How to Send a CV to Wendys

The employee perks for working at reputable and acclaimed fast food restaurant chains are aplenty. You get free drinks, meal discounts, flexible schedules, paid holidays, and more.

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A resume can make or break it for applicants who don’t have a substantial amount of work experience in the fast-food industry. We will show you how to send a CV to Wendys.

If you want your stint at a fast-food restaurant chain like Wendy’s to be a great one, start off with a well-crafted resume that demonstrates your desire to work for the restaurant chain.

Eligibility for Working at Wendy’s

how to send a CV to Wendys

Wendy’s offers an excellent opportunity for those looking to jumpstart their career.

  • The minimum age requirement is 16 years.
  • Hours of operation depend on location.
  • Wendy’s has openings in varied positions from managers to a cashier to cooks. You can also find positions as a crew member, a shift supervisor, or another team member.
  • Full-timers on hire receive healthcare coverage with dental, vision, and medical insurance, 401(k) retirement plans, and sick days and paid vacation. For part-timers, the perks include discounted meals, flexible schedules, and competitive pay.
  • High school students are eligible for part-time employment at Wendy’s.

How to send your resume to Wendy’s?

  1. The easiest way is to fill out Wendy’s job application form online via Wendy’s website Just submit it through email or print the filled-out form and submit it in person by visiting one of the fast-food chain’s many restaurants. You can get access to all current part-time and full-time openings on the website.
  2. For further insight into specific requirements, check out Wendy’s online careers page for sample job descriptions:
  3. Remember to carry photocopies of a cover letter and a reference letter (if available) along with your CV, whether applying via email or in-store.

How to send a CV to Wendys

Skills That Will Make You Stand Out on A Resume:

Strong interpersonal and people management skills will help you succeed in this industry.

  1. Crew members work around counters, registers and drive-thru windows.
  2. Cashiers need to be courteous since this job role involves duties like greeting guests and operating registers.
  3. As a cook, you need to have genuine passion, a willingness to learn and the ability to multitask.
  4. As an assistant manager at Wendy’s, your job will involve offering support to cashiers, crew members, and cooks. You will also be responsible for hiring and scheduling, overseeing food preparation, managing finances, and responding to customers.

How to Craft the Right CV For Wendy’s?

First, identify the job position that you’re applying for.

Then, send in your CV outlining your interest in the potential position.

In your cover letter, let the employer know you’re currently open to new opportunities.

Wendy’s is a rapidly growing food chain that’s always on the lookout for enthusiastic and talented professionals who would like to join their team and give their best in the positions they are hired for.

If you’d like to get a cv that really stands out, you can create a professional resume with our resume templates.

The Things to Note

As with most fast-food chains, the working hours may vary. You may have rotating shifts, and may have to work at the minimum wage when you’re starting out.

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