How to Send a CV to Subway

Anyone interested to work for one of Subway’s stores will need to prepare a curriculum vitae or a CV for short. A CV contains details about an applicant’s education and employment history. It is the most essential document that employers look at when screening applicants.

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With over 20,000 stores all across the United States, there are plenty of job opportunities in Subway but you need to know how to send a CV to Subway to get an opportunity. Subway stores are franchises, which means each of them is independently owned by different people. The owners of each store choose who to hire directly.

Since the hiring rules vary from store to store, there is no singular best way to send a CV to Subway, but we’ll discuss some methods that can work for you. Here’s

how to send a cv to subway

Go In Person

People across different generations might tell you that the best way to send a CV is to go to the store in person.

This method is the best for stores in your local area. It is also better if you live in a place where there are not many people.

Simply walk into the store, ask the workers if the manager is there, and give your CV in person. Of course, it would be better to ask first if they are hiring. If you also saw a “Hiring” notice posted outdoors, that is also a good sign.

However, many people will tell you that this is an outdated and somewhat rude method in this day and age. In fact, some people say that walking into a store without a heads up is a surefire way to get your application rejected.

Modern hiring agents will tell you that the days of walking into a store, shaking the manager’s hand, and giving them your CV are long gone.

That is why there are other methods you can use to send a CV to Subway without appearing rude.

How to send a cv to Subway

Submit your CV online

Nowadays, most job applications are made online. Specifically for Subway, MySubwayCareer is the official website that centralizes all job applications across the US.

In fact, this would seem to be the better way of sending your CV to Subway for both you and the franchise owner.

You save yourself the time and effort of printing out a CV and walking into the store. The manager or the owner can look at your application from the comfort of his or her office. This is also the more considerate choice since the owner does not have to look elsewhere to read your application.

From there, they can decide if they want to contact you for an interview.

It’s easy, it saves time, and it does not appear rude.

Through MySubwayCareer, you also save yourself the hassle of creating a CV from scratch. Their website lets you input all the relevant details directly, including your education and employment history.

You can also choose the exact location of the Subway branch that you want to apply for.

Of course, if you do get an interview this way, it would be best to bring a physical CV just in case. It makes you look professional and prepared. And we all know that in job interviews, first impressions matter.

how to send a CV to Subway


Regardless of how you want to apply for a job at Subway, it’s always important to follow the methods that each store prefers.

There’s no harm in asking. If you are familiar with the people at your local store, you can try asking them : ‘how to send a CV to Subway?’

If you would like a template to make the whole process of writing your resume for Subway easy, check out our resume templates.

Good luck, and we wish you the best in your job hunt!


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