professional camp counselor with first aid and lifeguard certifications and over 5 years of experience. Supervised over 27 camping trips in various fields including swimming, yoga, wellness, and children's summer camp. Practiced proactive planning and budgeting techniques that reduced the usual camping expenditure by 25%.


  • Lifeguard skills
  • Teaching and child care
  • Teamwork
  • Camp leadership
  • Strong communication skills with children

Work Experience

  • ABC Yoga CampCamp Counselor2019 - Present
  • Supervised a total 27 camping trips for different groups of 15.
  • Instructed children in healthy yoga poses and created a nutritious camping diet for each 2-week trip.
  • Administered first aid to 3 children who got injured playing on the grounds, and resolved conflicts between them.
  • Upheld swimming pool safety and took lifeguard safety measures during 14 high school camping trips.

XYZ High School
Camp Counseling Assistant
2017 - 2019

  • Aided the Senior Camp Counselor by supervising travel arrangements and chaperoning for 120 students.
  • Attended 3 annual summer camps, each lasting 21 days.
  • Personally cut costs down by 25% by improving camping plans and acquiring more suitable, long-lasting camp equipment.

BSc in Kinesiology, California University, 2016
High School Diploma, Florida high School, 2012

First Aid Certification, Red Cross, 2018Lifeguard Certification, Red Cross, 2019

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As a summer camp counselor, it'll be your responsibility to ensure the camping excursion goes smoothly and the students return home safe and sound.

Camp counselors ensure this by being experts in a variety of crisis management skills such as first aid, psychological assistance, and lifeguard practices. You also need patience and a clear mind, because you'll be supervising growing children who need sympathetic guidance and a helping hand.

Camp Counselor Resume

The recreational skills needed for a camp counseling job are as varied as the types of camps. You can start a specialization in one field, such as martial arts or yoga camps. Several camp counselors also learn how to play and instruct campers on hiking, playing baseball, swimming, and more. This helps them have a versatile skillset for their resume.

You, too, can choose your areas of expertise and create a solid resume that makes you a prime candidate for camp counseling jobs. So, keep reading this thorough article to make every part of your camp counselor resume informational and reflective of your experience.

Skills For A Camp Counselor Resume

Camp Counselor Resume

As a camp counselor, you need a strong base in emergency procedures and communication with children. Thus, your resume will only be complete with an equal set of soft and hard skills.

There are certain skills for which you can get a certificate or a license to ensure your competence. Most camps that involve swimming or even take place near water bodies don't consider counselor applicants without proven lifeguard skill.

Similarly, a situation may arise where a camper acquired a muscle injury during yoga and you need to guide them on the proper measures. You will also notify emergency medical personnel if the injury is serious.

However, soft skills you've developed naturally over the course of your life will also come in handy.

Camp counselors usually oversee groups of excited children who are not used to being away from their homes overnight. Disagreements can break out between stressed kids, and over-enthusiastic campers might take on dangerous adventures.

Your communication skills and presence of mind under high pressure can de-escalate otherwise dire situations. A friendly demeanor, love for kids, and a watchful eye will help you maintain discipline and meet the camp rules. You'll already be experienced in these practices if you were previously a high school teacher.

Here are the most helpful soft and hard skills for a camp counselor. 👇 You can add all the ones that apply to your summer camp counselor resume and get started on developing the rest.

Hard Skills

  • Child care
  • First aid
  • Sports and physical fitness
  • Crisis intervention
  • Teaching and instruction
  • Lifeguarding

Soft Skills

Camp Counselor Resume

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Decision making
  • Team coordination
  • Conflict resolution

How To Make A Camp Counselor Resume

The ideal camp counselor resume is short and to the point. Since it's a serious position affecting many lives, hiring managers value relevant qualifications and certifications above all else.

If you have the required skills, make sure to mention everything and highlight them clearly in the resume. Show examples that prove you're a dependable, vigilant person who can assure the safety of the organization's valuable clients or students.

Overall, you should include the following sections in your summer camp counselor resume.

  • Resume header
  • Professional summary
  • Relevant skills
  • Camp counseling experience (You can also mention similar roles where you taught preschool children or took charge of camp events.)
  • Your education (Highest degree, relevant courses, etc.)
  • Certification

Keyword Optimization In Your Resume

Like any resume, a camp counselor resume has more chances of being picked up by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) if it mentions certain keywords and action verbs.

The following are some of the most likely ATS keywords for a camp counselor job posting.

  • Leadership skills
  • Lifeguard certification
  • First aid certification
  • Patience
  • Problem solving
⚠️ Reminder: The above keywords are generic. However, a good resume must be specifically targeted towards the intended camp counselor position. Therefore, look closely at the camp counselor job description you're going for, and tailor your resume accordingly.

Here's a sample job description and the keywords/action verbs you can glean from it.

Happy Summer Camp is looking for an experienced camp counselor for our yearly children's camps. The counselor will safeguard the children during their 14-day trip and instruct them in team sports. You will assist the planning committee in creating an efficient budget and organizing safe, educational trips.

What You'll Do:

  • Patiently instruct children in football, volleyball and swimming.
  • Follow safety guidelines set by the committee.
  • Resolve issues and conflicts in the camp.
  • Take responsibility of camping equipment.

Who You Are:

  • A professional counselor with proven CPR and lifeguard experience.
  • A supportive instructor who tailors teaching methods for each child's individual needs.
  • An immunized, healthy team worker who leads by example.

Notice the words that stand out or define key parts of the job description. These are the important words to include in your resume in a similar context.

The Best Camp Counselor Resume Layout

Camp Counselor Resume

Your camp counselor resume should be concise and readable. Prioritize simplicity and informational content over flashiness or attractive graphics.

Keep the colors in your camp counselor resume a simple black and white. If you want, you can use some blue tones for the headings. But the hiring manager's focus should be on your qualifications, not your graphic design skills. Use common and straightforward fonts like Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman. Keep the font size to about 11-12 pt.

📌 Tip: Ensure all your resume sections are properly aligned and don't look haphazard. You can put the columns in a left or justified alignment, but it should be even. Try to keep your camp counselor resume content within one or two proportionate columns.

How Should You Format The Resume?

Camp counselor resumes can be created in various different formats. You should use the one that matches your experience and showcases you skills in the best possible way. Here's a breakdown of the camp counselor resume formats and when to use them.

  • Functional Resume
Description: A functional resume is succinct and focuses on your skills. It tells the employer about your education and counseling-related courses, as well as the people skills needed for the position. When to use: Are you self-conscious about the lack of experience in your resume? This format is best for freshers in the camp counseling field. Use it if you just finished your degree and want to start your job hunt, or if you are transitioning from a different career.
  • Chronological Resume
Description: Despite its name, these camp counselor resumes are actually arranged in a reverse chronological order. The experience is separeted into specific roles or positions. It is arranged in order of most to least recent.

So, suppose you got your high school diploma, worked 3 years as a camp counselor's assistant in a a certain company. Then, you left that job and are currently working as a senior summer camp counselor at an esteemed school. You should mention the school first and the company second in your resume.

When to use: This resume is clearly beneficial to camp counselors who have gained some experience at their profession. It ensures that the hiring managers notice your most important achievements first.
  • Combination Resume
Description: A combination resume is the best of both worlds. It highlights your accomplishments in the correct order, and it also includes a list of your best skills and education standards. When to use: After several years of being a camp counselor and gaining new certifications, you'd have a lot to offer to a new position. This format ensures your prospective employer gets the complete idea of your gathered experience and the value you would bring to their team.

Tips For Your Camp Counselor Professional Summary

Even after you use all of the above points to create a perfect resume, the professional summary will decide its ultimate fate. This is the section that the managers will read for every single applicant and decide who is worth their time. Therefore, this is your chance to stand out and ensure they keep reading the rest of your resume.

Your professional summary should be a brief synopsis of your experience, along with your skills and credentials. Don't be afraid of repeating things here that you've already mentioned in the other section. Remember, this might be your only chance to showcase yourself.

Start A Successful Camp Counseling Career

Camp Counselor Resume

Schools and universities usually keep a permanent camp counselor for camp activities throughout the year. Counselors can also take up positions at camping organizations and retreats. Here, you'll always have a different group to guide.

This career also has a multitude of growth oppurtunities. You will gain more experience and respect with every camp you instruct. You can keep improving to reach the highest counseling positions. You also have the option to use your enhanced leadership skills to aim for managerial positions like a camp director.

The camp counselor salary depends on a person's years of experience and job description. In the US, the lowest camp counselor salary is $42,640 per year, but sufficient skills and expertise can get you up to $59,851.

A few highly qualified camp counselors even earn up to $66,017 annually. 💰

So, use the camp counselor resume examples skills you learned from this resume builder and confidently apply to your desired institution. If you have teaching proficiency in a subject or extracurricular activities, you can also take a dual position where you supervise excursions and teach a class on normal days. Use this teacher resume guide to help you along.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best educational courses for a camp counselor?

Many universities in the USA offer camp counselor programs. You can also enrol in a camp counselor exchange program to get a more diverse learning.

Is camp counseling a fulfilling career?

If you are an outdoorsy person who enjoys working with children, being a camp counselor will make you very happy. Genuine passion to have new experiences and guide others will make sure it does not even feel like a job. You may go through difficult times in planning shortfalls or unexpected situations. However, successfully resolving a problem for the grateful campers is its own reward.

What are some additional camp counselor skills?

There are some additional skills which will enhance your application. Education in kinesiology, psychology and teaching methods will boost your camp counselor resume. If you have prior experience as a gym teacher, travel guide, etc., you should highlight it.

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