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Making an enticing and job-ready Beauty therapist resume is not an easy job, you have to add all the necessary details. A highly recommended resume is what attracts the hiring manager to check your resume and understand your working ability. Being a beauty therapist is difficult because you have to earn trust through communication and interaction skills.

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Beauty Therapist Resume Example

Nicole Jonas
Beauty Therapist
Los Angeles, CA

Professional Summary

Enthusiastic, passionate, and responsive Beauty Therapist' with 5+ years of working experience in presenting numerous healing procedures to customers to decorate their facial looks. Proficient in communicating with customers to reply to their worries and giving suitable recommendations about all the beauty essentials for preserving the look. Skilled in various beauty treatments such as sporting out waxing, pedicure, manicure, and acting eyebrow tinting in step with the requirements.

Work Experience

LAKME Skin Care, CA
Beauty Therapist
June 2019- September 2022

Work responsibilities:

  • Analyze skin for determining which treatment will be the best for skin treatment
  • Used trade practices to remove facial and body hair. Also, use tools such as waxing and electrolysis.
  • Delivered face and body massages by applying hot stones
  • Highly educated to provide traditional beauty therapy including pedicures and manicures

EQUINOX Saloon, Los Angeles
Beauty Therapist
April 2017- May 2019

Work responsibilities:

  • Cross-offered additional treatment and retail splendor merchandise primarily based totally on customer's desires and contact them for follow up
  • Performed particular remedies including mild remedies for customers identified with not unusual place pores and skin situations and illnesses including eczema and acne
  • Offered make-up recommendations and endorsed merchandise relying upon the customer's needs and evaluation results


Associate degree in personal care and wellness
University of Miami
December 2016

Certification and Awards:

Best beautician of the year 2020 (LAKME Skin Care)

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Beauty Therapists manage a wide variety of splendor remedies for customers, which include nail clipping and pedicure, massage, tanning, waxing, eyebrow trimming, and facials. Other duties are assessing consumer wishes and demands, requesting customers' approximately hypersensitive reactions and fitness problems which can intervene with remedies, and imparting advice. The most potent beautician spotlights cosmetology expertise, excellent conversation and social ability, protection tips knowledge, and client support orientation.

Your resume should have a powerful job summary, education, experience, and most importantly your beauty skill. In today’s time, most people are getting addicted to the beauty profession. That's why people are taking courses from many professionals and have done internships. You should add these too.

In this article, you will get to know how to create a high-quality resume for beauty therapists with all the examples and tips.

How to make a Beauty Therapist Resume

You always wanted to be a beauty therapist and also had years of experience and now looking for a job but anyhow you are not getting selected. In this context, may you have a question about why I am not selected? The reason behind this is your resume. It does not represent your expertise in front of the hiring team. That’s why it is very important to make your resume in that way where the hiring manager finds you the most suitable candidate for the job role.

We all know the job responsibilities of beauty therapists, so it’s important to add those key skills to your resume. It would be great if you did your bachelor’s in physical therapy or any other kind of degree which is related to this field. Not only does just adding your skills and experience to the resume, make your resume perfect, but you also have to categorize them properly.

If you are aware of how to create a resume, you should read this article properly. You will get all the necessary details through the article. You can also try our Beauty therapist resume template to create your resume. you just need to fill in the details in every section, it will automatically prepare your resume.

If you are trying to personalize your resume then follow the below points:

  • The title of your resume should be error-free.
  • You should add your expertise and skills in your job summary
  • Read the job description and add those key skills in your resume so that the hiring manager notices the resume.
  • Add your key skills and highlight them
  • Always use bullets, and font styles to make your resume noticeable
  • Remember you should remove your irrelevant experience.

So let’s check how to create a resume for this job role. It should have a proper structure and format.

Layout for this resume:

With key skills, experience, and education, how you will present your resume is also important. If your resume does not look like a professional one, your resume might not be selected. To make it professional you should choose a perfect layout. It’s better to use normal font styles rather than fancy ones because it can make cringe. Always use Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri.

Format for this resume:

The format is also playing a vital role to represent your resume. There are three types of formats such as chronological, functional, and mixed.

  • The chronological format is used to make the resume with bullet points, paragraph styles, and font styles. It can bring the opportunity to get noticed by the hiring team. Generally, we use this format for experienced people.
  • The functional format is for those who don’t have any experience but have knowledge of beauty techniques. The format helps you to showcase your expertise and beauty skills. So that the salon owner can understand your skills and not judge you by experience.
  • The mixed format is the best above them as it represents not only your experiences but also your education and skills. You can say that it is a combined mixture of chronological and functional formats.

Structure of this resume:

It’s important to use the proper structure. You can’t add your experience before a job summary or can’t add your contact details at the end. It should follow an order or structure. The structure for this job profile should be:

  • The title should include your name, address, email address, mobile number, LinkedIn profile link, etc.
  • After the header section, you should add your career objective
  • After that add your work experience
  • Education details
  • Professional skills
  • In the end, you can add additional information such as languages, awards, certifications, and hobbies.

beauty therapist resume

Title and Contact Information | First Part of Your Resume

It is the most important section of your resume because it contains your contact information such as your mobile number, and email address. So it’s important to add the details correctly so that there will not be any errors. Either the hiring manager will not be able to contact you even after you get selected. It is the first part of your resume where you should include your name, mobile number, email address, present address, LinkedIn profile link, etc. You should follow the Beauty therapist resume example to gain knowledge about what you should add or not.

Right Header

Nicole Jonas

Beauty Therapist


Los Angeles, CA

Wrong header

Nicole Jonas


Camak street,17 bose road

Los Angeles, CA

💡Fact: why the first example is correct and why the second one is wrong? The answer is the first one contains all the necessary details with proper structure. On the other hand, the second example does not contain the proper structure. You should add your job profile in the title section. Also in this example, you should not add the whole address and the contact details should be added after the job profile.

The context of adding the picture is quite confusing for some people. They think it is better to add a picture or not. Honestly speaking, adding a picture is not necessary as there is no extra benefit to adding it. But in many countries, especially in the USA, most companies are against adding pictures. As they believe a picture can create biases in the recruiting process. But yes, if you want to add a picture, you can do this but make sure it should be a professional photograph.

Describe Your Professional Experience as a Beauty Therapist

As you know, most companies preferred experienced candidates as they already knew the job role. The more experience you have, the more chances of getting selected will increase. So it’s very important to add those experiences to your resume so that the recruiter will get to know your capabilities. If you don’t have experience, there is nothing to worry as many industries also prefer freshers. So we can say that experiences bring an extra positive view to your resume.

Adding your experiences and key job responsibilities to your Beauty therapist resume can attract the hiring manager and higher your chances to get selected. In this section, you should add your previous company name, the previous job role, the address of the company, and the date of your previous employment. After filling this you should add your job responsibilities. You should not add all of these responsibilities, just add those which are related to the job role.

To list your professional experience you can follow the below points:

  • Your professional experience section should be categorized in this way: Job role, name of the company, company address, time of employment, and job responsibilities. You can also add your achievements.
  • While adding job responsibilities ensure that you added all the important factors which means all the key skills required for this job role.
  • Those who do not have any experience or have experience in other fields can add their internship details or previous employment history.

beauty therapist resume

Example of work experience for a senior beauty therapist:

Beauty Therapist

Loreal Salon Co and Pvt Ltd.

Los Angeles

March 2017- September 2022

  • Maintained customer data and reported logistical and client-based concerns to the administration and salon owner.
  • Harmonized with equivalent salon representatives for providing the best treatment for patients with innovative dermatological issues
  • Conducted all-purpose facial and body services like brow and lash treatments.

Example of work experience for a senior beauty therapist:

Professional Beautician

Arica Salon


January 2015-February 2017

  • Gained knowledge in overall beauty therapy such as facials, makeup, pedicure, manicure, eyelash/eyebrows treatment, and waxing.
  • Suggested customers about attractive beauty packages for therapy during marriage season as well as festivals to gain maximum profits.
  • Proficient in recommending clients about skin care, also recommending exclusive beauty essentials to maintain a glow

And if you don’t have experience …

We are talking about experience right and also informed about how important it is to get a job. But if you don't have any experience, are you not able to get your dream job? The answer is yes, you can get your dream job even without having any experience. In this context, you have to highlight your skills and education. If you have other job experience you can add this too.

It will be better if you add your internship details with all the key skills and what you have done in that internship.

📌Tip: keep your job responsibilities open to the hiring manager so that you get noticed by them. Always use bullet points to showcase your skills, it boosts your chances to get noticed by the hiring manager.

beauty therapist resume

Education | Include your academic background

Professional experiences are the eyes of your resume because it tells employers precisely what type of advanced abilities and activities a task seeker has completed inside a selected industry. While preceding experience is usually extra specified than academic level, the latter creates a remarkable impact on your behavior, dedication, and cap potential of the task candidate.

Education stays one of the pinnacle hiring elements withinside the majority of businesses today. The international community is creating a gradual transition closer to self-learning. So far, maximum hiring companies are disinclined to hire candidates without any educational background.

When you are adding education to your resume make sure it is easy to read and understand. You can start this section with the degree you had then add your university name and year of completion. If you have done with your master's degree then you can add this too. In that case, you can remove the school section from your resume.

Example of the education in a Logistic Assistant Resume:

Associate's Degree in salon management

Coral Springs University

December 2014


Presidency School

December 2011

✒️ Note: some people think it’s too important to add your grades to your resume but honestly speaking it is not necessary. If you had a good academic grade then you can add otherwise let it be.

Best Skills for Your Resume

There is no limit to gaining knowledge and gathering skills. As skills are the key points to making a perfect Beauty therapist resume. Every job needs basic skills and in the beauty industry, you should have professional beauty skills. These are having good communication skills, current knowledge of beauty tools and beauty products, and providing beauty services and treatments.

As we know, both hard and soft skills are important to create a professional resume. Hard skills help the salon owner to understand the professional experiences which you have gathered from previous companies. On the other hand, soft skills inform the hiring manager about your personality, and how you can manage your clients.

While adding your makeup skills make sure it should be easy to understand. Below are examples of hard and soft skills:

Hard skills:

  • Precise skin analyses.
  • Knowledge of beauty Tool Sterilization
  • Skin treatments
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Cleaning, manicures, and pedicures
  • Chemical peels
  • Hot stone treatments
  • Remove body and facial hair

Soft skills:

  • Cash handling
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time management
  • Product knowledge
  • Greeting customers

beauty therapist resume

Professional Summary

A professional summary or career object is as important as education and experience in your resume. Whenever the hiring manager reviews your resume, they first look at your job summary, then read the rest of it.

While creating the summary section you should remember that it represents your personality, work experience, and skills shortly. So that the hiring manager gets convinced to read the full resume and get to know more about you. After the title section, you add your job summary. You can also check our Beauty specialist resume sample to get knowledge on how to add a summary.


Well-educated Beauty Therapist with 5 years of experience. Excellent eye for elements and ardor for cultured and complete care. Offering considerable knowledge of skin rejuvenation treatments and customized patron care. Technically professional hair and make-up stylist, recommending merchandise and appears primarily based totally on bodily traits and consumer requests. Highly synchronized cashier and table operator with the usual ability for multitasking and correct cash handling.

💡 the example is perfect because in this example we have mentioned years of experience, skills, and your previous work responsibilities in a correct way. By reading this summary hiring managers will get to know all your capabilities by this summary and surely read the rest.


Organized and reliable candidate a hit at managing several significances with a tremendous attitude. Willingness to tackle brought obligations to fulfill team goals and client needs. For seeking and keeping full-time function that gives expert demanding situations utilizing interpersonal skills, super time control, and problem-fixing skills.

💡this example is incorrect as it does not represent your abilities, years of experience, and previous work responsibilities. It is not clear as well thus the recruiter will not get attracted by your summary and they might not read the full resume.

You can also check Beauty therapist resume to download templates of job summary for this job role.

Additional Sections to Enhance Your Resume

If your resume consists of simple data—previous experience, education, and expertise—you are off to an excellent start. But you may take your application to place certifications to your resume, in addition to extra data that helps and reinforces your qualifications.

Some careers consultants believe that those forms of additional information on an expert resume and you need to give attention to your qualifications and experiences. Another advantage is that that information can illustrate that you have an innovative and rounded character.

In this section, you can add languages, courses, computer knowledge, and so on.


In this section, you can add your professional beauty courses. You have to add the name of the course, the name of the organization from where you completed the course, and the timing of completion.

Professional make-up course

AR Salon

June 2019


Languages play a vital role in the job role of beauty therapists as you have to communicate with clients and discuss beauty products. You can mention your known languages in that way:

  • Spanish- Advanced
  • English- Fluent
  • Italian- Advanced
⚠️Warning: while adding additional information make sure you have not included anything which can work against you, like controversial information or religious affiliations.


  • Your title section should be error-free and have the proper details
  • Use mixed format to create the resume as it is the most appropriate format
  • The resume should be easy to understand so that the recruiter can’t get bored checking your details.
  • Add all the important sections such as summary, education, and experiences.
  • Before adding professional abilities always check the job description and those key bullet points to highlight your knowledge.
  • Include your cover letter to get a better opportunity.

Complement Your Resume with a Cover Letter

The main reason for the cover letter, along with your resume is to get noticed by the interviewer. Another reason is to interconnect with beauty industries from factual content. It ought to be created in a way that is direct, humble, and conveys eagerness. This section is a possibility to make clear how the abilities you established previously can be beneficial. The quality of your cover letter offers the owner an important perception of your nature and the type of tendencies that might add worth to the team.

You can check our Beauty specialist resume sample to create a cover letter and attach it to your resume

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for a beauty therapist's job?

Should complete diploma or bachelor in salon management or relevant course

Have experience with skin treatments, body wraps, and other beauty services

Physically fit and can do body and facials massage

Excellent communication skill

What is the average salary of beauty therapists?

As of 27th October 2022, the average salary of beauty therapists in the USA is $65,575. And the salary range is $59,218-$75,292

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