Bar Manager Resume: Comprehensive Guide + Bonus Tips

When you are writing your professional resume, you need to reflect two most important aspects: You are passionate about the job and you enjoy it & you are great at the job responsibilities and you can handle them all sincerely. Now, how do you do that? The answer to this question is exactly what we will discuss today in this article through various points and topics and much more.

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We will talk about how you can write your own bar manager resume in a way that gets you closer to your dream job and makes your job hunt or job search process much easier and less disappointing. Writing a professional bar manager resume, you will need to know all about how professional resumes are written and how your bar manager resume should be written and that includes each and every section of your resume as well as some guidelines that will be applicable to all the content throughout your bar manager resume.

Bar Manager Resume

So let's dive in!

Professional bar manager resume

First and foremost, you should know the importance of a professional resume, and that means you should know what makes a resume professional and why your resume must be a professional resume.

Professional resume is a resume that meets all the standards of corporate world, and satisfies the hiring managers. A professional resume reflects the professional values such as accuracy, attention to detail, formal format and language along with organized presentation in form of a resume template and resume format.

When your resume is not professional, the hiring managers will be disappointed because every system, every place, every group-almost everything in this world runs with the regard of a set rules and professionalism is a must for the professional settings.

Now how can you make your resume professional? How can you reflect professionalism and meet the professional resume standards on your own bar manager resume? Here is how:

  • Your bar manager resume should be accurate through and through, in terms of language as well as details, you need to pay attention to every single detail and ensure that there are no errors of any kind. Once you are done writing your bar manager resume, you should proofread it twice and remove any and every spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and factual errors so that you do not leave an impression on the hiring managers that hampers your chances of getting the job you have applied for. Such mistakes often cost you your jobs in spite of your skills and experience because in corporate world, attention to detail and accuracy are highly valued traits.
  • Your bar manager resume should be formal and your language should reflect professionalism through formal tone. To do that you need to use the past tense and third person throughout your resume in every section, you need to avoid using pronouns as well because using pronouns in your language makes it less formal. Make sure you are consistent with this language style and do not switch in between as that will be an indication of lack of professionalism.
  • Your bar managers resume should be written in a professional resume format, there are many resume formats that you can choose from, we will discuss them next.
  • In case you are using a bar manager resume template, you should know how to use it appropriately, for example, after replacing the sample information with your profile's information, you will need to ensure the symmetry and visual appeal of the resume, for which you will need to do some editing. We will discuss that next as well.
  • Your resume document should labeled simply and professionally. A professional resume document is easy to recognize because it will be labeled with applicant's full name (first name and last name) and the term 'resume' or 'CV'. I.e. Max Verstappen Resume OR Max Verstappen CV.
  • Your resume document should be saved in a format that is compatible with most systems and document viewing mediums because your resume will go through a number of applicant tracking systems/software and various hiring managers and readers of your resume will view your resume on a wide range of devices and document viewing mediums/platforms. If the format used by you is not compatible with all of them the reader will not be able to check out your resume. Most compatible document formats are PDF and Microsoft Word and you should use the same.
Bar Manager Resume

Now you know how you can write a professional resume, let's discuss how to write a bar manager resume next!

Research, Formats & Templates

How do you go about anything that you are not an expert at? You explore and try to learn, right? When you have any questions, first thing you might do is go on internet and search a little about it, then if you want to learn more in-depth rather than superficially, you might look at relevant articles and websites that talk about and provide knowledge on what you are exploring.

Similarly, when you decided that you want to work on your bar manager resume-whether you want to improve it or write a new one from scratch, you knew that you can look it up online. And when you looked up online, you probably found this article and started reading it because it seemed relevant and insightful to you.

Bartender's job description and bartender's job's impression on laymen are completely different, people may think it is fun to make cocktails and mocktails and pouring shots and having access to unlimited alcohol that is probably not as expensive for you as it is for people; but the reality is different because bartending and bar managing job description and responsibilities are not as easy and simple as people may imagine. Many jobs at Chilli's, Starbucks, Taco Bell etc. tend to have a very different impression on laymen and reality of the job duties etc. So what does this mean for you when we are talking about writing a bar manager resume?

This article will tell you all about writing your own bar managers resume, you will need to however explore your profession separately, in addition to reading this article. When you are exploring your profession, you can look up your role and designation, your job description and duties, your industry (i.e. Alcohol industry, bar industry, hospitality industry etc.) and even your potential exployers.

This research will give you a lot of insight regarding:

  • the salary range that you can expect and negotiate for
  • job market scenario at present and job market trends
  • what to expect in interviews
  • what do hiring managers expect
  • how you can your resume so that the you can grab hiring manager's attention
  • how you can stand out by offering (what) something different and more than your fellow job applicants
  • future scope of your profession and career path

After you are done with this research, you would want to look up various bar manager resume examples so that you get an idea of how exactly do bar manager resumes look like. You will need to decide the resume format for your own bar manager resume as well.

📌 There are 3 types of resume formats that you can choose from:

  • Functional resume format: functional resume format is suitable for freshers and recent graduates who need to focus on their skills and education because they are yet to get any professional experience and perhaps have nothing to show for their work history on their resume.
  • Reverse chronological resume format: reverse chronological resume format is suitable for those professionals who are seasoned professionals, or have extensive work history, or even have significant professional experience that can be discussed under work history section; format focuses on the work history section of the resume
  • Combination resume format: combination resume format is exactly what it sounds like, the resume format that is the combination of the above two formats, the format focuses both on the skills and experience section which helps the professionals who need to showcase their transferable skills and experience; most professionals who are looking for a career change, go for this resume format; the format is also known as hybrid resume format

After the decision of choosing the format, you can look up various resume template options and choose one for yourself. Resume templates serve the purpose of ensuring visual appeal of your professional resume, it provides you with the outline along with the visual appearance aspects such as margins, white space and font size etc.

Bar Manager Resume

Things you need to keep in mind when using a resume template:

  • Replace all the sample information with your profile's information without a miss
  • Fix all the margins and white space according to your needs
  • Resize the fonts after replacing the information in case the difference of information amount has moved the margins and white space

Bar manager resume outline

Now we have talked all about professional resume and the steps that you need to take before you get down to writing your own bar manager resume. Next, we will talk about which sections to write in your resume and how each section should be written.

Header-Contact info

On the top of your resume, in the header, you need to include your contact information as follows:

  • Your full name (first name and last name) with accurate spelling
  • Your contact number that you use regularly and have it handy
  • Your email ID that you use for professional communication, make sure the ID is formal
  • Your LinkedIn profile link, only mention it if your LinkedIn profile is updated and you use it regularly

Bar manager resume summary

The bar manager resume summary that you will write after contact information section will highlight the most impressive aspects of your profile that will compel the hiring manager to pay attention to your resume.

Your resume summary should be short, crisp and concise and you should use bullet points to describe the highlights of your resume, the bullet points should be 3 to 5. The resume summary should begin with the mention of your role/designation and you need to include certain details such as:

  • Your total years of experience and background
  • Your achievements and highlights from work experience, most important and relevant skills that you have mastered and any other notable details
  • The kind of opportunity that you are looking for and how you will leverage your skills and experience to perform well

You should use as many action verbs and power words as possible to make the language more impactful, try to quantify as many as details as possible with number so you can impress the hiring manager easily. Seeing numbers in information has better impact on the reader rather than information that has vague and ambiguous details and quantification in descriptions.

Professional service experience

Professional service experience or the professional work history is where you describe all your experiences and talk about them in detail. Your experience section should written in reverse chronological order and you should make sure that you begin with your latest experience/job.

Every experience should be described after mentioning certain details such as your role or designation, the full name of your employer and the employment period for which you worked there. The description should not be written in lengthy sentences but in short and concise sentences written in bullet points.

In the description of your experience you need to include every single detail of your job description, you need to be thorough and make sure that you highlight your work ethic and reflect your passion for your job of bar manager. Most bar managers focus on displaying their capacity and skills and forget to reflect their passion for the job, it is important because it helps you convince the hiring manager.

You should keep in mind that your skills and experience are always going to be exceptional in one or other way and you should never undersell yourself on your resume, you should try and ensure that your capabilities are reflected well on your bar manager resume.

Bar Manager Resume


the education section on your resume should mention all the education you have acquired whether it is the high school diploma or bachelor degree or courses and programs and so on. You need to mention the education institute and platform from where you acquired the education as well.

You can also mention your training in this section, before beginning as a bar manager, you might have worked as a bartender or another position of management and so on and you should make sure that you mention such educative exposure on your resume.

Skills section

Skills section helps you highlight your top skills and soft skills and hard skills that are crucial for your job and help you impress the recruiter. You should choose the skills that are your top strengths when you are listing skills in this section.

We have curated s list of relevant skills for your bar manager resume, you can also pick more skills from the job descriptions of your bar manager jobs' postings.

📌 List of relevant skills for your bar manager resume

  • achieving customer satisfaction
  • bar operations
  • exceptional customer service
  • handling customer complaints
  • working with bar staff
  • inventory management
  • managing repeat business
  • business management skills
  • rapport with bar owners
  • working at a restaurant bar
  • knowledge of the drink menu
  • seamless beverage service
  • training staff
  • excellent customer service
  • managing customer service standards
  • working at a new restaurant bar
  • working with new inventory management system
  • achieving guest satisfaction
  • managing private parties
  • managing bar environment
  • bar inventory management skills
  • working with promotional events
  • developed signature drinks
  • ensuring customer satisfaction
  • increased bar revenue
  • increasing bar efficiency
  • general operations management skills
  • ensuring legal drinking age before serving
  • hospitality management
  • working at special events
  • quality service
  • industry knowledge
  • leadership skills
  • directed bartending operations
  • courteous service
  • planning promotional events
  • cash management
Bar Manager Resume

Extra sections

In case you want to stand out with more information, you can include more relevant information in separate sections. What can you talk about in separate sections?

  • Your language proficiencies: as a bar manager you are likely to come across many customers of different backgrounds who speak different languages, in case you are fluent in more than one language, it can be a plus point on your bar managers' resume
  • Your personal interest: in case you have any personal interests that are relevant to your role, you should add them on your resume as it can be a value addition on your resume, such interests may be- bartending, learning about alcoholic drinks. exploring various mocktails and cocktails, business management, management of hotels, hospitality industry, consumer behaviors and psychology
  • Your exposure: if you have had exposure of various relevant events, programs, workshops, trainings, seminars, webinars and so on, you should mention them on your resume as it will make you stand out because of exceptional exposure

Bonus Tips

Now let's talk about the bonus tips for how you can increase your chances of getting hired and impressing the hiring managers!


You may have heard of applicant tracking systems and AI software that recruiters use across the industries and globe. These systems and software work on the basis of set parameters and these parameters are simply the relevant keywords. The keywords that are related to your role, your job duties, your profession, your industry and anything that is relevant for your job title and job.

When you do the research, you can simply note such keywords down and then when you sit down to write your resume, make sure you use these keywords throughout your resume. Do not stuff the keywords anywhere but use them in sentences in a manner that it makes sense and the information is meaningful. We have prepared a list of relevant keywords for bar manager resume that you can use for your own resume. You can also pick more keywords from the job descriptions for your job title/position opening-posting.

📌 List of relevant keywords for your bar manager resume

  • soft skills
  • top skills
  • key skills
  • social media marketing
  • labor statistics
  • proven ability
  • directed bartending operations
  • special events
  • hospitality management
  • beverage service standards
  • bar efficiency
  • bar operations
  • bar owners
  • bar owner
  • restaurant operations
  • restaurant guests
  • professional service
  • high school diploma
  • excellent customer service
  • exceptional service
  • bar inventory
  • inventory management
  • private parties
  • great bar manager
  • guest satisfaction
  • training staff
  • job title
  • drink menu
  • business management
  • repeat business
  • bar manager positions
  • bar manager jobs
  • bar manager job
  • bar staff
  • managing bar staff
  • bar manager resume summary
  • customer satisfaction
  • customer complaints
  • bar operations
  • bar managers
  • bar manager
  • communication skills
  • interpersonal skills

Cover letter

The cover letter helps you impress the recruiter by connecting them with personalized letter where you reiterate your candidacy as well as your interest. You can talk about the inspiration behind your profession choice and the journey 'til date. It will also help you reflect your passion for the job. Cover letter adds more value to your job application and increase your chances of getting the job. At the every least, a cover letter will compel the recruiter to invite you for an interview and give you a shot at the opportunity.


Before we end, one last tip for you-make sure you explore a lot of bar manager resume examples so that you can get an idea of how your resume should look like. We have an extensive collection of resume examples and templates and resume writing guides that you can explore. We also have a resume builder feature that will help you write your resume within minutes, the feature also provides AI prompts that will suggest variations, similar to ChatGPT. You can use this feature to save your time and energy.

Good luck with job hunt!

Bar Manager Resume

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a bachelor's degree on my bar manager resume?

Not necessarily, usually for the role of bar manager, high school diploma is sufficient, you should however, take a look at the job descriptions and confirm the same.

Should I include my cover letter with bar manager resume?

Absolutely, it will be a great value addition to your job application and it can increase your chances of impressing the recruiter and get a shot at the job opening.

How long should my bar manager resume be?

A standard professional bar manager resume should be 1 to 2 pages long, longer resumes may fail to keep the reader's attention and have the desired impact.

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