Customer Service Representative Cover Letter: Samples & Tips

From the customer service representatives (also known as customer service reps) at Amazon to the customer service reps at Tesla, the job entails a level of personal attention and sophistication that can only be done by certain individuals.

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Customer Service Cover Letter Example

John Depp
March 5, 2021
Downtown, 243423
Company Name
4321 First Street
Brighton, State ZIP

Dear Ms/Mr. The hiring manager’s name (replace with the name)

I am writing to express my interest in the position of Customer Service Representative at your organization. For more than two years, I've worked as a Customer Care Specialist at Oracle, and throughout that time, I've gained great phone etiquette and the capacity to deal nicely with angry clients. I'm used to working on numerous projects at once and can contribute fresh ideas to help your firm expand and achieve all of its goals and objectives.

Making 60 cold calls every day to businesses and private individuals in order to seek sales for goods and services was one of my previous company's responsibilities. During my time there, I implemented a new sales strategy that resulted in a 90% reduction in training costs and a 10% increase in close ratio in just three months.

My time at Oracle has improved my leadership abilities, sharpened my organizational skills, and given me a comprehensive understanding of how to upsell services and items to potential clients. I also worked as a Customer Service Intern at Deloitte, where I honed my customer service skills while providing technical help to clients on a variety of corporate products. I was able to fix 90% of concerns and learn a whole array of company products and services, including prices and special discounts while working there.

I would like to discuss the role and my qualifications in greater depth over a Zoom call at a time convenient to you. I am convinced that I meet the qualifications for the position of Customer Service Representative at [TARGET COMPANY]. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Thank you for your consideration,

John Depp, Customer Sales Representative
1234 Main street
Downtown, 243423
(123) 456-7890

Resume Guide
Use this example

If you’re a strong-willed ideal candidate with the attitude, skills, and courage to make it as a service representative, your bold approach must be visible from the very first step.

And to do that, you need to spice up your customer service representative resume with a dedicated customer service cover letter, to not only be perceived as how serious you are about your approach towards your customer service representative (or service rep) opportunity.

And as most candidates fail to either propose a cover letter or make a really bad customer service representative cover letter, this will automatically boost your chances to score.

Customer Service Cover Letter

How to: Write a Customer Service Cover Letter from Scratch!

Consistency and precision. These two things will always give life to your customer service representative’s cover letter.

Just because it isn’t too harsh in its approach, doesn’t mean a customer service representative cover letter does not follow a pattern. A set standard directs the flow of information in your cover letter and helps recruiters in scanning it without wasting too much time.

A customer service representative cover letter must follow the standard as follows: -

  • Header (Here you mention your name and contact details including your email)
  • Date
  • Name - The recruiter’s name and title, and the company’s name and address
  • Greetings - A warm professional salutation
  • Hook - A strong hook to start within the introduction.
  • Second paragraph(s) that explain your customer service representative experience and accomplishments
  • The third paragraph expresses your motivation for the role and why you fit perfectly
  • Closing paragraph with a call to action
  • Formal sign off

Following a dedicated pattern in your customer service, a representative cover letter will fast-track your customer service job application in terms of reading and getting feedback as most companies use software to eliminate ill-structured cover letters. Thus, being organized and keeping it simple will always give you an advantage over the other customer service agent.

Customer Service Representative Header - Simple Yet Effective

The header, as the name suggests, is the head or the top of your customer service cover letter. It carries heavy importance as it’s the first thing any recruiters see is the header and it must always be clear in providing the information it is supposed to provide.

Too much creativity is generally frowned upon while writing such professional documents as such aspects can be shown during the interview rounds of your customer service position.

A standard customer service cover letter header must always contain:-

  • Your name
  • Your existing or desired job designation (role)
  • Contact details (including email address)
  • LinkedIn / Portfolio link (to standout)

Professional Introduction

Your introduction needs an enticing hook without sounding repetitive of the content you have already mentioned in your customer service representative resume as it reduces the overall purpose of your customer service cover letter without providing any added value.

As the customer service cover letter must always be brief, try to spend only a handful of lines on your introduction.

Your customer service representative resume does all of your introduction for you. Hence in your cover letter, masquerade your introduction in a way that promotes your skills and experience for the customer service jobs.


I am excited to be applying for the Customer Service Representative position at Squarespace. As a prospect with an outgoing character and above-par communication skills, I thrive on developing relations, listening curiously to the issue, and always providing solutions that can be relied upon. I'm eager to join Squarespace to minimize the communication gaps between the users and the support team.


My name is [Your Name] and I am applying for the position of [position name] with your company as advertised on [company website / Linkedin / job board website]. I have 3 years of experience in the service industry.

Even for the introduction, the candidate in the correct example shows not only a certain level of enthusiasm but also provides the skills that he/she has practiced already in their previous job roles, simultaneously showcasing what problems they’re focusing on fixing.

However, the incorrect example has a very plain opening and there’s no hook to entice the recruiter. There are literally zero amounts of efforts made to convince the hiring manager and grab their eyes.

Explain Why You Think You Are The Best in The Game

After the introduction, the cover letters focus on your achievements and work experience.

Note: - Always be very specific about the job roles you talk about as the hiring manager will focus on certain roles you performed and what value you added.

The cover letters help you filter out the fluff and mention only what the hiring manager wants to hear as by doing this you never let the recruiters off the hook and they engage more with your profile.

Be accurate with the work experience you provide as whatever you mention must always correspond to the role you’re trying to bag.

If you’re applying as a fresher and have only part-time work experience, try to mention your achievement where you managed to provide excellent service to the customer and even closed a sale or two.

Note: - Always use bullet points to describe your job roles.


My experience at Dish TV. has helped me improve my leadership skills, hone my organizational skills, and has provided me with extensive knowledge of how to upsell services and goods to potential clients. I also worked at Dreamliner as a Customer Service Intern, where I further cultivated useful customer service abilities while handling technical support for clients on a wide range of company products. Working there, I was able to resolve issues at a 90% rate and memorize an entire line of company products & services – including prices and special discounts.


I am thorough and pay attention to detail. My computer skills are excellent and I can learn new programs easily. I am friendly and courteous with superior customer relations. I have been told that I anticipate customer needs without having to be told. I would love to bring this intuitive dedication to customer satisfaction to the team at ABC Business Solutions as a Client Services Representative.

Top Skills on your Customer Service Cover Letter

These are the top skills on a customer service cover letter to stand out from the crowd: -

Hard skills:-
  • Cross-Selling / Up-Selling
  • Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word
  • Microsoft Office Skills
  • ERP
  • Freshdesk
  • Talkdesk
  • Zendesk
Soft skills: -
  • Active Listening skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Complaint Resolution
  • Patience
  • Problem Solving
  • Organizational skills
  • Critical Thinking skills
  • Decision Making

Customer Service Cover Letter

Convert Your Pitch with A Call to Action

As the name suggests, a call to action is a statement or phrase that encourages the user to take an action.

In this case, by adding a call to action at the end of your cover letter, you’re trying to entice the hiring manager to take a certain predefined action, i.e. to reach you for an interview.

A call to action is a slight hint for the hiring manager to reach you out rather than being desperate and directly asking them to arrange an interview as by doing this you might be perceived as a little too forward in your approach and that might create certain assumptions.

#How does a CTA (call to action) look like in a customer service cover letter?

Remember the age-old approach of writing “Looking forward to hearing from you”? Well, it's an age-old approach that people don’t use much in the current environment as it does not provide anything fruitful and doesn’t lead the recruiters anywhere.

The CTA is your final effort to set things in motion to land that interview and being a little smart may take you a long way ahead.

Check out these sample CTAs which you can use in your customer service representative cover letter: -

  • I'm really excited to assist your team in not only achieving but also increasing XYZ value.
  • It’d be an honor to discuss with you XYZ company’s new strategy to reduce customer turnover, either in-person or over a phone call.
  • It’ll be a pleasure to hear your opinions on the points I have made. I’m available for a Zoom call at a time convenient to you.
Note: These CTAs work well since they clearly describe a goal as well as in a subtle way influence the hiring managers by projecting the idea of arranging a call with them to discuss a specific issue that shows your involvement.

How to Leverage Your Call to Action

  • Close your cover letter with the hint of nudging the hiring manager into having an interview call with you.
  • Always put out a reason to arrange an interview call. Try to add a certain topic or issue that you’d like to discuss with the hiring manager.
  • Entice the recruiters by proposing a strategy to solve an ongoing problem.
  • Be up to date with the latest events of the company and try to slip in some of that information that you’d like to discuss.

The Farewell: How to conclude your letter

Following immediately after the CTA, you need to end your cover letter in a certain specific professional manner.

You have had the chance to be smart and a little creative. Some aspects of a cover letter must always be done by the book.

A cover letter must always be closed with salutations. Always be safe and use standard salutations like “Yours sincerely”, “Thank you for your consideration,” “Best regards,”

Reinforce your cover letter with a customer service resume

It hasn’t been much longer since cover letters have gained importance again within the recruiting circle to get an in-depth idea of the projects performed by the candidates and in this case, the customer service representatives.

You have followed every instruction, added a little bit of your own touch and now you have perfected your professional cover letter to apply for a customer service position. Congratulations!

But a cover letter is nothing but a supporting document to your customer service representative resume as it’s the resume that briefs the hiring manager about your personality, skills, education, and work experience.

The role of the cover letter is to explain a bit more in detail about the activities you undertook during your previous job roles and how that experience might come in handy for the job you’re applying for.

However, consistency is the key and that concept follows to more than just the content you write. It also majorly affects the design template you choose for you choose.

The resume and cover letter must be designed in a rather harmonious design to project the image that your professional cover letter is a continuous part of your resume.

And to avoid such mistakes, check out these resume templates and resume and cover letter examples to don’t give yourself even a single chance of not landing your dream job.

Customer Service Cover Letter

Tips to hone your Customer Service Cover Letter

  • A cover letter must always complement your resume. Hence you should maintain consistency in the design and content. You can take the help of our resume templates to harmonize the designs.
  • Never exceed the customer service representative cover letter to more than 1 page.
  • Update your cover letter with the job description.
  • Always write the hiring manager’s name, if you have that information.
  • Use more bullet points
  • Always end with a good call to action.
  • Grammatical errors are a big turn off so always double-check.

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