Writing an Effective Cover Letter (Private Military Contractor)| Example + Tips

It takes more than an impressive resume to gain employment as a private military contractor; instead, securing a position requires a cover letter that will prove that you have what it takes.

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Military Cover Letter Example

Jack Smith
123, 6th Road, Brooklyn, New York

23rd January, 2024

Sam Charles
Hiring Manager
ABC Company,
451 Avenue, Los Angeles, California

Dear Mr. Charles,

This letter is to inform you in regards to the vacant position for Private Military Contractor in ABC Company, advertised on LinkedIn, and of my keen interest in the same. My cohesive history of service in the military, alongside analytical skills and unwavering commitment to perfection, makes me the optimal applicant to take on this demanding position within your celebrated company.

With 10 years of service in the Navy, I have mastered the art of strategic planning, risk assessment, and crisis management. Active participation in the military has given me the knowledge of what it really takes to survive under dynamic circumstances. Such experiences have inculcated in my the discipline, leadership one, and the ability to remain calm under high pressure situations.

As a Captain, in my last role, I managed to lead 20 members together with my team to execute crucial missions. It has been my responsibility to be meticulous, clear, and decisive – all competencies defined in your postulation for the military contractor position.

I have acquired my analytical skills by having them cultivated through training and practical application in the military. I also have a sound educational background which further helps in honing the process. I completed my academic training in Bio Engineering at Harvard University where I even sharpened my capability of analyzing critical scenarios and decisions making in situations where time and perfect performance mattered. Furthermore, my constant strive for self improvement is reflected in acquisition of certifications relevant to the position.

Among the specific skills you indicate to be necessary for candidates to have for your job post is knowledge of military protocol and firearms. I have the ability to implement the advanced technologies and my accomplishment in these areas.

Additionally, what appeals to my attention about ABC company, is its mission which is devoted to building a credible military unit. Towards the goals of my service, integrity, and professionalism, your organization’s values make another source of excitement about doing my best for your team. I am sure that my broad spectrum of knowledge and abilities render me well suited to cope with the challenges and duties associated with the position of a private military contractor.

My technical and analytical skills are my strength, and they have formed a solid basis to which I have combined a large number of soft skills used in a team environment. Successful as I am in working well within a diverse team, communicating well, and adapting to shifting situations has been a key to my work I am sure these qualities, supported by my military past, make me a resourceful advocate for ABC Company.

I look forward to the opportunity to be part of the success of ABC; I also would like to be part of your respected team having a proven record of devotion and achievement. Below you can find my CV that generally describes my professional career, education and certificates aimed at those fields.

I appreciate you taking time to consider my application. How my skills and experiences correlate with the requirements of private military job in more detail is an appealing topic for me. I am anticipating a chance of serving ABC towards the achievement of further successful strides.

Yours Sincerely,

Jack Smith

Resume Guide
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When writing your cover letter for your field of specialization, do not forget that that is a window for you to create a lasting impression on the hiring manager. Today, in our guide, we will discuss the crucial components of an efficient cover letter that is suitable for application to a private contractor position.

Write a Strong Introduction

Cover letter private military contractor

Your cover letter should start off with a great first sentence that will catch the attention of the individual hiring to read the rest of the later part of your cover letter as the reader should try to find out what is going to be in the next sentences and words on the cover letter in order to continue reading. For a personal appearance, keep away from the doctrine such as ‘ To whom it may concern’ and for best outcome, endeavor to have the specific addresses in the perception of personal appearance. Whenever possible, call the hiring manager by his/her first name. For instance, ‘Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],’ means positive from the first moment.

Show your interest in the job, and the cause of the company. To show that you have done your research and know the goals of the organization, specify that. It will speak about your motivation and dedication.


"Dear [Hiring Manager's Name],

This letter aims to share my genuine enthusiasm towards the [Job Title] vacancy, now available at [Company Name]. As an accomplished specialist from an area related to [relevant industry], I would like to offer my knowledge and proficiency to be able to help [Company Name] to succeed in achieving its goal – [brief overview of the company’s mission]

Outline Your Professional Background

In your cover letter, the body paragraphs should provide a brief summary of your overall career-based functions, parts of them should mention your key skills and achievements. Cite the job description and modify your lingering to coincide with competencies and qualifications advised. Use bullets in a cover letter to enhance the readability; this should have the hiring manager skim through your strengths without much hassle.


As a [Your Professional Title], I was successful in [briefly describe one or two past accomplishments aligned with the job description]. My years of experience in [specific skills or tasks mentioned in the job posting] have given me the capacity to [highlight a relevant skill].

Showcase Your Analytical and Technical Skills

Individuals employed as private military contractors mainly need to possess skills that are analytical and technical in nature. Show convincingly that your skill set is specifically tailored to address the needs of this job. In the examples of your professional life, show how you can competently use these skills.


My [mention relevant certifications or training] has not only sharpened my analytical capabilities, but it has also allowed me to [ provide an example of the practical application of your analytical skills in prior positions], along with my technical knowledge of [mention specific technical skills], making me a perfect fit for the challenges described within the job description.

Highlight Relevant Certifications and Achievements

Cover letter private military contractor

Do not forget to mention your certifications relevant to this position and notable personal awards in your cover letter as well. For instance, If you receive an Army Achievement Medal, do mention it as another credible point in the application that establishes your abilities.


I am honored to have certifications in [list relevant certifications] which proves my hard work, commitment to excellence, and desire for success as demonstrated by the award of the Army Achievement Medal.

Discuss Your Military Background and Translate It for Civilian Audiences

As a private military contractor your military background is one of your most valuable resources. On the other hand, you need to speak to civilians about your experience. Do not use military jargon because the civilian employers might not be conversant with. Emphasize your military skills related to private business.


My service of [X] years in the [specific branch] has taught me rigor, resilience, and command; these virtues, alongside my capability of [mention specific military skill], make me fit to thrive as a [Job Title] at [Company Name]

Showcase Soft Skills and Team Collaboration

As well as technical and analytical skills, private military contractors require the candidates who are good at soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and adaptability. Point out your work in a team and the ability to work with different people in your cover letter.


Working in highly competitive environments has sharpened my teamwork skills; communicating with diverse personnel and handling changing situations with ease, I have no doubt to play my role effectively regarding the [Job Title] position.

Keep It Concise and Relevant

Cover letter private military contractor

Not only must you offer enough information to make the hiring manger take notice, but you also have to ensure that your cover letter is brief. The goal should be a one-page summary of the most important points. Whether key points or ways you stand out the best, ensure the body paragraphs showcase how you are the best candidate.


From an overall perspective, my abilities in data analysis, technology, and the military make me the best fit for the [Job Title] job in [Company Name]. I am ready to apply my history of results for achieving mission goals to your respected team.

End with a Call to Action

In the end merge your cover letter with an action call to show your desire to have an interview for the chance to have your application examined further. Once again express your gratitude to the hiring manager for his time and consideration.


Looking forward to discussing in greater detail how my skills match up with the requirements of the [Job Title] position I am excited to be able to contribute to the success of [Company Name] and I thank you for your consideration of my resume.

Cover letter writing for a private military contractor focus position poses an elusive balance between highlighting your specific credentials and adapting the wording for a civilian recipient. By drawing on the tips and keywords highlighted in this guide, you can craft an enticing cover letter which goes beyond merely catching the eye of the reader and convinces him/her from the very first moment that you are the suitable candidate for the job. At this point, keep in mind that communicating through a cover letter is your very first impression to send out, a try to grab the attention of your reader, to attract his/her interest and attention, so make it expressive as well as appropriate within the given domain.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When writing a cover letter for a job as a private military contractor what should I say to the hiring manager?

If writing about the hiring manager, choose a more personal tone in order to create a favorable tone of the letter. You can start your cover letter with ‘Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name]’ if you know it. It is as simple as that. Do not use generic salutations such as “ To Whom It May Concern” but instead use the reviewer’s name. This small gesture demonstrates your attention to detail and establishes a direct connection with the reviewer.

How can I portray my military background well- without making it too much information that civil employers will not appreciate?

CIt is better to highlight the skills that you acquired during your term but can perform regardless of the environment you end up in, pointing out adaptability, leadership, and discipline. By the way, share some of your specific accomplishments and incidents without getting into military lingo. For example, instead of acronyms, highlight situations where your abilities were critical to events giving civilian employers the ability to understand how you enrich the table.

Should I refer to some relevant certifications and achievements in my cover letter for a PMC position?

Absolutely. It is appropriate to include in your CV information about certificates and on honorable achievements respecting your Candidate.’ Mention the military medals E.g. Army Achievement Medal to show your commitment to high standards. These accomplishments should match the needs of the job as well as show how your qualifications make you a suitable candidate. Not only does this strengthen your skills but it also gives actual evidence of your competence in the private military contracting industry.

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