Cover Letter for UPS: Comprehensive Guide for You

Wondering whether you should write a cover letter and go through the trouble of writing a cover letter after writing your resume? Or wondering how to write a cover letter for UPS? UPS driver cover letters are underappreciated effort that many professionals miss out on and because of that they also miss out on many good and suitable opportunities.

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In this article, we will talk all about writing a UPS driver cover letter and we will discuss why you should write a UPS driver cover letter, how you can begin, what should your UPS driver cover letter look like and then few bonus tips to ensure your chances of getting your dream job is higher than your fellow job candidates!

Let's dive in!

Why should you write a cover letter?

You may have done the research, read some guides, then wrote your professional resume as a driver and it may have taken you considerable time, effort and energy and you might wonder if a cover letter is necessary. By the time you are done with this article, you will realize how importance of cover letter is undermined and how you can stand out by writing a cover letter and beating your fellow candidates by being an ideal candidate with the best cover letter!

The reason for writing a cover letter is to stand out and more importantly to connect with the hiring manager. When you write a cover letter, you showcase and reflect your genuine interest for the position and jobs. Cover letters also allow you to use relatively informal tone that you couldn't use in your resume with strict formal tone. This informal tone helps you connect with the hiring managers. In addition, cover letter is an opportunity to pitch your candidacy with all that you have, as opposed to the resume, you can describe your experiences and skills with instances and events that prove that you are an ideal candidate.

Now let's talk about writing a cover letter!


Before you do anything else, you need to do some research, and you already know that because you are here reading this article. However, we are talking about some particular aspects that you need to research in case you didn't research them when you wrote your resume.

You need to research your industry, the role as a driver (could be more than UPS, such as delivery driver or uber driver or taxi driver or train driver), the job description, the job market and the salary range offered to professionals in your position during your job search. Many cover letter examples will show you how a UPS driver cover letter includes making an impression by writing a strong cover letter.

When you go through various cover letter sample and cover letter examples, you will notice that cover letters are one page long and reflect a lot in one page. Your consideration of the info being important or not makes a huge difference.

Cover letter for UPS

After the research, you need to sort the info that is important and get rid of the info that is not important. Salary range will help you negotiate a better package for yourself as a package handler or a UPS driver. Knowing the job market will tell you your scope and your career path along with your market value. Researching the industry will let you know all about the latest trends, advancements, technology, trending practices and new practices and much more.

Researching your role as a UPS driver to write your UPS driver cover letter can help you a lot because when you go through job description, you will find out which are the skills, experiences and exposure as well as knowledge that the employers and hiring managers are taking into consideration when looking for an ideal candidate. Now, if you have all those, perfect! But if you do not have the skills or particular experience, you can ensure that you can compensate that with something else or you can learn it. On other hand, if you have something extra to bring to the table and offer to the employer, you will have leverage over them and it will help you negotiate well.

While writing your cover letter, all of this will help you pitch your candidacy in an efficient and confident manner. You will be able to highlight the right info and overshadow the info that may make you look not so ideal for the position.

You may want to use this article as your checklist of tips because it will be helpful thoroughly. Now, let's talk about how should your cover letter example outline look like, you may have an idea of what to write but we will try to give a clear outline of what to write and how to write.

UPS driver cover letter example outline

The cover letters usually look similar to the regular letters or E-mail that we write all the time.


The address of your cover letter should be personalized and to personalize the address of your cover letter, all you need to do is use informal addressing terms and include the name of the hiring manager. You may find the name of the hiring manager in the job ad during your job search or you can look up the employer company that you are applying to, online, and with some effort you will be able to find the person in charge or recruitment in the company.

To personalize the address, you can refer to the example below:

Dear Ms./ Dear Mr. First name, Last name OR Dear Ms./ Dear Mr. Last name

Opening paragraph

The opening paragraph should not be too in depth, when a person starts reading they should be introduced first and then you get to the point/ points that you want to discuss about. The opening should only include introductory info about you. You can mention your name, write about your total years of experience and professional background and your role or designation. You can also add some greetings if you want to, especially if any festivals or occasions have just passed or are going on.


Next up will be the main body of your cover letters. The cover letter's body can include a lot of info. You can reiterate your genuine interest in the position and jobs. You can also customize the body for the particular position you are applying for. The body of your cover letters should include your skills, your experience, your exposure, your knowledge, your educational background.

You should understand that you need to avoid selling yourself short and also boasting about yourself, you need to reflect confidence and humility at once. When you describe your experience and professional work history, you can mention your achievements, accomplishments and impressive aspects of your professional profile.

You should also use as many action words and keywords as possible, in addition you should also quantify as many details as possible; doing this will help you increase the impact of your content and information and help you truly impress the reader/ hiring manager.

Moreover, you can also talk about how you were inspired for this career path, what has your journey been like till date and what are your future goals, mentioning these details may help you reflect your passion and dedication for the position and job as well as the company and business.

You can include as many details as you can in the body of the cover letter however make sure you do not exceed the limit of 1 page for your cover letter. Longer cover letters will fail to grab and sustain the reader's attention and they will not read your cover letter carefully. In such cases the reader may superficially read your cover letter or not read your cover letter at all.

Your cover letter can have the desired impact only if it is intriguing enough as well as strong cover letter that sustains the reader's attention. This means your cover letters should not have long and lengthy paragraphs in addition to long letter that exceeds the 1 page limit. In case, the body of the paragraph is too long, you can break the info in paragraphs so that the content does not look very dense and looks easily readable. Readability and visual appeal of your cover letter is very important.

Conclusion/ Closing paragraph

The closing paragraph or the conclusion of your cover letter should be all about how you will be a perfect candidate for the employers. You can talk about what all you bring to the table and how you will help them grow with your dedicated service and contributions.

Cover letter for UPS

You can also talk about how the role aligns well with your future goals. You should show the interest in staying with the employer for a long time and not just a short period of time. You can also reflect what extra you bring to the table such as your years of experience as a driver or your communication skills or anything that may be essential for the role of UPS driver.


At last you need to write 'Your sincerely' and your full name with your first name and your last name. Make sure that the spelling of your name is correct and there are no mistakes.


The cover letter is as important as your resume and that means the skills that you mention in your cover letter is as important as your skills mentioned in your professional resume as well.

The skills that you include in your cover letters should be a well balanced blend of soft skills, hard skills, technical skills, and key skills relevant to your role. Do not mention too many soft skills and few hard skills or other way around. The skills should be mentioned in the body of the cover letter and you should ensure that skills are highlighted well among other info and details of your professional profile.

During the research, you may have noted down the skills that you can use for your cover letter. In addition, we have also curated a list of key relevant and important skills for your cover letter. You can also pick up some key skills from cover letter examples or cover letter sample for UPS and so on. This will help you impress the hiring manager or the reader as it will leave a lasting impression of your ability and competency to handle responsibilities.

When the skills are reflected subtly, the reader will know that you are a capable professional who can handle responsibilities and work with a team. This will also help you convince the recruiter to invite you for an interview at the very least to give you a chance to talk more about what you can offer the company and what you bring to the table.

📌List of relevant skills for UPS driver your own professional cover letter:

  • customer satisfaction
  • package handler
  • clean driving record
  • continuous improvement
  • Strong work ethic
  • communication skills
  • customers service
  • handling responsibilities
  • importance of team work
  • confident in interview
  • detail oriented
  • Excel
  • packages handling
  • efficiency
  • responsible
  • management
  • business
  • handling complaints
  • avoiding common mistakes
  • demonstrate sincerely invested commitment
  • expertise to resolve customers' complaint


The relevant keywords helps you beat the applicant tracking systems or AI driven software that the recruiters use across the globe in all the industries. Recruiters receive hundreds and thousands of job applications on their job application portals because everything is digital and online now.

Going through all of them manually is very time consuming as well as energy draining and that is why the recruiters use AI driven systems. The systems scan and filter the applications received (both resume and cover letter) and shortlist the ones that the recruiter would like to take a look at manually after shortlisting.

Cover letter for UPS

The scanning, filtering and shortlisting is done based on the set parameters. The parameters are none other than the relevant keywords for your role and job descriptions. So all you need to do is include these keywords in your cover letter. You need to make sure that you include the keywords in sensible and meaningful manner. Do not ever chunk the keywords randomly anywhere, it will make the letter content seem unusual and confusing, it will also reveal your strategy. If anything like this happens, it will be highly unprofessional so be careful.

We have prepared a list of relevant keywords for you and we suggest that you also pick up relevant keywords from job ads and your research as well as your resume and cover letter example/ cover letter sample.

📌List of relevant keywords for your own UPS driver cover letters:

  • demands
  • maintain
  • task
  • contact
  • express
  • company
  • business
  • details
  • personal
  • eager
  • excited
  • knowledge of company
  • background
  • jobs
  • interview
  • team
  • create
  • detail
  • responsibilities
  • position
  • discuss
  • service
  • communication
  • example
  • skills
  • customers
  • consideration
  • hope
  • tips
  • writing
  • letter
  • forward
  • ability
  • UPS
  • write
  • well versed
  • strong impression
  • ideal candidate
  • hiring manager
  • hiring managers
  • package handler


Now to conclude, some last tips! Always proofread your cover letter before saving it. Use this comprehensive guide as your checklist to ensure you don't miss out on anything. You should also check out our carefully curated collection of resume examples, resume template, cover letters, resume writing guides and more for A to Z all professions, roles and occupation.

You should also check out our AI driven resume builder that is similar to ChatGPT but built especially for resume writing. It will help you write your resume withing minutes. And that's all you need to know about writing a cover letter for UPS driver role. Best of luck with the job hunt!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a UPS driver cover letter?

Absolutely, if you do not want to miss the chance of getting the opportunity and you want to make all the possible efforts to get the job, you should definitely write a cover letter as it will significantly raise your chances of getting invited for an interview. You can read the detailed benefits of cover letter in the article above.

How should I address the hiring manager in my UPS driver cover letter?

You should personalize the address and keep the tone moderately formal, you can read more about it in the article above.

What kind of language should I use in UPS driver cover letter?

You should keep the language formal however, compared to your resume, you can keep the tone a little bit informal and you do not need to make it strictly formal. Your language should be accurate and there should be no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

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