How to Write An Expert Cover Letter For A Resume?

You have been caught up in the process of job searching process. All the relevant jobs to your profiles have been shortlisted and you have customized your resume as per requirement. You need to take one more step before applying for those positions right now. And that step is crafting a cover letter.

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A resume alone will not be enough in securing yourself an interview call for your desired position. While it may highlight your skills and abilities, your resume will not automatically showcase why you are a great match or how enthusiastic you are to work for the company.

You are not the only applicant with unique skills and accomplishments. Therefore, it is crucial to have an impact on the hiring manager.

Your cover letter is the best shot for that. It will provide you the opportunity to make a more personal introduction to the hiring manager.

Yet just like your resume, your cover letter needs to be professionally done. But we’ve got your back!

This guide will help you craft an engaging cover letter for the jobs you want to apply for.

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What Is A Cover Letter?

Before making a cover letter for your resume you need to understand what is a cover letter. A cover letter is a one-page summary that showcases your skills and abilities, emphasizing why you can be the best match for the vacant position.

A cover letter is generally three-four paragraphs. A well-written cover letter gives a precise picture of the candidate's capabilities and skills to the recruiter and securing a job interview call.

Irrespective of your job title or company, attaching a cover letter is a must with your resume. However, writing one might be slightly tricky.

People often don’t know how to write a cover letter for themselves. They just reiterate the things already in their resumes or just write off things unrelated to make themselves stand out.

This will in no way assist you in obtaining your desired position. Your cover letter needs to engaging and strongly written.

How To Write A Good Cover Letter?

You are now familiar with the basic knowledge of a cover letter. But then you are also in a fix of how to write the best one. But first, here is a summary of some fundamental principles to remember while you compose your cover letter.

  • You need to customize every cover letter with the right template for each new job you will be applying for. To make it easier you can always use a cover letter template.
  • To tailor your cover letter, you need to do research related to the job position and the company. This will also help you with the keywords that will help optimize your cover letter.
  • A cover letter can be one page long at most. Also, use standard business letter formatting.
  • The tone of your cover letter should be serious as well as businesslike. Avoid using slang or casual language.
  • Address the hiring manager in your cover letter. If possible, by name.
  • To stand out as a competitive applicant for the position, highlight your relevant skills and experience. Explain how your accomplishments and credentials connect to the job requirements using relevant examples.
  • It is necessary to display passion and enthusiasm for the position and the company. This will show the employer that you are truly enthusiastic about the job and determined to do well at it.
  • Your cover letter should conclude strongly, restating your qualifications and enthusiasm for the job. Express your willingness to follow up on your application and thank the employer for considering it.
  • Don’t forget to properly proofread your cover letter to verify for spelling and grammar mistakes as well as to ensure it is structured and simple to read.

Content Of A Great Cover Letter

Even if the cover letter is only a one-page document, there are a few components they are bifurcated into. Let’s read forward to know what are they.

Contact Information

In the first section, insert your name, address, phone number, and email address.

Now the presentation of this information is done in two ways depending if your cover letter is in digital or hard copy.

For an online digital copy

Your name
City, state
Phone number
Email address

Providing a digital copy for your cover letter is more common, hence the above format will be more in use. Even so, the format will differ slightly if you still need to provide a paper copy of the same.

For hard copy

Your name
Your address
Your city, state, ZIP code
Your phone number
Your email address
Hiring manager’s name
Company name
Company address
Company city, state, ZIP code

Salutation Or Greetings

After the header, your cover letter will compulsorily be followed by addressing the hiring manager.

If it is possible, address the recruiter or hiring manager by name. You may find this in the job description.

Employ a professional salutation like "Dear Recruiter" or "Dear [Hiring Manager's Name].” if you do not have the name of the hiring manager.

Avoid writing greetings like “Dear Sir/Madam” or “To Whom It May Concern.”

Writing Mr or Mrs is not advisable as there is a risk of using the wrong title. Hence, stick to the first and last names of the hiring manager.

Craft a captivating opening paragraph

The first few phrases of your cover letter will influence whether the hiring manager will continue reading it or not. Hence, you must begin your cover letter in a way that grabs and sustains the hiring manager's attention.

Express your enthusiasm for the position, the company, and how it aligns with your professional aspirations. Combine keywords from the job description and link your expertise with the needs of the business.

You may want to mention the recommendation in your introductory paragraph if you were referred to this position by someone who knows the hiring manager for this company.

Check the below example and compare them:

Good Example
“Dear [Hiring Manager's Name], As a recent graduate in computer science from [University Name], I am thrilled to apply for the software engineer position at [Company Name]. I have been following the work of your company for a long time, and I am impressed by the innovative solutions you have provided for your clients. My skills and expertise as a committed problem-solver and software developer make me an excellent candidate for the post.”

This engaging introduction highlights the applicant's qualifications and enthusiasm for the position. The applicant also displays knowledge of the business and its operations, suggesting that they have done their research and are interested in the position.

Wrong Example
Dear Hiring Manager, I am writing to apply for the job opening at your company. I found the job posting on LinkedIn and am excited about the chance to work for your organization. With my skills and expertise, I believe I'd be a perfect candidate for the position.”

This introduction lacks interest and fails to showcase the candidate's abilities or excitement for the position.

Show that you are the best applicant for the job by establishing your point.

The wonderful thing about cover letters is that they provide you the chance to elaborate further on your resume's notable accomplishments and show the hiring manager that you are the ideal candidate for the position.

Reading the job description carefully and understanding the necessary abilities and experiences before writing your cover letter is an efficient technique to do this. Use the body or middle paragraph to establish why you are the best candidate for the job.

cover letter for resume

In the next paragraph or paragraphs, highlight your qualifications for the job, including your experience and skills. Provide specific examples of your previous achievements and how they fit with the demands of the position.

Use these sentences as a strategy to promote yourself as the best candidate for the position. This is what the hiring managers want. If you lack considerable job experience, you might also incorporate related schooling or voluntary activities.


“I spent five years working at Casey and James, and during that time I contributed significantly to the legal teams in several high-profile cases, the bulk of which involved the firm's highest-paying clients. I developed my skills in fields like client consultations, evidence filing, and trial preparation, all of which required honesty, attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence. I am skilled at discussing case strategies, negotiating agreements, and assisting lead attorneys. Furthermore, I can work on multiple projects simultaneously to increase productivity because of my strong analytical and time management skills.”

Show that you are an expert in your field in the opening phrase, but refrain from boasting. The final paragraph should focus entirely on how your previous experiences can assist your potential company in moving forward with its aspirations. The above example does that perfectly.

Add a closing statement to conclude

What is the best way to finish a cover letter? Making it worthy by providing value to it.

To make your cover letter's conclusion shine as much as possible, you should address whatever points you didn't get to in the previous sentences.

Mention what you believe might assist the recruiting manager in making a decision that you feel you have overlooked.

Gratitude is appropriate for the recruiting manager. Including a call to action at the end of the cover letter. A call to action is an excellent method to make your cover letter's conclusion get noticed.

All that's left to do after completing the last paragraph is to properly say "goodbye," and you're done.

You can use these common cover letter ending if you want to:

  • Best Regards,
  • Kind Regards,
  • Sincerely,
  • Thank you,

Show the hiring manager that you're interested in meeting with them in person and discussing how your experience and expertise might progress their goals.

Example 1:

During my professional life, I have consistently applied data to my advantage while managing marketing campaigns. This includes reviewing performance indicators and implementing changes to increase email open rates by as much as 200%. With my new position with your organization, I can't wait to put everything I've learned to use. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Example 2:

Establishing genuine connections with customers and going above and beyond their expectations in every situation has been a motivating professional ambition for me. I'm eager to use this same passion and dedication to expand and take care of Company OrangeCo. clientele. Thank you for looking through my application.

Cover Letter Examples

Given below are cover letter examples for different industries based on their job title.

Example Of A Cover Letter For An Experienced Candidate

Dear Andrew Peterson,

I am enthusiastic to apply for the position of manager at Parkinson Enterprise. I am confident that I have the skills and expertise required to excel in this position given my four years of experience in the management sector and love this kind of job. Your business is a leader in its sector and is expanding daily. I would love to assist it develop and contribute to its success in the future.

The ability to maintain composure under stress is one of the characteristics that make an office manager successful. Problems arise often in the workplace. The office manager has the responsibility of ensuring everything runs well. There is no time for panic when problems arise since work still has to be done. I can handle the pressure and complete any assignment that is given to me. I enjoy challenges and the chance to grow from these experiences.

Parkinson Enterprise was recently listed as one of the 25 Top Under the Radar Companies in America by Business Insider. I wish to assist Parkinson Enterprise in reaching its goals since it is on growth. Because of my qualifications and experience as well as my capacity to perform well under pressure, Parkinson Enterprise, a developing business, would be an excellent fit for me.

I would be delighted to do an in-person interview. I may be reached at this email address at any time, Monday through Friday. I appreciate your interest and hope to hear from you soon.


Hannah Mitchell

cover letter for resume

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a cover letter important?

A cover letter is absolutely important because over half of the recruiters reject applications that lack a cover letter. For employers that still want to work with genuine candidates, cover letters are a must.

Sometimes the job application process can be a little stressful. Due to this reducing the number of documents you need to provide always will never be a good thing to do.

What are the cover letter's four components?

The first component is a header which includes your entire name, phone number, and email address.

The second component of the cover letter is the Your hiring manager's address plus a hook that persuades the reader to keep reading and make up the cover letter introduction.

The third one is the body with a summary of your notable accomplishments and skills that you'll bring to the table.

And finally, the last one is your signature and a call to action or closing paragraph at the end of the cover letter.

What should a cover letter contain?

A cover letter should emphasize that you are the correct candidate for the job. It must highlight that you are the answer to their problems. Your cover letter needs to reflect that by showcasing your skills and passion.

Moreover, you can accomplish all of that by including the following in your cover letter:

  • Power words and action verbs
  • Achievement proclamation
  • A well-structured cover letter with an enthusiastic but determined tone of voice

What should a cover letter for an internship contain?

To stand out from the competition when applying for internships, consider including a resume and cover letter. Now, without delay, create a cover letter for the internship you've been wanting.

Make it clear to your potential employer that you are qualified for the position and that the company is a terrific place to work. Do your research and don't be reluctant to disclose what you have learned.

Use such information afterward to demonstrate your involvement with the firm and its values. Display your accomplishments and applicable skills, then let your passion and persistence work their charm.

Example Of A Cover Letter For A Fresher

Dear Mr.Smith

I'm writing to express how excited I am about the position of Recruitment Assistant at your prestigious organization. I just earned a Master's in Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resource Management from London University, and I would want to offer my expertise, skills, and commitment to the innovative environment of your business.

I have gained the skills necessary for the position during my education, including knowledge of hiring, organizing, and paying employees, as well as knowledge of legal constraints and other labor rights.

I gained invaluable experience working with some of the best authorities in the recruiting and human resources fields during my internship at JK Brothers & Company. I developed a passion and enthusiasm for human resources throughout my four-month internship, and the experience proved to me that human resource management is my true purpose.

One of the things I did well during my internship was assuming responsibility for the company's sports initiative. Along with other interns, I organized a successful trip for 150 employees, for which we received a 90% rating of "excellent to exceptional" in the post-event survey remarks.

For further details about my qualifications and previous employment, kindly refer to the resume I've attached to this letter. I appreciate your consideration of this application and eagerly anticipate your response.

Thank You

Best Regards,

Alexandra Williams

cover letter for resume

Cover Letters For Different Industries

Cover letter for IT

Dear Mr.Tate,

I am elevated in this opportunity to apply for the position of IT Professional with Innovation IT solutions. I have five years of experience as an IT professional and I believe I can greatly contribute to your company's requirements and goals with my previous experience and acquired skills. I am extremely interested in working with Innovation Advertising IT solutions, a reputable IT firm, and supporting you in your efforts to provide the corporate community with innovative campaigns.

I helped build and execute a new business computer network for SpaceTech.Co that linked all departments together through a single digital platform as an IT specialist for the company. This change led to a 65% increase in communication effectiveness and a roughly 50% decrease in project completion time. Moreover, I had the honor of directing the IT team in the implementation of a new enterprise staff and accounting software solution for company-wide adoption. The software was successfully introduced, and the company experienced increases in productivity and cost savings.

I appreciate your opinions and time. As your new IT specialist, I will provide a high standard of expertise and quality to help your business achieve its objectives.

I hope to hear from you within the next week and will get in touch with you again to check in after that.


Kelly McLennan

Cover Letter For Project Manager

Hello Mr.Howard,

I'm thrilled to be submitting my application for Magnus Informatics' project manager position. I focus on ensuring that projects operate smoothly from the beginning to the launch since I pay close attention to detail and have good organizational abilities.

My approach to project management is to maximize each project's potential and liberate everyone's minds so they can focus on their everyday tasks.

I worked on several significant projects in my previous position with Del Infrastructure Solutions, including redesigning a leading CRM system. I was commended by the CEO for my work inappropriately delegating tasks and maintaining the composure of my team members under duress. My work at Del Infrastructure Solutions has resulted in cost savings of $4.5 million, a 10% decrease in transit time from production gate to hub, simpler customs processes, and the merger of 125 transport partners into 72 (with deviations reduced by 28%).

I want to thank you and the Magnus Informatics HR department for evaluating my application and taking the time to check my credentials. I'm looking forward to talking with you further, learning more about you, and answering any questions you might have.


Scott Williams

Cover Letter For A Career Change

Dear Ms.Roy,

I'm writing to Trident Corporation to show interest in the position of sales manager. I want to go into a sales position at a renowned firm like yours after ten years in marketing. I have a variety of brand management abilities that I can use to succeed in this position.

Even though I was a valuable marketing manager in my previous work, I have handled numerous situations that support basic sales techniques. I supervise a marketing staff while working one on one with customers. My client interactions are important to me because they enable me to strengthen our relationship, offer pertinent product options, and maintain a long-term business partnership.

I've received a lot of recognition for my skills as a marketing manager, including multiple Employee of the Month and Manager of the Year awards. In addition to marketing expertise, this requires management skills and the capacity to inspire a group of people to work together toward a common objective.

I think the marketing experience I have might provide a fresh perspective to your team. I am an eager learner who is prepared to take on leadership roles at Trident Corporation. I would appreciate your attention if you know of a better suitable position or a vacancy that has just appeared.


John Dave

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