Accounts Executive Resume: Comprehensive Guide & Tips

Account executive role is found in many industries because it has to do with finances which is one department that every business or organization has.||Account executive role is found in many industries because it has to do with finances which is one department that every business or organization has.

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During your job search you will come across various job descriptions and you will realize the basic requirements for the role have changed and hiring managers expect a lot from a job candidate for the role of account executive.

Account executives deal with the client's finances and make a huge difference in revenue growth and business development. Which is why, not everyone can get the job of account executive easily.

Accounts Executive Resume
💡 According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook rate for accountants and auditors during 2021 to 2031, is going to be 6%!


There are going to be many jobs, you just need to put some effort in your account executive resume to get them!

Let's talk about how to write a job winning account executive resume which is professional and impresses the hiring managers!👇

How to write a job winning account executive resume?

To write a job winning account executive resume, you need to know the key professional resume standards and rules of writing such a resume.

First of all, the language of your account executive resume should be professional and formal but how do you do that? Always use the past tense when you are describing your experience or writing the resume summary or any other information in various section.

When writing the sentences, never use first or second person, even though it's yourself you are talking about, use the third person as it sets the formal and professional tone for your resume.

Formal language also means using no pronouns. Do not start sentences with I or he or she or they or you or any other pronoun as it makes the language less formal. Begin the sentences with action words.

Accounts Executive Resume

👉 For example:

I research the rival companies.

Researched the rival companies.

Apart from the language, you should always aim for 100% accuracy.

Accuracy of language and details. When you are done writing your account executive resume, do not forget to proofread your resume twice.

Remove any spelling or grammatical errors and make sure other profile information is accurate and properly written.

Another important thing to consider how you label the resume document and how you save it. When you are naming the document, keep it professional and simple.

👉 For example:

Emma Bennett Resume OR Emma Bennett CV

When you save the document, keep the document format word document or pdf. Your job application will reach many hiring managers and not everyone may have the same medium for viewing your document.

Your document format should be compatible for most software and document viewing mediums which is why you must save it as a Word document or PDF only. Avoid any other formats.

When you are writing about details you might mention some things that may have popular short forms. In such cases, you should always mention both the long form and short form or the abbreviation.

👉 For example:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Software As A Service (SaaS)

This will ensure your resume passes through the ATS without failing. (More on that later in the article)

These are some tips that you can take into consideration while writing your account executive resume. And it will certainly make your resume professional and extra ordinary.

Now, let's discuss the account executive resume writing!

Research the role

When you make traveling plans, you check out various stay options, food outlets in the locality, particular spots that you want to visit, you learn all about the destination.

All the trouble to ensure you actually enjoy the rip and your money and time are not wasted but properly utilized to achieve effective desired results- joy and satisfaction of traveling and exploring, taking a break from routine. Right?

Accounts Executive Resume

This example shows you the importance of research before doing anything. This applies here as well.

You need to research your role to ensure you know all there is to know and you write a resume that is effective and helps you achieve the desired results- getting interview calls, getting hired, impressing hiring managers.

When researching, explore your role of account executive and relevant roles such as senior account executive, sales account executive and other account executive position that you may be open for.

In addition, you should also explore a number of job posting and their job description. This will help you get an idea of current trends in the job market- what do hiring managers require, what are the basic qualifications, what are usual responsibilities given to account executives.

Job description will also help you learn which skills you need. Once you have understood all this, you will also know very well what are the extra things you can bring to the table. You can highlight them in your account executive resume to grab hiring managers' attention and impress them.

To understand the industry standards and current scenario, you can research the industry as well.

Most importantly, you should research the employers. You might have few target organizations where you want to work, you should explore them and their background and incorporate some relevant details in your account executive resume to showcase your genuine interest and passion.

Choose the suitable format

For the outline of your account executive resume, you need the right format. There are various formats you can choose from.

Few of the preferred professional formats are functional, reverse chronological and combination formats. The functional format is for the freshers and the combination format is suitable for those who are about to change their career.

Accounts Executive Resume

Reverse chronological resume format is suitable for those who have significant and/or extensive experience. In this format the experiences are described in the reverse chronological order. Meaning the latest experience is mentioned first and then second last (go on) until the first experience or the job.

For you, reverse chronological resume format is likely to be the most suitable one. Most account executives utilize this format to showcase their skills and experience while emphasizing on the extensive experience.

Add your contact information

Now you can start writing your resume. On the top of your account executive resume, in the header, add your name in a bit bigger fonts than the rest.

After your name, add your mobile number. Write the contact number in formal manner with area code and parenthesis. After the contact number, note your professional email address. Make sure the email address is formal and professional.

After the email address, you can mention your LinkedIn profile link if you are active from your LinkedIn profile and it is carefully curated.

You can also add your home address briefly if you are looking at jobs outside your state or country, although it is not mandatory.

Write crisp compelling resume summary

After the contact information section, next up is the profile summary section. Your account executive resume summary section should include the most significant highlights of your resume.

The total years of experience, key skills and achievements as an account executive or senior account executive. And at last what kind of opportunity you are seeking and how you will contribute when hired.

Accounts Executive Resume

Mention only the specific details from your proven track record and avoid fluff content. Try to quantify the details wherever you can with numbers. Use bullet points no more than 5.

Keep the summary details crisp and concise, sentences should be short and not wordy.

You can also mention notable awards and recognitions in your profile summary.

Describe your professional experience

Most important section of your account executive resume or sales account executive resume would be the experience section.

The experience section is where you describe your usual responsibilities and key skills. You will also mention your exceptional performances and challenges you overcame in this section.

Make sure to quantify the details with numbers wherever possible. The experience section is one place where you can include maximum keywords to the ATS. Which is why you should not skip the usual but obvious details either.

Hiring manager will be impressed with how thorough you are as in-depth information is a good indicator of your dedication, attention to detail and thorough approach.

While describing your experiences, you need to mention the job title and employer name along with the period of time you were employed with them- first. Afterwards you can describe the details of experience.

Note your education

As an account executive position candidate, you might have bachelor's degree or master's degree. You can mention them in your education section.

Note the name of the institute where you acquired the degree and the full name of the degree.

Education details are important because accounting skills and knowledge cannot be acquired solely from practical experience. You need strong theoretical foundation with good command on math and economics.

Accounts Executive Resume

You acquire a lot of important knowledge during your education that you need for the role of account executive. You build theoretical foundation for things related to-

  • customer relationship management
  • customer retention
  • successful campaigns
  • business development & business administration
  • sales cycles & advertising campaigns
  • maintaining relationship with existing clients & new lead generation
  • sales force & marketing strategy
  • business management
  • sales management
  • new business development
  • handling client accounts

and much more. Hiring managers get assured that you have the foundation of knowledge and skills when they see the relevant education details on your account executive resume.

Add the skills section

Apart from the experience section, the summary section and skills section are important.

In this section you need to mention your soft skills and also hard skills necessary for the account executive role. Most importantly, do not forget to pick the skills mentioned in the account executive job description.

Here are few skills you can include in your account executive resume:

  • Marketing skills
  • Technical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Cold calling
  • Lead generation
  • Business development
  • Business administration
  • Excellent customer service
  • Microsoft office
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales support
  • Sales strategies
  • Project management

you can also include more of the relevant skills (account executive skills). These skills should include all the relevant skills that you may need for your role. You can also include some additional skills that indicate your ability to take on responsibilities outside of your job description.


Keywords are your weapon to beat the applicant tracking systems or the ATS. Hiring manager uses the software to scan the resumes and shortlist them. The applicant tracking system filters the resumes according to the relevant keywords.

Accounts Executive Resume

While doing the research, you can note down all the important keywords for you account executive resume. They should be included throughout your resume without compromising the readability.

Here are some important keywords for your role of account executive that you can consider for your account executive resume, sales account executive resume, senior account executive resume or c level executives resume:

  • account management
  • account manager
  • retail sales
  • sales cycle
  • client relationships
  • existing customers
  • sales skills
  • client relations
  • business opportunities
  • new accounts
  • customer relationship management
  • customer accounts
  • customer satisfaction
  • sales performance
  • annual revenue growth
  • potential clients
  • technology sales
  • entire sales cycle
  • sales data
  • new business development
  • client accounts
  • customer success
  • phone sales
  • cold calling
  • revenue growth
  • revenue targets

many account executive may have had experience as sales representatives or sales account executives which is why above keywords include the relevant keywords for those positions as well.


The hiring manager's hiring process maybe complex however, if your resume meets all the professional standards and guidelines, you have nothing to worry about.

While you do the research, you may also refer to few of the account executive resume examples or account executive job descriptions. Make sure when you take them into consideration while writing your account executive resume, you personalize your resume according to your profile as account executive.

You can also check out our resume examples and templates. They will help you get a better idea of how your resume should look like and how a professional job winning resume presents the candidate's profile.

At last, if you have any other relevant information for your resume such as certifications and awards or relevant hobbies and interests. You may include them in your account executive resume as well.

Now you know all about writing a job winning account executive resume! Do not forget to to check out our account executive resume sample as well. Best of luck with the job search!

Accounts Executive Resume

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are keywords necessary?

Every hiring manager across the industries use the ATS which is why to ensure your resume does not end up in the rejection pile, you must include the relevant keywords in your account executive resume.

Can I add additional account executive skills?

Yes, you can add all the relevant skills for your role in your account executive resume.

Should I mention my personal interest in economics?

Economics is relevant to your role of account executive, hence yes, you should mention it in your account executive resume under the interests section.

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