Administration Officer Resume: Comprehensive Guide with Tips

Writing an administrative officer resume may be a bit confusing if you don't know the current trends and technology indulgence of human resources and so on.In this article, we talk about writing an administrative officer resume, enhancing or improving your profile presentation on your administrative officer resume, some tips on how to increase your chances of impressing the hiring manager and getting hired and some tips on how to beat technology used by the recruiters to ensure your resume gets shortlisted.

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We will also discuss how to write every section on your administrative officer resume, which skills you can include and which keywords you can use to optimize your administrative officer resume. So without further wait, let's dive in!👇

Administration Officer Resume

Job winning resume guidelines

There are certain guidelines for professional resume which make it a job winning resume:

  • Use third person, past tense
  • Use numbers and action verbs as much as possible
  • Proofread twice and remove any mistakes and errors
  • Use simple label such as: Your Name Resume, for the document
  • Use compatible formats such as Microsoft word or PDF

How to begin?

You need to begin the process of writing your administrative officer resume with research. You need to do some research in your role, job duty, job description , industry and also some of the potential employers.

This research will help you get some insight into the current scenario of your industry, the situation of the current job market and more. This in turn will help you understand how you can stand out, how you can present your profile in a manner that will impress the recruiter and increase your chances of getting your dream job.

Next up is choosing the resume format. If you are using a resume builder, you will need to know which format is right for you and which template you should go for. There are many resume formats but three professionally popular and preferred resume formats that you may want to consider for your own administrative officer resume.

Functional resume format is suitable for freshers and recent graduates because it helps you focus on your skills and education.

Reverse chronological resume format focuses on the experience section which makes it suitable for seasoned professionals with extensive work experience or even professionals with significant enough work experience.

The combination or hybrid format helps you highlight both your skills and experience, especially the transferable aspects which is why it is suitable for those who are looking for a career change.

Once you have chosen the format, you can get to writing your administrative officer resume!


💡Administrative & Office support professionals earn from $28k+ to $68k+ annually in the USA. (May 2022)


Resume header

📌The administrative officer resume header should mention the below details:

  • Your name in slightly bigger fonts
  • Your contact number with area code (accurately)
  • Your email address that is professional, formal and used for professional correspondence
  • Your Your LinkedIn profile link if you are active on the LinkedIn platform and have carefully curated and updated profile
  • Your home address briefly (although not mandatory so it is up to you)

Make sure all the information is accurate and written in a formal and professional manner so that the recruiter can reach out to you without any problems.

Resume summary

The resume summary is the small summation of highlights of your profile as an administrative officer. Your administrative officer resume may have a lot of information but only some of it may be truly impressive, the key details that will help you convince and impress most recruiters who are taking a look at your administrative officer resume.

You need to mention your role, and then details in bullet points no more than 5 and no less than 3. You need to cover certain details such as your total years of experience, your background throughout your career and what you are looking for moving forward.

You need to mention the key accomplishments and skills to make sure it is a successful administrative officer resume! You need to highlight the most remarkable parts of your resume in the summary. Do not include everything, leave out the extra information for the experience section and other sections.

At last mention what kind of opportunity you are looking for and how you will contribute to your future employer's success with your knowledge, skills and experience.

Professional experience

Your professional experience should have the reverse chronological description of your experiences. You need to mention your job title, your employer's name and the employment period. You should also use bullet points for the details of the experience and past jobs.

When describing details, you need to talk about your usual role responsibilities, your exceptional performances and instances, your contribution to the company's success, your skills, your exposure, results you achieved and everything else that may be relevant.

Include the smallest of details because it will help you cover the keywords as well as reflect your professionalism and ability to be thorough. You should make sure that you do not undersell yourself, highlight your achievements carefully.

Often we think that certain tasks or results we completed and achieved were not that big a deal, however we may not realize that they are actually remarkable and notable. You should reflect confidence while maintaining professionalism and modesty along with politeness.

The last point is important and applicable for interview processes as well, you should always keep this in your mind.

Administration Officer Resume

Education section

Your education section should note your educational background including your high school diploma, bachelor's degree, any more degrees and courses.

You need to mention the full title of the degree or course, the name of the educational institute and the relevant subjects along with majors. You can also note your exceptional performances and programs or extra curricular activities you engaged in which may be relevant for your role of administrative officer.

Skills section

Your profile summary, experience, and the education sections talked about skills, you covered all the relevant skills with the details in those sections.

The separate skills section is where you list your top most important skills that are not only relevant and essential but also your biggest strengths when it comes to doing your job efficiently and exceptionally.

You can include your soft skills, hard skills, technical skills and any other relevant administrative skills! Some of them may be:

  • Business administration
  • Administrative functions
  • Providing administrative support
  • Business management
  • Microsoft office suite
  • Human resources
  • Communication skills
  • Working with other administrative team members
  • Customer relationship management
  • Office management
  • Strategic planning abilities
  • Taking telephone calls
  • Data entry
  • Computer skills

You should pick up skills from job duty description for the administrative officer role that you have because they are skills that the recruiter is looking for.


Extra sections are for any more relevant information that you may have. It could be your language proficiencies or your personal interests.

You can also include any online programs or courses you have completed or seminars and events you may have attended or even workshops you may have conducted or attended. You can also mention any freelance work experience and anything else that may be relevant and value addition.

Usual administrative tasks experience and skills etc. is something that you fellow applicants will have as well, these extra details may help you stand out, increasing your chances of getting hired significantly.


The applicant tracking systems or the ATS is software used by the hiring managers across the industries and globe, to scan and filter resumes to shortlist them.

ATS works on the basis of set parameters- the relevant keywords. Relevant keywords are the important words that are related to your role, your responsibilities (administrative tasks), your industry, your job description and everything else that may be relevant.

All you need to do is include all the relevant words throughout your administrative officer resume to ensure that your resume beats the ATS. You need to use the keywords in a sensible and meaningful manner, avoid stuffing keywords randomly at all costs. Do not include keywords with unnecessary repetition as well.

Ensure that the resume content is sensible, meaningful and readable with the keywords included otherwise the recruiter will figure it out and it will not be professional to make it obvious as it is a strategy of beating ATS.

Administration Officer Resume

📌We have curated a list of relevant keywords that may be of use for you:

  • Administrative officer
  • Administrative tasks
  • Office supplies
  • Business administration
  • Administrative functions
  • Administrative support
  • Certified administrative professional
  • Incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Office administration
  • Administrative officer job
  • Other administrative tasks
  • Business management
  • Senior administrative officer
  • Microsoft office suite
  • Dedicated administrative officer
  • Senior management
  • Supervising employees
  • Human resources
  • Property management
  • Business operations
  • Legal documents
  • Administrative team members
  • Administrative personnel
  • Expense reports
  • Filing system
  • Completed detailed reports
  • Administrative procedures
  • Office procedures
  • Administrative operations
  • Administration office
  • Administrative processes
  • Administrative professionals
  • Administrative programs
  • Office management
  • Office operations
  • Executive office
  • Administrative support roles
  • Provided administrative support
  • Finance department
  • Telephone calls
  • Incoming mail
  • Daily office operations
  • Outgoing correspondence
  • MS office
  • Microsoft office
  • Microsoft word
  • Federal agencies
  • Senior managers
  • Records management
  • Strategic planning
  • Program personnel
  • Financial statements
  • Government agencies
  • Office inventory
  • Support services
  • Corporate objectives
  • Scheduling meetings

In addition to picking keywords from the above list, you should also pick up important keywords from the job description for the administrative officer job opening.

Cover letter

When you are filling out the job application on the job application portal of a particular job ad or such, you will find the option to enclose or upload your professional administrative officer resume. You may also find the option to upload/enclose the cover letter, but not always.

Cover letters are not always mandatory or required in the job application, regardless you can enclose them if you want in the 'upload additional document' option or such. Writing a cover letter may seem unnecessary or time consuming and tiresome on top of having written the professional resume and filling out the job application.
📌However there are certain important benefits of writing a cover letter:

  • You can address the hiring managers directly and personalize the letter
  • You can highlight your qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills once more
  • You can talk about your inspiration, journey, and dedication
  • You can include more keywords for the ATS
  • You can reflect genuine interest and passion
  • You can showcase your competency as an administrative officer


References are not always a mandatory section on professional resumes however they may add value in the way that it will allow the hiring managers to verify the resume information and your abilities and capacities from the references you provided.

This verification will reassure the hiring managers about your candidacy for the position and increase your chances of getting the job because the hiring managers will be convinced that you are the right employee that they are looking for, for the administrative officer position.

You should let the referenced people know that they are mentioned on your resume along with their contact details. Ensure that you only mention the references that will provide honest feedback that is relatively objective and also in your favor so that the hiring managers get positive reviews of your performances in the past jobs.


In conclusion, writing a professional administration officer resume may be a bit confusing but with the help of this article where every section and aspect of the administration officer resume are discussed, you should be able to write a professional administration officer resume that is good enough to land you your dream job.

You may want to check out some of the resume examples, templates and resume writing guides to further simplify the resume writing task and get your work cut down. We have an excellent collection of the same that we insist, you check out.

Follow the guidelines, tips discussed in this article, pay attention to details and present your profile in the most efficient manner. Best of luck with the job search.

Administration Officer Resume

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I include any management experience on my administration officer resume?

Administration is an area that may often overlap and intersect with the management area hence if you do have any management experience, you can include it on your administration officer resume.

How long should my administration officer resume be?

A standard professional resume is usually 1 to 2 pages long and not more than that, even if you are a seasoned professional with extensive work experience, you may want to get rid of excessive unnecessary information and maintain the 2 page limit.

Should I use the administration officer resume template?

Yes, using resume templates can cut down half your work and save you a lot of time, templates also provide you a ready layout with right margins etc. in which you only have to put your profile information.

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