Auditor Resume Guide with Sample and Templates

Auditor Resume Guide with Sample and Templates

The world of finance is interesting and has many opportunities for those who would love to pursue a career in this field. This competitive industry requires you to keep improving your academic achievements and skills to stand out from the crowd. One of the exciting and growth-oriented careers you can get into in finance is auditing. Working as an auditor gives you the chance to learn about different industries and gain knowledge in the financial services industry as a whole.

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Auditor Resume Example

David Rosa
Los Angeles, CA

Professional Summary

Motivated and multi-skilled Auditor with ten years of experience in conducting financial and operational audits. Highly organized and skilled at audit documentation, analyzing financial reports to ensure compliance, and collaborating with external auditors to meet regulatory requirements. Extensive knowledge of accounting procedures, federal regulations, and GAAP standards.

Work Experience

Dell Limited
Senior Auditor
February 2018-Date

  • Completed thorough audit programs of operational and financial procedures and checked the company's compliance.
  • Conducted financial audits and performed analytical procedures to improve internal control efficiency.
  • Assessed the company's financial performance by analyzing income and financial statements.
  • Managed all financial and accounting records for the company with an approximate annual net income of $10M.

Grade Investment
External Audit Consultant
March 2016-December 2017

  • Assessed system design operations and effectiveness, made corrective adjustments, and conducted operational audits.
  • Determined effectiveness and risks of malfunctions by conducting data system audits and disclosed the audit findings to management.
  • Designed and implemented corrective strategies for operations to improve the company's compliance audits.
  • Prepared audit reports and arranged supporting documentation for senior management to present to shareholders.


Bachelor's degree in accounting
University of Southern California
December 2015


  • Financial statement analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Generally Accepted Auditing Standards
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Excellent customer service
  • Financial Management
  • Project management
  • Communication skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Analytical

Additional information

Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors North America (IIA-NA)


Certification in Risk Management Assurance

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First, you'll need an impressive auditor resume to convince the hiring manager or client you're the best professional for the job.

Writing a resume is not easy for everyone, but having some examples to guide you helps. You can check out our resume examples to help you create your professional resume.

In this article, we'll also help you with the following:

  • Tips on how to create an effective resume.
  • How to highlight your accomplishments in your professional summary.
  • What to include in your additional section.

Facts About The Auditing Job Market

According to the U.S Bureau of Statistics, the employment of accountants and auditors is projected to grow 7 percent from 2020 to 2030, with about 135,000 openings on average every year.

The average salary for an auditor per year, depending on their years of experience, skills, and education, is as follows:

  • 0-2 years $61,000
  • 2-4 years $62,000
  • 4-7 years $63,000

auditor resume

How to Make a Good Resume for Auditor

The best resume is the one that best represents your skills, experience, and educational qualifications. If you don't know how to structure your resume, you’ll find our resume templates and resume builder helpful.

Most hiring managers have a few seconds to check every resume and prefer to use the ATS systems to filter resumes that don't meet the requirements. As you focus on adding your top achievements to your resume, don't forget the small details like the job title, which also needs to be optimized.

Here are some more tips to help you personalize your resume.

  • Use the job description to find the keywords and action verbs that you'll need in your resume.
  • Consider the professional summary as a sales pitch and include the accomplishments that will set you apart from everyone else.
  • Always research the company you're applying to and tailor your resume to match their tone and style.
  • Focus on the relevant work experience related to the job.

The layout of the Resume

You may be the best candidate for the job, but if the layout of your resume is hard to read or understand, the hiring manager will put it aside. Some of the areas you have to consider for your layout include font, font size, and margins.

The font size should be between 10-12pt, and fonts such as Tahoma, Times New Roman, Verdana, Georgia, and Arial are acceptable.

Format and structure of the Resume

The format of your resume can work in your favor —or against you. The format you choose should showcase your expertise and skills in the best way, making you the best candidate for the job. We'll look at three common formats that you can choose from.

  • The first one is a favorite of most hiring managers and focuses on experience. It's known as the reverse-chronological order and is suitable for candidates with many years of experience in their field.
  • The second one, known as the functional resume format, focuses on your skills and is suitable for recent graduates and career changers.
  • The third one is the combination/hybrid resume, which combines the reverse-chronological and functional resume formats.

The structure of your auditor resume should have the following sections:

  • The header section
  • Resume summary/resume objective
  • Work experience
  • Education section
  • Skill section
  • An additional section ( interests, languages, volunteer work, awards/honors, and certifications)

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Start with the Header Section

Your resume starts with a header that has your full name, contact information, location, a link to your website or LinkedIn profile if applicable.

Please remember to use a professional email address without nicknames that will make you look unprofessional. Also, take time to proofread this area to ensure that it's accurate and free of errors.

Jenny Hinton



Columbia, SC

Jenny Hinton



4584 Java Lane

House number 2

Columbia, SC

Date of birth 02/05/1994

💡Keep the header section short and leave out any personal information that's not relevant.

Some recruiters will ask you to attach a photo to your resume, but this is not common. In most instances, it's better to leave the photo out of your resume. Recruiters don’t want to get accused of discrimination.

auditor resume

Work experience and How to Showcase It On Your Resume

The work experience section is not an area you want to write in a hurry. The hiring manager who wants to see what you can do will probably spend more time here. While you might be tempted to include all your experiences, it's better to focus on adding the relevant work experience.

The information you'll have in this section includes the name of your workplace, your title, and the time spent at each place. Another thing you need to note is that you'll start with your most recent job and go backward.

Your job responsibilities are essential but don't leave it at that. Always add some facts and figures to show how you solved problems and to quantify your results showing the recruiter what you bring to the table.

Some work experiences may not be directly related to the job but teach you valuable skills useful in the new position. Feel free to add them and highlight these skills and achievements, especially if you don't have relevant experience.

Blue Boar Investment

Internal Staff Auditor

June 2016-July 2018

  • Responsible for leading an audit team of 5 members in conducting audit tests of company accounting systems.
  • Prepared final audit reports of 8 companies and submitted findings to the audit management.
  • Assisted the audit department with audit planning and state compliance audits by creating an annual audit plan.
  • Increased over 10 employees' attendance records from passable to exceptional by emphasizing punctuality and preparing to start work on arrival.

💡The example above details the candidate's responsibilities and uses figures to quantify their results.


Desmonds Limited


October 2015-December 2016

  • Created the scope and requirements for company projects.
  • Tasked to execute audit procedures.
  • Conducted onsite training for new employees.
  • Performed risk assessments

💡The example above is too general and fails to show the candidate's results by stating figures and facts.

Education: Reveal Your Education in Accounting & Auditing

Most careers in finance require educational qualifications, and auditing is not any different. Many jobs will ask for a bachelor's degree in accounting or finance-related courses, with some managerial positions asking for a Master's degree.

If you have any of these qualifications, don't shy away from adding them to your resume. You'll start with the name of the degree/course, the name of the school, and the year of completion.

You don't need to add your GPA unless you're a recent graduate and have stellar grades that will impress the recruiter. If you have a Master's or PhD, you don't have to add your high school diploma.

Correct example

Bachelor of Business Administration - Finance

University of South Carolina

June 2017

auditor resume

Skills for An Auditor on the Resume

Your unique abilities set you apart from everyone else, which is why the skills section is an essential one on your resume. Hiring managers require specific skills and use the applicant tracking systems to filter out resumes that don't have these skills.

If you didn't know this, the job description is a great place to check for some of these skills and add them to your resume. These skills consist of hard skills and soft skills.

  • Hard skills are teachable and may take some years to learn in some cases..
  • Soft skills are character traits that help you interact and work well with people.

Let's look at some skills you can add to your auditor resume.

Hard skills
  • Financial records and processing
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Data analysis
  • Business management
  • Enterprise Risk Management & Mitigation
  • Reports generation and analysis
  • Budget & Tax Compliance
Soft skills
  • Time management skills
  • Customer Service
  • Multi-tasking
  • Creative Problem solving
  • Organization skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Attention to detail

Professional Summary for an Auditor Resume

You may be thinking that this section is just a paragraph that highlights your top achievements and summarizes your experience and skills, but it’s not.

These 2-4 sentences are a sales pitch that determines whether a recruiter will read your resume or not. Therefore, you should give it your best and inject some personality to make it catchy and engaging, and get the recruiter to read the rest of your resume.

Results-driven Auditor with 6 years of experience working in nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Extensive expertise in supporting business processes to achieve financial goals and growth targets. Proven track record in managing audit teams, running audit engagements introducing robust internal controls, procedures, and standards to improve financial operations.

💡The example above highlights the candidate’s experience and summarizes their areas of expertise.

Personable and efficient Auditor who is highly skilled at managing deadline-driven schedules and repetitive tasks with a positive work ethic.

💡This example is vague and does not show the recruiter the specific tasks they can take on.

auditor resume

Professional Objective (and When to Use It)

A professional objective works the same way as a professional summary but is best suited for candidates without experience. If you recently graduated or changed careers, you may not have the experience or achievements to highlight in a resume summary.

The objective gives you a chance to express your interest in the position and highlight your career goals. It should also be short but engaging to convince the recruiter to review your application.

Recently graduated with comprehensive experience in general ledger accounting, account reconciliation, financial analysis, and financial reporting. Detailed knowledge of accounts receivable and accounts payable principles with excellent data entry skills. Seeking a rewarding role in your company as a Junior Auditor.

💡This example highlights the candidate’s desire to work for the company and their skills that will be useful in the position.

Additional Sections | Perfect To Boost Your Resume

Your resume may be good, but an additional section makes it exceptional. This section allows you to stand out as your highlight skills and achievements that you may not have mentioned in the earlier sections. This is also an excellent way to separate yourself from the bunch if you’re tied on qualifications.

Let’s look at some of the sections you’ll add here.

Computing Skills & Certifications

You’ll often find that computer skills are added to the skills section. This is okay, but it’s also easy for the recruiter to miss them. To ensure they stand out, you should highlight them in this section.

You’ve probably seen certifications under the education section in most auditor resume examples. This is not wrong, but if you want to increase the chances of the hiring manager seeing them, it’s better to have a separate section. Here are some certifications to consider for your auditor resume:

  • Certified Public Accountant(CPA)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor(CISA)
  • Certified Internal Auditor(CIA)


If you’re multilingual, you increase your chances of getting a job over someone who is not —and you do it effortlessly.

Hiring managers love such candidates, so you don’t want them to miss this qualification in your resume. It’s always recommended that you use the official language reference and add your results if applicable as follows:

  • Obtain the Goethe Zertifikat for German (60% and higher)
  • DELF for French (with a score of 70% and above)
  • For English, IELTS is an acceptable score (at least 30 points)


If you’ve had your work published, you should add it to your resume under this section. The information you’ll have here includes the title of the publication, the name of the magazine or journal, and the year of publication. It’s also essential to add a link to the publication in case the recruiter wants to read it.

“How to provide effective, professional insight and internal audit assurance on corporate governance,” Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance, May 2017

Tips to Perfect Your Resume for Auditor

  • Choose the correct resume format to ensure you highlight your best accomplishments.
  • Start your resume with a catchy professional summary/objective to get the hiring manager’s attention.
  • Your resume should be free of errors and mistakes, so you must proofread it carefully before sending it to the recruiter.
  • Prioritize the relevant skills and work experience in your resume.

auditor resume

Summary: Writing a Flawless Resume for Jobs in Auditing

  • Focus on the essential details in your header section and avoid adding too many personal details.
  • Tailor each job title and ensure it’s keyword optimized.
  • A professional objective is used for the same purpose as a professional summary.
  • If you don’t have relevant experience, you can highlight transferable skills from other positions not related to the job.
  • Your skills can help your resume get past the applicant tracking system.
  • An additional section helps you highlight your extra qualifications.

Increase Your Chances with a Cover Letter

Every application should have a resume and a cover letter unless the hiring manager states otherwise. Cover letters give you a chance to explain further how your skills and experience fit the role.

What’s more, a chance to express your passion for the job and describe any additional accomplishments that are not in the resume. Check out our cover letter examples if you need some help with crafting a good cover letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which top companies are hiring for Internal Auditor jobs?

According to Glassdoor, the companies are as follows:

  • Deloitte
  • Nestle Purina US
  • Citi
  • EY
  • Bank of America
  • PwC
  • KPMG
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • PNC Financial Services Group
  • Walmart

What career opportunities are there for auditors?

  • External Auditor
  • Internal Audit Consultant
  • Internal Auditor
  • Financial Auditor
  • Accounting Auditor
  • IT Auditor

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