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A Professionally crafted Security Guard Resume can land you the dream job. If you are a security professional and tired of getting selected, you can use this comprehensive guide to craft a standout Security Guard Resume.

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A perfect resume with proper keywords, structure, and proper format can help you crack the code of the Application Tracking System and get selected for a job interview.

According to the BLS,

  • In 2024, there will be 5% growth in job opportunities for the security industry.
  • Approximately 1 million people will work in the security sector in the United States.

As a security guard, projecting your skills, experience, and qualifications to hiring managers is extremely important. This detailed guide is compiled by our team of professional resume writers based on security industry standards.

If you are looking for some help crafting an ATS-friendly Security Guard Resume, you can use our Resume Builder a write a standout security guard resume.

Let’s understand what, when, and where of resumes and create a standout Security Guard Resume for you.

Security Guard Resume Example

This security guard resume sample has been crafted by hiring experts after studying hundreds of resumes to help you secure a job as a security guard.

Iwan George
Security Guard

+1 315 215 3150

Professional Summary

Certified Security Professional with over 5 years of experience safeguarding malls and supermarkets, especially during the pandemic. Adept in surveillance techniques, managing incidents, and emergencies. Strong observational skills and exceptional communication abilities with staff, and law enforcement officials. Seeking a position where I can grow professionally and safeguard the interest of the company using my skillset.

Professional Experience

Golden Eagle Securities
Security Guard
Beverly Hills, CA, USA
March 2019 – Present

Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct regular patrols of designated areas to identify and deter suspicious activity.
  • Quickly respond to emergencies like COVID-19 and administer first aid as needed.
  • Oversee video surveillance, expertly operating equipment such as metal detectors and X-ray machines.
  • Compile thorough incident reports and meticulously maintain records.
  • Efficiently address visitor inquiries at the desk and deliver exceptional customer service.


  • Efficiently handled rush hours on weekends and holidays following security protocols.
  • Managing large groups during COVID19 Pandemic.

Supreme Security Services
Security Guard
San Diego, CA, USA
May 2017 – February 2019

  • Evaluate security to guarantee the safety of employees and patrons.
  • Rapidly respond to fire alarms, participating in evacuation procedures.
  • Monitored access to restricted areas, managing the flow of entry and exit.
  • Guide customers to designated areas while working in homeland security.
  • Provide security training to other security professionals.
  • Train security guards for video surveillance.
  • Investigated incidents and presented results to management in detailed reports.
  • Assist law enforcement authorities by reporting vandalism.


High School Diploma
California High School, CA, USA
June 2016
GPA: 3.6/4.0


  • Certified CPR and First Aid
  • Security Guard License


  • Expertise in security technology and equipment.
  • Excellent communication skills and problem-solving abilities.
  • Capacity to work collaboratively or independently.
  • Proficient in managing emergencies, demonstrating strong critical thinking.
  • Remarkable attention to detail and proficient record-keeping abilities.


  • English – Native
  • German – Intermediate
  • Spanish – Fluent

How to make a Security Guard Resume

A security guard maintains safety and protect assets. To secure a job, you must create a strong resume that highlights your relevant skills and abilities for the same.

security guard resume

You must follow these general guidelines while writing your Security Guard Resume:

  • Tailor the resume to specific job description.
  • Take the time to read the job description thoroughly and include keywords that match your experience.
  • Make sure to highlight your relevant experience in security, including specific skills such as surveillance, patrol, incident reporting, and emergency response.
  • Include certifications or training in the security field like CPR, first aid, or safety training.
  • The resume should be concise and easy to read and use bullet points.
  • Display a clear and professional summary at the top of your resume.

Tips to create an ATS-friendly Security Guard Resume:

  • Include information about your experience in safeguarding individuals and assets.
  • Showcase your duties and responsibilities in the field of security.
  • Make sure to highlight your capability in managing and resolving tense situations
  • Emphasize your strong communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • Mention hands-on experience with security technology like surveillance cameras or access control systems, if any.
  • Pinpoint your adaptability to work various shifts and availability to be on-call in an emergency.
  • Strengthen your resume by including specific incidents where you have demonstrated good judgment and appropriate action in the past.

Which Layout, Format, and Structure Is Best For Security Guard Resume?

For the security guard resume, an effective resume should feature a neat, legible format that showcases relevant experience and skills. To optimize the layout:

  • Organize information using clear headings and bullet points.
  • Select a readable font, such as Arial or Calibri, in size 10-12 points.
  • Keep the resume concise by limiting it to one or two pages.
  • Emphasize recent experience and relevant skills, prioritizing them at the top of the resume.

When it comes to the structure of your security guard resume, a chronological format is best. It helps you put a spotlight on your work experience and showcase your career journey in the security field.

With a chronological resume, you can list your job experience in reverse order, starting with your most recent job. This format showcases your work history and gives a clear picture of your experience and growth in the field.

If you are a fresh graduate then a functional resume must be preferred. It focuses on your skills and accomplishments rather than your work history.

security guard resume

But, this type is not appropriate for the security guard resume, because this role depends a lot on work experience and a successful track record in the field.

A mixed resume, on the other hand, combines elements of both chronological and functional formats. It highlights both your work history and relevant skills.

This format can be useful for security guard resume with limited experience or for those of you who have previous work experience in varied backgrounds to showcase your transferable skills.

However, in most cases, a chronological format is advisable.

Title and Contact Information | First Part of Your Resume

In this section write your full name, the job title as “Security Guard”, telephone number, email address, and LinkedIn profile.

Good Example of Header Section
Iwan George
Security Guard

+1 315 215 3150

Bad example of Header Section

The header in the above good example showcases the candidate’s full name and job title clearly and professionally, and their contact information is presented professionally.

On the other hand, in the header in the bad example, the candidate’s full name is abbreviated, has no job title, and has an improperly formatted phone number. Contact details are also missing. No email address or LinkedIn profile is given.

📌 Tip: The header should be well-structured and professional, as it makes the first impression on the hiring manager and reflects the candidate’s image.

Including a photo on a security guard’s resume is not a common practice and is generally discouraged.

The focus should be on your qualifications, experience, and skills, rather than appearance, as this can lead to potential issues of discrimination and bias, which many organizations and companies have policies against.

Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid including a photo on a resume for a security guard position and instead emphasize the candidate’s relevant abilities and qualifications.

How to Write an Effective Professional Summary?

The professional summary is a vital component of a resume as it summarizes the candidate’s background, skills, and qualifications. By seeing this section, the hiring manager can have quick overview of the your capabilities and also the suitability for the position.

security guard resume

You must follow these guidelines to write a professional summary as a security guard:

  • Begin with a statement highlighting your current job title and years of experience in the security field.
  • Include important skills, such as physical fitness, attention to detail, and effective communication.
  • Mention any relevant certifications or licenses you possess.
  • Highlight specific achievements, such as the successful prevention of theft or efficient response to emergencies.
  • Conclude with a brief expression of your professional goals and interest in joining the organization.
Correct Sample of Professional Summary
Experienced Security Guard with Security Guard License and CPR certification. 5 years of experience in delivering exceptional security services. Adept in attention to detail, clear communication, and critical thinking. Proven track record of successfully preventing theft and effectively responding to emergencies. Seeking a dynamic security guard role where I can leverage my skills and experience to drive the success of the organization.
Incorrect Sample of Professional Summary
I am a security guard with a thorough background. I am physically fit and eager to bring my experience to your company as a member of your security team.

The above correct example is a well-written professional summary that effectively showcases the candidate’s background, abilities, certifications, and achievements briefly and professionally.

The incorrect is too vague and lacks concrete information about the candidate’s skills and accomplishments.

Reminder: To make a strong impact on the hiring manager, it is crucial to include as much relevant information as possible in the professional summary.

The Ideal Way To Describe Your Professional Experience as a Security Guard

The Professional Experience section displays your work history and expertise in the field. Follow these guidelines to effectively present your professional experience:

  • Begin with your most recent or current job, including the job title, employer name, and employment dates.
  • Use bullet points to describe your job responsibilities and highlight specific achievements.
  • Inculcate strong action verbs, such as “patrolled,” “investigated,” and “responded,” to describe your work.
  • Include metrics and statistics to illustrate your accomplishments, for example, “reduced incidents of theft by 50%.”
Example 1

Security Guard
Beverly Hills, CA, USA
March 2019 – Present

Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct regular patrols of designated areas.
  • Identified and reported suspicious activities.
  • Quickly respond to emergencies like COVID-19 and administer first aid as needed.
  • Oversee security cameras, expertly operating equipment such as metal detectors and screening machines to ensure public safety.
  • Compile thorough incident reports and meticulously maintain records.
  • Efficiently address visitor inquiries at the desk and deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Report any illegal activity to local law enforcement authorities.


  • Efficiently handled rush hours on weekends and holidays following security protocols.
  • Remain calm in stressful situations and manage large groups during COVID19 Pandemic
Example 2

Supreme Security Services
Security Guard
San Diego, CA, USA
May 2017 – February 2019

  • Evaluate security to guarantee the safety of employees and patrons.
  • Rapidly respond to fire hazards alarming, participating in evacuation procedures.
  • Monitored access to restricted areas, managing the flow of entry and exit points.
  • Guide customers to designated areas and safeguard the entry of unauthorized visitors.
  • Handle access points during large events organized by the Mall authorities.
  • Train junior security professionals in crime prevention practices.
  • Protect property damage from vandalism during civic unrest and ensure safety.
  • Monitor suspicious activities through surveillance systems.
  • Investigated incidents and presented results to management in detailed reports.

How To Write Education/Training Section?

The education and training section of a resume offers a summary of a candidate’s academic and professional background. This part of the resume provides an opportunity for the candidate to highlight relevant qualifications in the field.

security guard resume

When showcasing the education and training section for a security guard resume, it’s crucial to focus on the security guard training programs you have completed and the skills acquired from them.

Additionally, mention any relevant courses or programs taken that can be useful for the job of a security guard.

Example 1

High School Diploma
California High School, CA, USA
June 2016
GPA: 3.6/4.0

Example 2

Bachelors in Criminal Justice,
Texas University, Ohio, US

Relevant Courses

  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Threat Assessment and Management Training

Skills for a Security Guard Resume

The skills section in a resume lists relevant abilities and skills that pertain to the job description being applied for, giving hiring managers an understanding of what you bring to the position and if you are suitable.

Tips for Showcasing Skills as a Good Security Guard:

  • Mention training and certifications.
  • Show familiarity with security operations and procedures.
  • Emphasize your ability to handle emergencies.
  • Show proficiency in using security technology.
  • Demonstrate strong observation and attention to detail.
  • Highlight excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Display your ability to work independently and as a team member.
  • Showcase your ability to work under pressure and manage stress.

Main Skills a Good Security Guard Must have:

  • Physical fitness
  • Knowledge of security procedures
  • Emergency response
  • Observation
  • Proficiency in security equipment
  • Communication Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Stress management.

Hard Skills for Security Guard

  • Emergency response
  • First aid
  • Physical security
  • Fire safety
  • Access control
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Incident Report writing
  • Security Systems.

Soft Skills for Security Guards

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Adaptability
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Teamwork
  • Time management.

Additional Sections to Boost Your Resume

Additional headings in a security guard resume are crucial in presenting a comprehensive view of your skills, experience, and qualifications to hiring managers.

security guard resume

These sections showcase your dedication to professional growth, versatility in handling various responsibilities, and enthusiasm for the security field, making you a standout candidate.

You can include the following additional sections to boost your resume as a security guard:

  • Certifications and Licenses
  • Awards and Recognitions
  • Volunteer Experience


Being multilingual can be an advantage for security guards, as it increases their chances of employment, particularly in industries or areas where communication with individuals speaking various languages is common. It also helps security guards communicate effectively in emergency situations.

To list the languages on a resume, create a section named “Languages”. List down the languages you speak and your proficiency level.

Industry-accepted proficiency levels are Native, Fluent, and Intermediate.


English – Native
German – Intermediate
Spanish – Fluent


Below given is the takeaway from the above resume writing guide for the post of security guard:

  • Customize your resume to fit the job description and its requirements.
  • Focus on relevant work history and accomplishments.
  • Display physical abilities and emergency handling skills.
  • Prove knowledge of security procedures and guidelines.
  • Highlight keen observation and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Show proficiency with security technology and equipment.
  • Emphasize excellent communication and people skills.
  • Indicate the ability to work both independently and with a team.
  • Show capacity to handle stress and work well under pressure.
  • List certifications, licenses, accolades, volunteer work, and language proficiency.

Complement Your Resume with a Cover Letter

A cover letter is basically a chance to introduce yourself briefly and showcase your qualifications. It adds extra details to your resume and helps make a positive first impression on the hiring manager.

A cover letter showcases your writing skills, professionalism, and enthusiasm for the position, which are all crucial qualities for a security guard.

By including a cover letter with your application, you can differentiate yourself from other candidates and show your commitment to securing the job.

Our resume templates include cover letters specifically crafted for a security guard resume, helping you maximize your chances of landing your dream job.


What To Include instead of work experience if you have just completed training and have no experience as a security guard?

If you are an entry-level security professional and don’t have work experience as a security guard, it’s still possible to make your resume shine by highlighting the following:

  • List any security guard training programs you completed, as well as relevant degrees or courses.
  • Emphasize skills that are important in security work, like attention to detail, physical fitness, and conflict resolution.
  • If you volunteered or interned in a related field, highlight the skills you gained and the experience you gained.
  • Showcase transferable skills you developed in previous jobs, such as teamwork, problem-solving, and communication.
  • Highlight any personal projects that demonstrate your commitment to the security field.

By emphasizing these areas, you can show the hiring manager that you have the potential to be an effective security guard, despite a lack of direct work experience in the field.

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